[31days25] “Will Project Life Replace Traditional Scrapbooking?”

by Lain Ehmann on July 26, 2013


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The biggest trend in scrapbooking is still Project Life, and I saw tons of pocket page scrapbook supplies at CHA. But will pocket scrapbooking mean the end of traditional scrapbooking?

I think traditional scrapbooking can be ENHANCED by pocket scrapbooking – and I share why in today’s video.

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  • orange gearle

    I completely agree with you, Lain! I do PL and I love it! But, I love traditional scrapbooking for the same and different reasons. I was afraid to do PL for all the reasons others might be, but mostly I was afraid that I wouldn’t do traditional scrapbooking LOs anymore. I have done more traditional LOs this year than I have EVER done (and it’s only July). If anything, it makes me do more LOs because as I’m putting together my PL for the week, I notice things that I’d think belong in a traditional LO (also, or instead). So I do it. :-) LOAD in May also helped that!!! I’m not completely “caught up” with PL, but I think being ‘caught up’ is overrated. :-) Whatever I do, is more than any other year. :-)

  • LainEhmann

    That’s fantastic! Thank you for sharing!

  • McKenzie McGehee

    I couldn’t agree more. Project Life is my chronological scrapbooking, 12×12 is for whatever captures me at the time. Project Life is the perfect reference for those “What should I scrap?” moments, I can open to almost any week and find something scrapworthy, but at the same time, I can keep some great (not so 12×12 worthy) moments that would otherwise have gone undocumented.

  • Kim Thomas

    Lain, thank you so much for addressing my question. I’m thinking about buying some pocket pages to add to my scrapbooks when I have a lot of photos. I hope you are able to address this idea and others to combine ideas for us. I think what you are doing is just wonderful, and so helpful as the industry changes. Thank you again. Take care. :)

  • LainEhmann

    THanks, Kim! I actually created another video and post about pocket pages. You can see it here: http://youtu.be/KOchYPbj7jE

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