31 Days #18: How Much Do You Edit Your Photos?

by Lain Ehmann on July 18, 2012

Can you believe we are at Day #18? Are you enjoying this as much as I am?? ;)

Today’s question will strike a chord with many of you:

How much (if at all) do you edit your photos?

You may be surprised at my answer… but probably not. After all, I’m the girl who shows up for a video session wearing a Wonder Woman tshirt. ;)

Watch the video, check out the resources, and then weigh in with your thoughts!

Resources and links for today’s video (some are affiliate links):

Photography Ideas Bundle, 3 complete eBooks for 1 low price

Ella’s Photography Ideas Bundle (includes 40 Top Tips for Better Photos, Picture Perfect, and Don’t Say Cheese!)

Simple Fixes: Actions for Photoshop and Photoshop Elements

Simple Fixes Actions for Photoshop and PSE

My favorite photography classes EVER in one special bundle by Katrina Kennedy

Do you have favorite photography or photo editing classes? Please share!

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  • http://www.facebook.com/BridgetJGreenwood Bridget Greenwood

    As a photographer I tend to spend more time editing photos than decorating my pages, but for my everyday images I try not to spend too much time editing and just do a few basics such as cropping and straightening and maybe adding a little fill light.   I do most of my more detailed editing for studio work and nature photos where I am looking for a little more perfection.   I really agree that the more you practice and learn how to take better images the less time you need to spend editing. 

  • Lainehmann

    Thanks, Bridget! I can see how a photographer would be much more concerned about the images than the normal Lain Ehmann scrapper would be — after all, it’s a reflection of your professionalism! What program do you use to edit? 

  • Sondra Hardy

    I’m a “fixer”.  Not to Hollywood degree, but I’ve whitened teeth and removed acne from pre-teens with low self esteem.  It’s the smile and the memories we want to remember.  And I like to do the whole artsy thing sometimes with filters and effects.  But I do what makes me happy, and the ART makes me happy.

  • Lainehmann

    That’s the key – do what makes you happy!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/sktbaker Susan Traub Baker

    I FINALLY received my camera back from being repaired last week.  I have had my Nikon D5100 for a year and took almost every photo in Auto.  If I took one on Manual it was by mistake and showed.  Even with the Auto I find my photos to be SOOOO much imporved from my point and shoots.  I have purchased a couple of guides and just need to make time to play and experiment.  I also saw that my library is offering a FREE class next week about Digital DSLR photography that I hope to attend.  I too agree that if you get a great photo you won’t have to edit too much.  All I ever seem to do is crop.

  • http://profiles.google.com/scrappinwhenican Lara Read

    WOW Thank you for answering my question so quickly.  Your answer makes total sense and helps me focus on where to begin.  I really like the idea of getting it right the first time and learning about my investment in the camera.  I have a Canon 60D camera but I really need to learn how to get out of Auto mode.  I’ve taken one of your Katrina classes and will go back and watch it again and look at the other.  I am going to learn more about the specifics of the camera. I think it is going to take practice as my flow continues to evolve.   Oh and I was going to ask what is that white thing on the floor behind you on your right?  Is that where you take pics of your projects?  Thanks again and will be watching for more answers :)

  • Angela A

    Thanks for your great answer on this question.  As much as I sometimes would like to “fix” how I look in pictures I have finally decided that in 30 years my daughter will appreciate that the pictures/layouts represent life as it really was instead of a glossy version.

  • Shannon

    I am rather new to scrapbooking and have a limited amount of supplies for the time being. Do you have any ideas on how to make creative embellishments or just stretch the stash you have? Thanks!

  • Barb in AK

    Yes, I edit!  Resize, fix the contrast, take out the red eye, even remove blemishes and a bit of weight ;-)
    I spend more time with my photos in photoshop than any part of the scrapping process (and I am a very slow scrapper)!
    I suppose if I were a skilled photographer, I wouldn’t have to do so much editing, but I take lousy photos in general.

  • http://www.facebook.com/BridgetJGreenwood Bridget Greenwood

    I am still using photoshop elements because I have found it works well with everything I need including raw files.   It is user and budget friendly,  I asked a photoshop expert rep. if  I should upgrade and he said unless I wanted to do very detailed editing with a stylus and more graphic design, elements should be more than able to handle what I need.

  • Carolandjohn

    Have you seen the latest in paint chips from your hardware store?  They are great and some even come in a flower petal type shape.  Buy some inexpensive flowers at the dollar store for pretty and colourful embellishments and check their wedding section for inexpensive tags.  Decide on 3 colours of paper for a few pages in a larger album or make a mini-album.  A flip card on your layout can accomodate three pictures or journaling, or a mini accordian flip out can hold even more pictures, thus reducing the need for as many 12×12 or 8 1/2 x 11″ pages in an album.  Use newsprint for flowers, use up strips for quilling embellishments,  use embroidery thread for kite strings, flowers.  A butterfly punch can be used so many ways – punch along page edge for a border.  Use it as a stencil.
    Use the butterflies on trees, vines, layered on flowers. Cut word phrases from magazines.
    EMboss butterflies with clear embossing powder on different coloured paper. Mount the butterflies on circles for cards, borders on a page.

  • Jarvae

    There are quite a few online editing softwares that are free.  Right now I am using Picmonkey and very easy to use for basic edits (cropping, lighting) as well as blemishes, weight, and artsy stuff.  No software to install, and it runs much faster than photoshop (my computer is just not fast enough to run photoshop).

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