31 Days: How Many Photos Is “Too Many?”

by Lain Ehmann on July 1, 2012

Today we’ve got the first in our month-long series answering your most critical, burning scrapbooking questions!

This short video answers a question from Ellie A about how many photos is “too many.” I weigh in with my opinion. Got comments or suggestions for Ellie? Feel free to chat away!

simple scrapbooking layouts

P.S. Feel free to include your own questions below… Maybe I’ll answer it and you’ll WIN!

  • Ellie Augustin

    OH THANK YOU SOOO MUCH Darling! Ha.. Now I can tell my husband “See I won’t be scrapbooking our oldest son’s 8th grade graduation week until his HS one”  :) I am SO excited right now.. BBBIIG HUGS & Thank you much for your help!

  • http://www.facebook.com/DaniTaylor126 Danielle Taylor


  • Dmeggison

    I just love your thought process Lain on this. I have a ton of photos of a production my son was in so I’ll be applying this strategy to them. Here’s my question: so many of my photos are from many (20 +) years ago, many of the details are fuzzy at best. How can I tell the story beyond the who, what, when and where because sometimes even those details are fuzzy?

  • Lynnette Nagle

    Here’s one for you…Not unlike most scrappers, I have an ever increasing amount of scraps in my scrap drawer.  I used to try and sort them by color, but found that was too overwhelming and just another chore. so now I just throw them in the drawer and move on.  Every once in a while I make a proclamation to ONLY use scraps on the next several layouts, but find I don’t stick with it when I see some 12×12 sheets winking at me!  What is  your best suggestion for really making a concentrated effort to use up those scraps?  Thanks, Lain.

  • Anniebear10

    Oh this series is going to be great. Thanks for the great ideas. I almost always have way too many pictures of one event now I know how to scrap them without needing to create a ton of pages.
    My question is: how to put two single page spreads of different events next to each in an album? I always do double page spreads because I’m afraid to put to single pages opposite each other. Can you make some suggestions how to over come this mental block.

    Mary Ann

  • Janet

    Lain -you are such a DOLL! I just purchased some TS3 classes and you provide SO much, what a VALUE!- so I am anxious for TS4…..woo hoo! October can’t come soon enough!
    Question: In your opinion, what is the ONE scrapbook page(layout) that every scrapper should complete, but yet we fail to complete???
     Anxious to hear (or see) your response on that one!

  • Iliana

    When does a hobby go too far?  How do you keep scrapbooking from becoming an unhealthy habit?  I find myself thinking about it ALL the time.  What I am going to get next ?  Is there a new video up?  How do I keep scrapbooking without becoming a hoarder of supplies or keep buying supplies?  I buy more than I make.

  • Jeannie L

    I’m a relatively new scrapper and I realized that I always have more than 4 – 5 photos which I’d like to scrap. As such, I tend to go for photo collages instead of printing out 4×6 and try to fit them in 1 12×12 page. Sometimes I have more photos and I do 2 page layouts still using photo collages. However, I don’t want the style of those 2 pages to look repetitive across the album. Do you have any suggestions on how I can get different looks?

  • Jodi R.

    Great question Lynnette!  I need to hear the answer to that one too. :)

  • Shari

    Oh, pick me….!!! I am a wanna be scrapper.  I have done maybe 25 double LO’s with a long way to go (my daughter is 17). My question is, how do you decide on an idea.  I know the pictures I want to scrap, and I have an idea of what I want my pages message to be.  It’s the colors, the embellishments, die cuts, etc. that I seem to have a problem getting together.  Funny you mentioned OCD in your last video…I may be that person.  I feel every page has to be perfect in every way.  I really can’t take another 17 years to scrapbook 25 pages or I will have to add my grandchildrens pages to that by then! HELP!

  • Sharilovestoscrap

    Lynnette, I think we all suffer from this.  I just wanted to share what worked for me.  I have a 12X12 tote and I filled it with 12×12 hanging file folders marked with each color or project name.  I keep it by my die cutting machines so I am forced to see it and look there first before I reach for a new sheet.  Also, by having files of projects, it helps me if I later decide to add something to a page, I know right were to find the paper I used.  I have been doing this method for awhile now and sill only using one tote.  Hope this helped and what a great question.

  • Lynne

    awesome! really great suggestions.

  • Margaret

    Thanks for TS3 purchased 4 classes and enjoyed all.  I have done scrapbooks for over 40 years but your enthusiasm is addicting.
    My question, ” how do you make copies of old vintage photos to share with other family members ?”
    Thanks for all the info and energy.

  • Lynn Mercurio

    How did I miss discovering that you were doing these in July?  I have a little catching up to do, but I’ll be on track soon.  Great information Lane.  You’re awesome.

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