31 Days: What Is the Rule of Three?

by Lain Ehmann on July 4, 2012

Day number four of 31 Days of Q&As! Today’s question comes from Jenny, who asks:

What is the “Rule of Three?”

Listen to my answer, as well as my take on a few other important design “rules:”

simple scrapbooking layouts

P.S. Still plenty of time to submit YOUR question! 

  • http://twitter.com/HeatherDubarry Heather Dubarry

    Love how you’ve clearly explained the differences between the rule of three, the rule of thirds and the visual triangle. One of the classes I teach is based on a nationally designed lesson plan (with a book even!), and they don’t clearly explain these guidelines or the differences between them at all well. So glad I’ve been taking classes with you and also CZ’s DYL so I can explain these rules.

  • lainie9

    Thanks, Heather! Let me know if you have other questions! 

  • Betsy Brown

    I always try to look through my scrap drawers first when I need a littl piece of a certain color. I have them stored in a 9-drawer unit, with basic colors in separate drawers and a single drawer for pattern papers. It’s easy to sort through the pattern papers to find ones with colors that will match what I’m doing.

    My question is: Do you have any tips for using stamps on scrapbooking pages? I have lots of stamps because I make a lot of cards, but I’d like to include them in scrapbook pages.

  • http://www.BackToPaper.com/ Linda Tieu

    Great tips! Really loving this series :) 

  • Lainehmann

    Thanks, Linda!

  • Lynne

    Oh! Don’t change the page… the grid guideline works vertically! I tend to work on the horizontal and sometimes forget to watch for the vertical balance as well. The butterfly gives the horizontal weight to the picture into the top 3rd, but the whole page works so well spaced along the 2/3 vs 1/3 on the vertical. At least on cameral it does. :- )

  • Jenny Leonard

    Thank you so much for answering my question, Lain!  Your explanation is so helpful.  I can’t wait to put the ‘rules’ to the test.  :) 

  • Lainehmann

    Thanks Lynne! I left it as-is. :)

  • Janet

    Wanna know why it is always more ‘pleasing’ to have an odd number (say 3,5 or even 7) in our ‘groupings’..it is because our ‘eyes’ can always find the MIDDLE. Yes, that is why. I learned that from a
    interior designer years ago. Having fun this week! love it!

  • LauraZM

    Have you looked at the true scrap 3 class available by Nichol Magouirk? I purchased it just this week (only $9.95 thru 7/8). I really enjoyed all of her ideas.

  • http://twitter.com/NevillesMom Mary McCarthy

    I’m loving these videos, but today I just had to tell you how awesome your t-shirt is! Super women! =)

  • Christineousley

    Great video Lain!!  A great way to explain those basic design guidelines!!

  • Kelley Fewer

    How do you know when your layout is “done”? In terms of embellishments and stuff on the page, when does it go from being finished to overkill? I’m often unsure whether my layout is too busy, or if it can still handle more additions; is it simply a matter of personal preference, or are there simple design rules that I can follow to make sure that my layouts are tasteful and aesthetically pleasing? Thanks for this series; I’ve learned lots already!

    Shine on! Kelley

  • Sylvie

    Hi Lain,

    Love your videos…I am wondering what size you are using when you do a layout? By what we see often in your videos and photos, you seem to work a lot with the 8.5X11, at least that is what it looks like on the screen.  Is it hard to find albums for this size? Can’t find one where I live. Thanks, Sylvie

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