31 Days #6: Getting Lost in the Trends

by Lain Ehmann on July 6, 2012

We’re up to Day 6 in our 31 Days of Q&As!

Today, Susan asks:

Help! I’m getting lost in the scrapbooking trends!

Watch the video and leave your question (or comments) below!)

Links in this episode:

Define Your Style from A to Z

simple scrapbooking layouts

  • LauraZM

    I highly recommend the Define Your Style from A to Z class. Well worth it!! I had gone through two LOAD challenges earlier this year and was a bit hesitant about whether I “needed” to buy yet another class. I feel this class is well worth it, and will actually help me save on future purchases.

    A little about why: Although similar to the other LOAD challenges of working on one layout being completed per day, it is different in that it challenges you to think about what aspects of scrapbooking and actual page layouts that you like, and more importantly to think through why you like certain things. I have been journaling my answers in a little notebook (one I got as a promo Lain offered recently – yea!) This way I also have it as a reference for the future, whether I’m just getting back in touch with my “why I love this hobby” or I’m purchasing product at a LSS or online. Love a class that will help me save money and valuable space!

    Here is a link to my journal in my flickr feed:


  • LauraZM

    Hi Lain, I’m back home from our escape from the power outages in Ohio and have been catching up on all the videos. Wow wee girlfriend!! Thank you so much for doing this. It’s only been a week, and I’m already blown away. You rock!!

    A question I have for you: how would I go about starting a blog? How do you know if it would be worthwhile? How do you figure out your “why” and story for this forum? I have never thought about it until I started following you and listening to some of your guests talk about how it helps them capture their life’s story. Any advice?

  • Lainehmann

    Thanks for the shout-out! LOVE your journal! :) 

  • Janet

    EXCELLENT, excellent, excellent response to this question Lain! I have been scrapping for 15 years and have seen MANY a trend come and go. Your advice is right on. Define your style and then only buy products that you absolutely love and will reflect that style. That helps the wallet too…because staying ‘trendy’ can add up very quickly…..lol!

  • http://www.facebook.com/sktbaker Susan Traub Baker

    Lain that was a FABULOUS answer to my BURNING question. I sincerely appreciate your perspective on the topic!

    Andy’s wife is a VERY talented scrapbooker and card maker but those kids make it hard for her to get things on pages. That is a challenge of having SUCH cute kids.  You take a lot of great pics but then have so little time to create to pages worthy of their cuteness!  I think a Project Life kit would be a great solution for a young family like theirs.

    I will continue to watch the rest of the episodes this month. I do feel like I have received a great kick in the pants to get back on the creativity wagon and to complete some pages full of THE STORY.  I must admit that I did a two page spread of a trip to the Alamo that we made a couple of summers ago.  While I was scrapping I was happy but when I got the layout done and saw that it included so little of the STORY I was sad. I have taken some time in the last couple of days to jot some ideas about WHY I do what I do.  I even asked my kids.  (fun answers by the way)  I will be completing my Why I scrapbook layout next and hope to move forward with more focus and perspective.  Stay tuned.

  • Nancy McMahon

    The class sounds pretty good, Laine… may I ask you, is it that we get an email that says “make a layout with 2 pictures using paint”? Or do you give a “recipe” so to speak… i.e. “you need kraft cardstock and 2 coordinating patterned papers. Follow this sketch, etc.” I just would like a little bit more info about this, thanks, Nancy McMahon

    OH, I nearly forgot to mention, the videos have been very informative, thanks so much! You have a nice style about you, easy to listen to. I also like that they are fairly short, you get your points accross quickly. Thanks and have a great weekend :)

  • Jeannie L

    Great insight! Thanks for sharing.

  • Kim Thomas

    I’m really enjoying your videos. Thank you so much for the inspiration. That leads me to my question. There are very few magazines left on the market. It seems that people are forgetting about scrapbooking and have moved on to other hobbies. Where do we go for inspiration now? I miss my magazines, even books are gone. Help!!! Thank you again. Take care. :)

  • Debbie Piercey

    Loving your videos Lain! Just discovered them from your email today!!! Excellent job!

  • Lainehmann

    Hey Nancy! It is NOT a recipe project-based class. Instead, the prompts are intended to get you thinking about your natural style and how you gravitate towards (or away from!) certain techniques, products, and styles. For instance, it
    might be something like, “Here are five ways to use X embellishment on a page. Which one appeals to you? Use it on your page today in a DIFFERENT way than you normally would.”
    It’s a lot about observation of your own natural process… My intention is that ANY scrapbooker can take this class while she’s working on ANY type of page, with the products we tend to already have on hand. Hope this helps!

  • Angela A

    Thanks so much for your take on this question.  I too have noticed lots of people online showing pages with only 1 picture and TONS of embellishments or tons of just white space.  From a purely economical standpoint, I feel like I could make 4-6 layouts with all of the stuff they have put on just one page.  I like to do a 1 photo spread every now and then but I really prefer to use several pictures on a layout.   I generally use a 1 photo spread to begin a new section or event in the album. 

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