Contest and Coupon: Ali Edwards Yesterday & Today

by Lain Ehmann on December 19, 2010

You know that I’m big on telling stories. That is why I’m so pumped about Ali Edwards’s class, “Yesterday & Today” from Big Picture Classes. I’m not sure anyone is better at demonstrating how everyday life becomes art than Ali is.

Ali says: “The benefit of looking to the past is that we gain perspective. We see things differently after developing an awareness of what we know and what we wished we knew. Looking back, even if we’re just viewing old photos of people we don’t know, can change the way we approach the photos we take and the stories we tell today.”

In this 13-week class, Ali will help memory keepers make meaningful connections to their past in order to live their life in a more thoughtful way. Projects are limited to one layout a week that address questions like:

  • Where do you begin creating with photos from generations past?
  • What do you wish you knew about your parents when they were growing up?
  • What life lessons do you want to pass on to your children?
  • How do you document the challenging times in your life?
  • How do you create layouts that tell special stories when you don’t have any photos?

Whether you’re new to this deeper style of storytelling, or this is something you’re already doing, I can guarantee you that spending a few months with Ali will dramatically affect your ability to capture and record stories from both today and yesterday.

This class begins December 30, and I have two great offers for you!

1. Enter to win a free spot in “Yesterday & Today” by leaving a comment on this post telling about a story you’d like to record but haven’t gotten around to yet. (A sentence or phrase is fine!). I’ll draw one winner to receive the free spot. Contest closes Sunday, December 26 at Midnight.

2. ALL my readers are entitled to a 10% discount off the $99 price. Use promo code yesterdaytoday at checkout.

P.S. Thank you to Big Picture Classes for sponsoring this giveaway! I am thrilled to be one of BPC’s 4Experts in 2011. I’ll be teaching “The Mother LOAD” starting July!!! Make sure you’re signed up on my mailing list to receive details about registration.

  • Kimberly Kalil

    Thanks for the chance to win …

    There are a lot of stories I’d like to tell. I think for starters I’d like to tell the story of how my husband and I met. And I’d also like to tell both my son and daughter’s birth stories.

  • Lisa S.

    So many stories. But one I want to tell is the story of my years traveling as a child of an Army officer.

  • Snapsandsnippets

    I’d like to tell more stories from my childhood; like the fishing trips Dad took us on.

  • Bookworm

    I feel compelled to tell more stories about my maternal Grandmother, such as getting to stay overnight with her as a kid and what a big deal that was.

  • Montanamoosehead

    There are SO many stories to tell, from every day life to monumental things…my goal is to tell more ‘stories’! I would love to dig into my daughter’s stories…haven’t done much with them and she is already 2 1/2!

  • Amy

    I really need to tell more stories about growing up and what my childhood was like …

  • SusanC

    I’d like to tell the story of my family . . . my Mom, Dad and Sister are now in Heaven and I want their legacy to live on and on and on and on . . . .

  • Heather V

    I’d like to tell the story of my grandparents’ courtship and wedding. Super sweet. I’d love to have it scrapped for posterity.

  • Malwa

    I’d like to tell the “official” story of how me and my DH met – outside the grocery shop where I’d bought some sour cream for my kitten.

  • Melissa

    Hmm, well I have a lot!!

    I’d love to write about my happy times with my grandparents at their beach house as a child

  • Lynne

    One story I have been thinking about is the tradition I had growing up that my aunt and I would see the Nutcracker every year for 10 or 12 years. Now we have come full circle and my aunt and I watched my daughter perform in her first production of the Nutcracker.

  • Toobusymama

    I’d love to write a story of my life before my children and my life now — what a difference! Thanks for the chance to win.

  • Marcy

    I’d document some of my dad’s stories – what an incredible man he was!

  • Nancy Barnes

    the Christmas when I was 16 and funds were so tight we didn’t expect anything at all for Christmas but our tree.

  • Peggy Makurat

    I’d like to tell the story of my brother’s letters from Vietnam.

  • Jodeenjb

    I would like to record the childhood traditions that my family had a Christmas – and the stories of trying to get to my grandparent’s farm in Nebraska snow storms in time for Santa to find us there.

  • Qualifiesthecalled

    I’d like to record the story of each of my children’s births that includes the stories of their names.

  • Wendy

    FUN! More chances to win! WOOHOO

  • Pippa Gore

    The 1st Christmas of my beautiful daughters life, it’s still so traumatic, she was 9 months old, her father had left us, the house was repossessed, we were homeless and I had a miscarriage, just writing it down is making me cry!

