A Scrapbooker’s Christmas List #7: Photo Wall Clings

by Lain Ehmann on December 7, 2010

This week, I’m listing some fab gift ideas for the scrapbooker in your life — maybe yourself! Pass on the link to your loved ones, or scoop up one and wrap it up as a present to that all-important person: YOU!

Great Gift for Scrapbookers #7: Photo Wall Clings

What if you could turn any room in your house into a fun “scrapbook” page?

5-10 minutes, 15 photos, and you’ll have this gorgeous wall collage from photoworks.com. You can display these together in a grid or arrange them or move them around separately. Fun, fun, fun!

Wall Cling – Color Grid from photoworks.com, $49.95 (go to photoworks.com and search for “wall clings.” There are a couple of cute options!)

And here’s a coupon for you:


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