31 Days #28: How Do I Organize My Scrapbooking Inspiration?

by Lain Ehmann on July 28, 2012

Inspiration is everywhere. So how do we keep track of it? That’s what today’s question tackles:

How Do I Organize My Scrapbooking Inspiration?

Today’s video may not offer ONE solution, but I do have some thoughts and questions for YOU!

Links and Resources in Today’s Video (some may be affiliate links):

Aby Garvey’s Simplify101 site

Pinterest for Scrapbookers (pay with a Tweet!)

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  • http://twitter.com/SusanB722 SusanB722

    I’ve heard you talk before about organizing according to how you access things but I always just applied that to supplies and not inspiration ~ duh!! Thanks for giving me a new perspective. I’ve been giving this a little thought and I may try a sort of hybrid binder approach: I’d like to pair the inspiration pieces with photos or journaling (I keep a somewhat daily journal that provides me with lots of the journaling I use on my pages) or particular small embellishments.  My photos or journaling are usually the triggers for my pages so I think this approach will work for me.  Thanks for the help!! (And this softball mom really likes your t-shirt too ~ congrats to your son!)

  • Deborah

    Hi Susan! Don’t know if this will help you but I had a thought while watching Lain’s video. My son has this thing he scans papers through to store them on his computer and then tosses the paper, so no clutter! Could you use that to scan pages ripped from magazines into different folders on your computer? Sounds like they would be easier to scan through and take no space! Hope this helps. PS I think he bought it at Best Buy if you have that store.

  • karen hardy

    I actually use the binder method.  I sort by card ideas, scrapbook pages, tips & tricks, etc.  I love it and it seems to work pretty well for me.  The only time-consuming thing is filing the new pages as I tend to wait until I have a fairly good size stack!

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