31 Days #27: Will Heat Hurt My Scrapbooking Supplies?

by Lain Ehmann on July 27, 2012

Day 27, and we’ve got a question that’s perfect for the summer:

Will extreme heat hurt my scrapbooking supplies?

The short answer is, YES. Watch the video for some ideas on how to protect your goodies:

See you tomorrow!

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  • missimoinsane

    Just putting this out there – when I was an art student for 3 years I
    lived at my Grandmas in her conservatory!! Not ideal. Art supplies + UK
    weather conditions… humm. Anyways there is a solution that worked for
    me {especially with paints and pastels generally anything that will
    melt, dry up/out or spoil} COOLER BOXES AND COOLER BAGS ~ Like hamper
    coolers, lunchbox coolers, anything that will keep supplies at an
    insulated reasonable temp!! – Imogen X (google cooler box!) :D Hope it

    Works for markers, pens, inks, paints, pastels, glues and other adhesives and much more more.  As for paper store it flat if possible such as in 12×12 boxes etc… 

  • Luniegirls

    Thanks for the tip and thank you Lain. Looks like I will be rearranging my stuff in the garage and finding some space inside–look out family I may be using some of your space too. Julie

  • Lynne

    Don’t forget under the bed sporage. A bunch of scrappy items could fit in plastic boxes under the bed, etc. We also use the space under coats (that we never use in S. NV) and hanging clothing in the closets. You can fit about 12″ height and depth and as long as your clostet is in the coat or guest closet. Not as ideal as a room of your own, but can be useful in the hot summer to bring things in.

  • Luniegirls

    ok yes I like the under the bed idea since I scrap in my room anyway.

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