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by Lain Ehmann on July 15, 2013


31 Days of Scrapbooking Questions - ANSWERED! http://www.layoutaday.comHow is a busy mom supposed to find time to pursue her own crafty projects when there are little “helpers” around, wanting to create their own scrappy masterpieces? It IS possible – even if it takes some pre-planning! I’ll give you some hints for keeping the kids busy while you get some scrapbooking done yourself.

Crafting with Kids – Making It Fun for Everyone!

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  • Kelli Panique

    Fantastic tips on giving kids the independence to create on their own! Wonderful tips, Lain!

  • http://clickychickcreates.wordpress.com/ Connie Hanks

    Thanks so much for answering my question, Lain! Great tips – can’t wait to implement these with my girls : ) I love the “it’s not supposed to look like mine” and use-a-timer angles – perfect for us!! “See” you Saturday at True Scrap Kids!!

  • crafty.grandma

    I love your ideas and totally agree with you when you say prepare something ahead of time. As a grandma, the grand-kids often come to spend the weekend so they know grandma has lots of great stuff to play with. When I make flowers, I always punch out some ‘extra’ circles so they can make flowers, I have a special box of ‘specials’ for them. I have let them as you say ‘go to town’ using my stamps. I have old wall paper left over from old projects that I let them use that for stamping or coloring – great for painting. Then I take their ‘works of art’ and make a scrap book of sorts with the date and age of each. Every year I make a new one – like my grand-daughter says (she’s 4 1/2) we made that when I was a baby!!! I also take some snapshots of their day and do some journaling of our day spent together using very simple words so when they come they can ‘read’ their story. When they go on vacation, after stopping at a rest area they tend to ‘write’ what they saw ie drawing birds or a duck or whatever they saw…they seem to have taken up their own way of journaling. The middle grandson who is 6 ‘helps’ his sister write and the oldest (12) records his journey by taking pictures (although this year he got a video camera!) Just an idea how they can make and capture special memories and special times together.

  • http://digitalscrapbookinghq.com/ Melissa Shanhun

    Lain – these are awesome ideas. I learnt the hard way to prep the cards first *before* Emily comes to help me assemble. She’s not quite as patient with the Cameo as I am!

  • LainEhmann

    I hear you! Prepping helps so much. :)

  • LainEhmann

    Wonderful ideas! I bet they love to come to Grandma’s house! :)

  • LainEhmann

    You’re so welcome! Don’t forget to claim your prize – just email support (at) layoutaday.com. :)

  • LainEhmann

    Thanks, Kelli!

  • McKenzie McGehee

    Thank you Lain, you gave so many wonderful tips! Looking forward to True Scrap Kids =)

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