31 Days #14: To Rescrap or Not Rescrap?

by Lain Ehmann on July 14, 2012

We’re finishing up two weeks of 31 questions! Yahoo! Thanks for your support and enthusiasm. It makes the time I put into this so worthwhile.

Okay, on to business… Today, we cover the question of

When should I rescrap a layout?

Watch the video, and then move along (or rescrap, as the case may be):

simple scrapbooking layouts

P.S. Have you ever re-scrapped a page? 

  • Janet

    GREAT advice Lain. I will only do a layout if it is a CONSTANT burr in my side. in the 15 years of scrapbooking I have probably only re-done 8-10 layouts. That’s not too bad..ha!
    Pretty top! See ya tomorrow!

  • Lynnette C.

    Since this is the “first” day in July that I’ve gotten a chance to listen…. I’d better fess up!  Yes, unfortunately I have redone several layouts and one in particular six (yes, 6) times because I just couldn’t get it to feel ‘right’.  Finally, I got it to a point that it’s ‘keepable’ but will never ever be a preferred layout to look at!  As far as some of the others, I’m in the process of going back through albums and adding the journaling from my diaries/calendars/memorabilia, etc. in an effort to get unfinished albums DONE! (as in page protector on the page and completely finished!)  I’m a chronological scrapper and this is a huge issue for me as I’ll enjoy doing the ‘artsy’ side of the page creation, but always seem to leave a few details unfinished.  I can definitely tell my style has changed over the years and its hard to not ‘redo’ as I finish; however I am having fun trying to add a few ‘new’ touches to the pages as I go (things like an extra brad here to emphasize the journaling block, a new cricut cut shape, etc).  I agree that you just can’t redo every page you don’t LOVE but I completely understand that one or two layout that just ‘bugs’ you all the time!!!  (we call it the Goldilocks Syndrome in our group!) LOL!

  • LauraZM

    Great advice Lain about how if we constantly go back and question or redo things that we will never move forward or make progress on other pages. I also like the advice I am hearing about developing a style as being a process and that you have to practice with lots of pages to get better and stronger. So I rarely redo pages. I see my past work as part of the necessary to get to where I am now. (Imagine going back to elementary school and in third grade after learning to write in cursive, then going back to your kindergarten writing and redoing everything.)

    A recent but related challenge I have is that I recently unearthed some pages from a travel album I started in the late 90s but never finished. I’m fine with the pages I created, but my style and the products are so different now. I am thinking I’ll post on the scraphappy boards and get some advice there. Anyway, just wanted to say again that I love the series!

  • rh

    Yes, for a design team challenge. And I had LOTS of extra copies of that picture.

    NOW, MY QUESTION: My son was in a summer theater production. I took LOTS of photos of practices and readings and blockings and dress rehearsals all throughout the month of June. THEN , the local paper does a full page photo spread of the performance. How do I incorporate this memorabilia, if at all??? THANKS! Rhonda H

  • Tonysfrenchgirl

    Thanks for answering my question, Lain!

    I promise, it’s really just the one page that’s bugging me (not that I don’t have plenty of imperfect pages). Okay, maybe there is one more, but that’s all, really. I have way too many ideas and way too many memories to scrap to be revisiting the old ones. Happy scrapping all!

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