Biggest Scrapbooking Myths #2: Scrapbooking Takes a Lot of Time

by Lain Ehmann on April 26, 2011

Oh, you know how I feel about this topic! In fact, I’m working on a whole new “Fast Scrapbooking” product including an audio, worksheets, 15-minute layouts with how-tos, and more!!! But in the meantime, let’s tackle this myth:

Scrapbook Myth #2: Scrapbooking Takes a Lot of Time

Yeah, whatever.

Scrapbooking takes as much time as you want it to! Seriously… if you want to spend three days on a page, hand-beading little stars and cutting silhouettes of your entire family… go for it!

But if you want to spend half an hour to create a fun and meaningful page, you can do that, too:

Yeah, baby — this little cutie took me less than half an hour.

Here are five tips for creating cute scrapbook layouts FAST:

1. Let the products do the work for you. Choose bold, colorful patterns and “statement” papers and colors. Then you only need to use one paper or embellishment to make a “mark.”

2. Scraplift! I love scraplifting. Look through a magazine or online gallery and find a layout that grabs your eye. Then recreate it with your own photos and products.

3. Set a timer. Just having the timer in front of me keeps me on task, reminding me I’m trying to speed things up.

4. Use your favorites. If you use things you love, you’ll love your page. Honest.

5. Know your process. Some people like to work from the photo forward; others like to work from the story; still others start with a sketch, or their products. What works best for YOU? Experiment until you know how you like to proceed.

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  • Noelle

    Totally with you here. When I first started, it used to take me about 2 hours to do a page. Now I’m down to about an hour a layout. And really, it takes me that long because I’ve never been really good at picking colors/patterns that go together. So I usually take a little bit longer deciding which pattern paper I like with the photo and card stock I’ve chosen.

    That, and add on at least 10 minutes spent fighting off a cat. I have 3 cats, but only one has to be intimately involved in my paper crafting. (Oddly enough, it’s the only female cat.) She either steals my paper scraps, tries to grab my scissors, pounces on embellishments, or just plain stands on the middle of my layout. Once she sneezed right after I’d attached my photo. Since the photo was home-printed, the ink ran and smeared on my layout. (I removed the photo, reprinted it, and covered the smear with an embellishment.) Cat-erference is my biggest slow-down!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for the story of the papercrafting cat! :) Made my day.

  • Peteali

    Noelle, You made me LOL… I have 2 cats who are papercrafters! One (Misty) likes the crispy crackly embellies packaging to try to GNAW on (we APPARENTLY never feed her– of COURSE) and the other (Mitty) tries to walk across, sniff and otherwise disrupt the entire process. Aditionally, he likes to sit on my LEFT shoulder (never the right– what’s up with that??) as I scrap or try to type journaling!!!!! LOL Good Heavens!

    TY so much, you really made my day!

    Lain– your tips are timely and fun– with a dash of humour- THANK YOU!

    ((HUGZ))~ Ali

  • Jules

    I have several layout books, some are even card making idea books. When I go to a crop I take out the book and go page by page. I just have to choose the colors! I can easily complete 40 pages at a crop. Having 5 kids with each there own book, I have to be efficient. In their books they get one photo of each event so there are usually such a wide variety of different colors that I choose a color scheme for each album and stick with it. My oldest loves purple so her album is predominantly purples. Makes it easy for me, she loves it and it is finished! Each kid has a color!

  • Lynne Moore

    true words!

  • Ali

    Wow, Jules, what a GREAT ideas- page by page used of your idea books… the colour themed books… GOOD ones!! I have a DD (17)– #1 of 4 kids– who loves purple, too. All her riding related LOs are in a PURPLE album– 0f course! ;)

    TY for sharing ur ideas for scrappin’ a big family!!
    :) -Ali

  • Katrinaf

    Oh my, I am so laughing about the cat-I have a papercrafting cat too! He must be on my counter often on top of some paper which he loves to move around, or on my desk his fave spot is right in front of the monitor.

  • Jen Kellogg

    Lain, Is this layout digi or paper? Do you find it faster to do one or the other?

  • Anonymous

    Hey Jen!
    It’s a paper layout. For me, paper is quicker because I know how to use it — I still fumble my way through digi. I don’t scrap digitally enough for it to be second nature — I have to think about every step in the process! But I am sure that if I really learned how to use PSE, particularly templates, it would be much quicker. I just enjoy paper too much! :)

  • Anonymous

    That’s a great solution!

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