31 Days #10: Where to Start?

by Lain Ehmann on July 10, 2012

Welcome back to double digits!

In today’s video, I answer a question that many of us face in this age of “too much:”

Where do I start?


Watch the video and leave a comment or question!

simple scrapbooking layouts

P.S. I’m getting great feedback on this series – I am so glad you are enjoying it! Every time I get a wacky idea and wonder if it will work, I’m never sure what the result will be… so it’s nice to put a checkmark in the “win” column. ;)

  • orange gearle

    One of the things that I love about this series is that often there are questions that I didn’t even know I had that get answered.  :-)  Thank you for doing this, I’m sure it’s time consuming!  I appreciate it!

    Here is my biggest problem:  Making decisions! I get so hung up on every little detail, it takes me forever to finish the layout, even if I’m starting with a sketch and/or kit of papers.  Do I type or write free hand?  So, if you have any ideas of how to change that about me, LOL, that would be appreciate.

    Next problem that is much more of a question:  I benefit greatly from looking at other peoples work.  It gives me all kinds of ideas that I didn’t even know existed!  I’ll see something and it will cause me to think of a layout or technique that I want to try, etc.  I tend to WANT to do 2 page layouts.  I do this mostly because of the volumes of photos that I take, but also because I don’t like seeing two layouts next to each other that don’t “go together”, but I don’t necessarily want the whole album to be themed or even cohesive.  Anyway, most layouts I see are 1 pagers.  So, my question is, what is the easiest way, or SEVERAL ways to stretch a 1 pager into two, that doesn’t make it just a mirror image or something, I don’t really care for those!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/OPK2AO2OY6XU7SEMKNC2UHDAVU Jennifer

    I keep a list (by year) on my computer of things I want to scrapbook.  I periodically print out the list so I can mark off the pages as I complete them.  I still organize my pages chronologically and sometimes work on them that way as well, but this helps me keep track of what I have done and sometimes I am able to combine certain themes from the year (like all of my nature or backyard pictures) instead of doing a fall page and a spring page and a tree page.  This way, I am also able to work on whatever pages I want even if it is not chronological.  I only really starting doing this regularly after I started listening to your podcasts and it has helped me not feel like scrapbooking is a chore sometimes, since I do really enjoy it and find it relaxing 95% of the time.  Keeping a list also helps when when I print out my photos about once a month.  The list helps me not duplicate any photo printing.  Thank you for all of your great suggestions during this question and answer month and from every other blog post and podcast.  You have really helped me.

  • AnnieB

    I am really enjoying these videos…thanks!
    I do have a bit of a problem with the sound…anyway you can make the volume louder?

  • Lainehmann

    Hmmm… audio is working fine here. There is a small icon below the video (on the panel) that looks like a speaker – you can slide that up to make it louder… 

  • dianelynn

    This Q&A is really great Lain – thank you for doing it. I’ve learned so much already. I have a suggestion for todays question. When I’m at the end of my scrapping for the day, I set myself up for next time by leaving out photos or papers or notes of a specific story. Then next time I walk into my room, I’m able to pick it up and start right away. Sometimes it’s not what I want to work on and if that’s the case, I’ll put it aside. Either way, it breaks that block of where to start.

  • Janet

    Another GREAT video Lain- you are still such a DOLL! You looked very pretty in your jacket today. Smiles!

  • Lainehmann

    I clean up nice, huh? ;) THANK YOU! 

  • Lainehmann

    I like that idea! I think it was Hemingway who would stop in the middle of a sentence, so the next day he’d have a place to start. You’re so smart! 

  • Lainehmann

    Thank you, Jennifer! You are so sweet! I am out to bring joy back to scrapbooking! I got to that “chore” stage and couldn’t make myself do ANOTHER birthday page. So glad you are finding scrapbooking fun again. :) 

  • Kim Thomas

    Thank you so much for the video. It made me stop and think a little bit about how I scrapbook, and I think this will really help when I get scrapper’s block. I love the way you are able to break things down. I’ve never heard anyone do this before. You are amazing. Thanks again, and take care. :)

  • Cheryl

    Great series! I have a question, and I hope I can ask it in a way that makes sense ;)
    I have spent years trying to find my  own scrap style and I think I finally have. However, it is heavily influenced by the styles of scrapper I like and follow online. I guess what I would like to ask is how do I take inspiration from layouts I love but still set my own work apart and not feel like a copycat? How do I find my style?

  • Lainehmann

    Kim, you made my day! Thank you!

  • Anne

    I am loving this series!  I have a question.  I love doing scrapbook pages, but I don’t know how to put the whole book together.  Do all the pages have to be done in the same style?  Should they all be in the same color scheme? i can put together one page, but what should be on the page opposite it in the actual completed book?  I tend to think I need to make two page layouts on everything, so when the final book is put together it looks cohesive and you don’t have clashing colors or pictures of Halloween, next to pictures of Christmas.  Do you think about how all the pages will look together in a book or just let each page stand on it’s own?  

    Thanks for the videos!

  • Nancy McMahon

    I hope before you end this series you show us your scraproom! I am so intrigued to see your supplies over your shoulder, and as you mentioned in the first or second video, what the heck are those straps hanging from that door behind you?! But seriously, I would like to see how you organize your supplies… thanks, Nancy McMahon

  • Lainehmann

    Do you want to see it clean or au naturel? ;)

  • Linda

    Thank you Lain, great help. I am excited and have gained a lot of ideas on how to focus! Oh, July 10 is my birthday, so I feel especially excited to have you talk direct to my “problem” area.  A list of pages to make is a really good idea, I love lists. Lain, you just brighten my day!

  • sandy

    love this little series you’re doing., Lain. I’ve been in this very spot lately-scrapper’s block I’ve heard it called. and so your tips on this particular question have really helped!

  • Angela A

    I keep lists, most of the time.  This spring I started typing up little stories about something that happened in the day/week with scrapbooking in mind so that when ever I do get to the point of scrapbooking that event, etc.  I won’t have to worry about forgetting precious little details or particular emotions. I wish I wrote stuff everyday, but I feel good that at least I am doing this sort of list.  I keep it chronologically so that when I go to print out pictures and get ready to scrapbook I can just pull up the document by date and find my little notes/stories.

  • Francine

    I really enjoyed this video.  One thing that really struck me was to keep a running list of layouts you want to make.  Immediately I thought of our trip to Williamsburg, VA, in the 1980′s.  I have real physical pictures of Williamsburg, the timeshare we stayed at with my parents and some stops along the way so this will be a paper and glue scrapbook set of pages. (I tend to work in multiple page albums – not always 20 pages, but some are that big.)  Now, if I could only get my craftroom organized  –  again.

  • Lainehmann

    We went to Williamsburg last summer and LOVED it. :) I have scrapped some of our photos but need to get those down. :)

  • Kris Van Allen

    whoa, I am sooooo product and process driven!  I still have a full album of 8×8 pages that are waiting for the right photos and stories! good thing I also have a file of photos/layouts that I want to do!

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