31 Days #19: What to Do with Freeloading Friends?

by Lain Ehmann on July 18, 2012

A special guest steals the show today… I think you may even like her better than you like me! :)

Today’s question is one for the ages:

What to do with those freeloading friends?

simple scrapbooking layouts (and Callie!)

P.S. Make sure to share some love in the comments below… She was very nervous!

  • Cynthia B.

    Cute! Great job, Callie!! Such good advice. :)

  • http://twitter.com/IAmMikki Mikki McGehee

    GO Callie!! You did a fantastic job =)

  • Gela

    Rut Ro your job is in DANGER. Whats-her-name wants your chair. She looks mighty cute in it. Great job Kate, Katie, Karen, mmmmmm  Callie? :)

  • Lytia Gilbey

    Callie, you were wonderful! You should do more videos, my kids thought you were great!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/GXMKHRCQUSHPLMH5PSGXAX6GO4 Tina

    awesome job Callie!! won’t be long and you’ll be taking your mom’s place

  • Briel

    Way to go Callie! I agree, if it’s too precious to share-hide it!

  • Janet

    Callie -you are a DOLL just like your Mom. Your answer was right on. I love to share, but man, all the time gets to be annoying…ha! I LOVE all your energy. I was waiting for a knock-knock joke. I know you have to have one up your sleeve! Great job!

  • Louise

    Hi Callie!  You were amazing, I totally couldn’t tell that you were nervous.  Thanks for the great advice too!!

  • http://profiles.google.com/ruth.bonser Ruth Bonser

    Thanks for the advice, you make a great hostess!

  • Johnnysmom99

    Callie thanks for your great suggestion!

  • Ginny

    Great tips, Callie!

  • Connie Hanks

    Fantastic advice Callie! My girls Hannah and Lexi agree with you!

  • mj

    awesome job  … are you sure you haven’t done that before?!  aren’t you brian williams co-host?  great tips callie!  :)

  • Donna

    Your mom is lucky she has you to help her out with answers to the tough questions. I’m glad I don’t have any freeloading friends, but if I did I could handle the situation much better now with your excellent advice. Thank you for your help! Hope to see you again.

  • Iceteeeeee

    Callie, you are a natural! Great job, sweetie! Hope to see you again. Your mom needs to watch out…..you will be catching up to her in no time! I am very proud of you and hope to see you again soon!

  • http://twitter.com/HeatherDubarry Heather Dubarry

    Great ideas Callie! Great job hosting, too!

  • Deb

    Fabulous job, Callie, and great tip! You’re a natural–when your mom needs a day off or decides to retire, you’ll be the natural choice to take over! 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_PKLJSUEMMIKLHTX3HSMEAX4ENM Alison

    Awesome job Callie and great advice! Adults need to learn how to share and take turns too!! 

  • Cathy R from south of Atlanta

    Oh, my GOODNESS!  Who is this young woman speaking so wisely?  Surely it can’t be a little girl!  I think it must be a grown up masquerading as a little person.  Who ever she is she really does a great job.  I think Lain must be worried about her job because this person could really give her a run for her money.  Just saying……:-D

  • Nancy McMahon

    Callie I love your energy! Thanks for your tip to hide your special things you don’t want your friend to use… that’s a great idea. It’s nice to share but sometimes you want to keep your special things for yourself. I hope you have a great weekend! And thanks Lain for letting your Callie step in :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000220062703 Kelli Panique

    Callie, you were awesome!!  ;-)  Such great advice!

  • http://www.andytraub.com/ Andy Traub

    Great job young lady! And your mom was nervous when she started doing videos…just ask her.

  • LeighAnn Rebillard

    Awesome job Callie and you’re right….making a date to go scrapbook at their house and use their supplies just might work.

  • debby

    Great job Callie, you’re a natural! I like the idea of hiding my special items, and will definitely do that. Hope to see you again soon.

  • Knitter Pam

    That was supercute! Great job, and great answer, Callie!

  • Gypsykate22

    what a wee cutie

  • Crystal Toler

    Love it!

  • Indyqltr

    Great job and thanks for the advice.

  • KMorinBZmom

    Great job Callie!!!

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