Add Color to Your Life

Stacy Julian


Easy Steps to Celebrate Life with Stacy Julian

Scrapbooking superstar Stacy Julian has founded a magazine, launched an online business, and traveled the world, teaching women the joy of creativity. Stacy, mom to five, shares her secrets for celebrating your family’s everyday life in order to make each moment a fantastic adventure — within the four walls of your own home. In this hour-long audio interview, you’ll learn her tips for:

  • Simple ways for celebrating small moments
  • How to make life special for your family without making yourself crazy
  • Getting your family on board with your “wild” ideas
  • Moving past your excuses for NOT going the extra mile
  • Creating extraordinary experiences for each of your children
  • Filling your own bucket so you can give back to those you love
  • Why periodic breakdowns can actually make you a better parent
  • How practicing “intentional imperfection” will make you happier

Included in your purchase is a 58-minute audio download and a transcription of the call, which will be delivered immediately upon payment.

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