90 Layouts a Year Makes Me VERY Happy!

by Lain Ehmann on January 16, 2012

Let me ask you a few things…

-Do you love scrapbooking? (DUH!)

-Do you want to scrapbook more? (DUH!)

-Do you want to make new scrappy friends? (OF COURSE!)

Then why oh why have you NOT signed up for LOAD212? We’ll be spending 29 days together, creating dozens of layouts that will preserve yesterday while creating NEW memories with fun scrappy people!

Over the next two weeks, I’ll be sharing some inner workings and ideas about Layout a Day, as well as what some past LOADsters have to say about the Layout a Day process. Fair warning: It’s going to be LOAD-heavy around here!

Why the push to have you sign up? Well, it’s simply life-changing! Let’s let see what Alison has to say:

“90 layouts a year makes me VERY happy!”

“I have successfully completed every LOAD since it was introduced except one … I don’t know whether it is the thrill of the competition, the regular prompts or the regular comraderie but whatever it is it works… It has helped me to know that I can be fast when I need to be. It has helped me prioritize stories and layouts. It has helped me get it down!..It is certainly a win-win situation for me. 90 layouts a year makes me VERY happy! Thanks Lain! I love LOAD!”

- Alison

I’ll be sharing more thoughts about LOAD from me and others in the days to come. Got questions? Let me know!

  • Peg

    I think it is unlikely that I can pull this off in February but was wondering if you know yet what other months you might be doing this in 2012?  I would like to try it this year but want to be sure to set myself up for success and I’m fairly certain there will be 2 biz trips in February this year.

  • Anonymous

    We will definitely have a LOAD in May and probably October – but October may be for ScrapHappy members only, like last year. Hope you can join us!

  • Sassynagle

    I love that there will be videos everyday!  Lain, your enthusiasm certainly comes through in your emails, but on video it’s downright contagious!  So looking forward to a fun, fun February!

  • Peg

    Thanks!  That helps.  May is usually crazy too but maybe if I get some plans in place….

  • Anonymous

    Here’s the question – does life EVER slow down? ;) sign up for May (or Feb – lol!). You won’t regret it!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks, L!!!

  • Joanie

    I’m pretty much set for Feb.  I have a photo order almost ready to go, and I actually have been bitten by the scrapping bug again.  Looking forward to the challenge.

  • Vicki

    Hi Lain..I have no clue how to link my post to my blog for you so I am going to post my blog post here and then if you need me to do something different I will accept help getting it done..:)  Not real computer savvy here..


  • Anonymous

    That is totally fine! :)

    Plz exCuze typos

  • Anonymous

    Yay!!!! :)

  • Debalee21

    Hi Lain, Have beenoff the seen for a little while but am really looking forward to LOAD in February.  I have my past photos ready and am working on me and what I had in my very 1st photo album, which I started back in 1971. Some of the photos I took using my Dad’s old brown box camera, the negative are big so won’t fit in my scanner, should I scan the photos and use these for my LOAD  pages. Thanks Deborah

  • carol in seattle :)

    Sign up for February anyway! Perhaps a shift of thinking may be in order….for example: I’m going to make 10 pages in February and I’ll have a prompt for 19 more. Yes, it’s awesome to make one page every day, but even if you only make a few, would that be a few more than you would have made otherwise? Just a little something to think about…

  • Sylvie

    Hi Lain, I wish I could join you in February but I am moving (again) at the end of February so no time for fun or for 1 layout a day. I make scrapbooks for other people on top of that and don’t know how I will move and finish the 20 page project I have for a client. I am a slow scrapbooking and wish i could learn how to scrapb faster :-). I hope to join you this Spring though. Have a gret LOAD 212.

  • Anonymous

    We’ll miss you, Syvlie!
    Definitely try to join us in May – people say that LOAD has done wonders in helping them scrapbook faster. :) Good luck with the move!

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