Four Tips for Scrapbooking Faster

by Lain Ehmann on August 14, 2014

Alarm clockIf you have all the time and inspiration in the world to scrapbook, then stop reading now.

Oh, you’re still here? Ha! Me too!

Sometimes when I sit down to create a page, I know EXACTLY what I want to do, and I crank that puppy out in a matter of minutes. Other times, I draw a blank. I sit and troll through online galleries, looking for an idea I can glom onto. I waste a ton of time looking for the “right” design that will work with my photos. By the time I figure it out, I’ve wasted the small sliver of time I had to work. Bleh. Here are some ways to break through that blank-page block:

1. Scraplift! I’m a big scraplifter from WAY back… (If you’re not sure what scraplifting is, check out this post from WAAAY back on why scraplifting doesn’t suck). Basically, it involves finding a layout you love from someone else or yourself, and using it for inspiration. It’s simple and easy, and gives you a starting place.

2. Go to Pinterest. Pinterest is chock-full of great ideas for scrapbookers and crafters. There are so many ways you can use Pinterest in your crafting that I wrote a whole book on it here: Pinterest for Scrapbookers. You can find tons of sketches, layouts, tips, tutorials, and more. (WARNING: Don’t let it become a time-suck. If you spend TOO much time “looking for inspiration,” you’re gonna spend all your scrapping time Pinterest-ing. :)

3. Set the timer! See how much you can get done in a limited amount of time (15 minutes to choose products and photos, 15 minutes to lay out your page, 10 minutes to add embellishments). Just hearing that tick tick tick of the timer will get you moving faster. :)

4. Sketches! There is another way to approach your blank page — and that’s with sketches! Using a sketch, as many scrapbookers already know, offers a way into your design. Sketches break through “scrapper’s block” and give you an easy recipe to follow. If you’re already a sketch user – awesome! But did you know that you could be re-using your favorite sketches over and over again in new and inventive ways? Just imagine how much faster you could scrapbook if you knew how to turn your favorite designs inside-out and upside-down to get more mileage from them. Yahoo!

Now, step away from the computer and get to work. Hup hup!


P.S. In “Sketchbook Secrets,” one of our most popular scrapinars of 2014, designer Lisa Echerd showed us how to:

  • reuse your favorite sketches time and time again in new ways 
  • turn a one-page sketch into a two-page spread
  • create your own sketches 
  • and more!

Sound good? Then head over here to grab this hour-long video scrapinar for only $9 for a limited time. That’s less than ten bucks for information that will save you HOURS of time. Seriously! If you want to scrapbook more quickly with more confidence, check out this scrapinar. I guarantee that you’ll get at least three “Aha” moments that will wow your little scrappy mind. :)

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