Christmas in Vegas

by Lain Ehmann on December 22, 2011

That sounds like a National Lampoon movie starring Chevy Chase and Goldie Hawn. :) Instead, it’s real life! Here’s the proof:

The kids living life large at the MGM Grand. They had a gorgeous lobby but I wouldn’t recommend staying there. The customer service was the pits.

John and me. I look pregnant. I am not.

Mikki (a ScrapHappy family member!) and me at the Excalibur. We went to the Tournament of Kings and it was FABULOUS. Nothing like eating dinner with no utensils to make you appreciate modern conveniences, like cutlery.

Ben and Cal rockin’ out. Very cute. Do you like Cal’s rain boots? She won’t take them off. No, it’s not raining.

All in all, we are having a blast. I got to see my brother who has just moved to Henderson, and we are enjoying the lights and glitz. I am not much of a drinker, gambler, or carouser — more of an early-night kinda gal — but there is definitely a lot for all to do!

Hope your holiday, wherever you are celebrating, is peaceful and full of joy.

P.S. No podcast this week – sorry! To make it up to you, here’s a fab deal from Ella Publishing:

Save 25% on up to 3 products in your next Ella Publishing order with coupon code HOLIDAY2011. Some exclusions apply.

I suggest these books:

Take Twelve. I’m really taken with the idea of capturing your year in 12 pics taken on the 12th of each month. This year-long project looks like an incredibly easy way to document your year, and anything that makes your life easier is tops in my book!

And speaking of my book… here’s one for you, co-written with Stacy Julian. Fun!

20 Simple Secrets of Happy Scrapbookers by Stacy Julian and Lain Ehmann

This collection of 31 thank-you cards is amazing:

31 Thank You Cards by Kristina Werner, Kimber McGray, and Heather Nichols

Let me know what you choose!

  • Barb in AK

    Happy Holidays to you and your family, Lain!    Vegas is fun when the weather is comfortable :-)

  • Joanie

    Today I read an article about a woman flying between Boston & Vegas and getting her red velvet cupcake confiscated by TSA. My first thought was that it was Lain heading home, but, thankfully, no.
    Hope you had an uneventful trip and a great holiday.

  • Anonymous

    Lol! No, not me- but they did steal my Diet Coke and almonds at the Hoover Dam!! :)

  • Anonymous

    Thank you so much!!

  • Lilie

    Lain what a beautiful family.  Wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday season.  By the way your new haircut looks great :)

  • Anonymous

    Thank you! And the same to you!

  • Ali

    Hi Lain! Loved the post, you always make me laugh! (Rainboots, rockin’ out, customer svc,  CUTLERY as a “modern convenience,” ROFL….etc… You are so funny!) 
     And you do NOT look pg!! LOL LOL
     ~ A

  • Lynne

    glad you had fun…. kickboxing next time you are in henderson…

  • Jersey Girl Anne

    Wow !really? for what reason?

  • Anonymous

    I’m planning on it!!

  • Anonymous

    I guess they seemed threatening and dangerous. Or they were hungry. ;)

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