  • Momof3blessings

    I would like to share the wonderful life of my mother in law. She was an incredible person and God took her to be an angel before my children could really know her. I want to celebrate what an amazing person she was!

  • Wendy

    Fun…another chance to win. I’d like to start on the story of my husband and I …it’s been 10 years and a bumpy 10 years. I”d like to make sure I write down all the reasons we make it work. :}

  • rebecca

    Going throughout my day, week, month, year, these wisps of childhood memories come back to me – buying strawberries in the fields, going to the county fair, making haunted houses in the garage with my brother – and I’ve always wanted to document them.

  • racheldallaire

    I really want to record stories from growing up with my sisters-the silly games we made up, the way we used to fight and how we became as close as we are now. :-)

  • Adogslife13

    I would like to record the various places I’ve visited….I don’t have these documentated anywhere. Thanks for the chance.

  • Duchessdee

    I would so like to record the last 2 years of my buying, owning and operating a rural diner, with all it’s trial, challenges and Rewards. I’d also like the time to do that. Maybe with this class, an online class might work for me during slow times. thanks for tthe chance. dee

  • Kelli

    I’d like to write my parents’ stories while they’re still here to help tell them.

  • Leticiadamm

    I would like to tell the story about myself… yesterday and today.

  • Kbrown0

    Thanks for the opportunity to enter

  • Crystal M

    I would like to record the excitement of my parents bringing home our Christmas trees growing up, but I haven’t yet…

  • Anna Vollmer

    I would love to record the story of my parents and how they met.

  • Panutting

    I have so many stories to tell…I think I’d start with growing up as the oldest of 9. Lots for that one!

  • Amy Ulen

    I have so many stories I want to tell about my Grandma. She passed away 18 years ago and I need to get those stories on paper before my memory fades.

  • Canadiankristin

    Soo many stories to tell, but the one I really need help getting down is the story of my kids connections to each other! I am always complimented on how well my kids get along, how much they work together, how great a team they are… and I would love to record that because I’m not sure how it has come to be and definitely want to celebrate the connections!!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Nancy

    I have many stories I still need to tell, but the most pressing would be about my parents childhoods and how they met. Thank You so much for the chance to join Ali at Big Picture Classes!

  • Rebekah

    So many stories to tell really…..especially one about my father who passed away when I was a child.

  • Jeaniedickinson

    i like so many have stories to tell and i am looking for inspiration….and healing that comes from starting somewhere…so that may be the story i tell first about finding strength to make a difference.

  • Dori

    I want to record the amazing and sweet story about how my parents eloped, during WWII, to Paris, IL, since traveling to the REAL Paris was out of the question.

  • Lisa Wilkins

    Thanks for doing this Lain! I’d like to tell the story of my Grandmother and her hat & tennis shoes at the beach!

  • Ellendennehy

    Sadly, I’d like to tell the story of our wedding, 19 years ago! I pulled all the photos out of an old album years ago to protect them and I’ve never gotten around to putting them back together!!! This would be the perfect way to celebrate 20 years.

  • tinabobina99

    What a generous offer! I’d like to look deeper at yesterday and look more hopefully at tomorrow.

  • Mnkhall

    my childhood – i’m thinking not having told any of those stories on pages may be a good thing, as i can tell them alongside the stories of my kiddos…thanks for the opportunity, Lain!

  • CraftyCat

    I would like to tell the story of my son’s birth and how blessed we are to have him after our infertility diagnosis.

  • Anonymous

    I would like to tell the story of my spring break spent with Gall bladder surgery.

  • Erin

    I would like to tell the story of all the positive changes our new homes has brought to our lives.

  • Karen

    I would love to create a book with stories from my childhood for my daughter to read.

  • Erika

    I would like to tell a story of my wonderful mother and what she means to me and the fact that I got my “crafty” side from her =)

  • Margalyn

    I’d like to tell the story of how my husband and I met/fell in love.

  • Godlyrose

    I would love to tell the story of our courtship and engagement.

  • scrappy

    I’d like to tell the story of our summer vacation.

  • Cat

    This is an awesome contest! Thanks.

    I want to start a scrapbook about the ugly side of life but don’t know where to begin. It seems most of my pages are so “happy go lucky” but I want to also keep it real.

  • Liz

    I would like to document my life – and my gratitude for everything that I am thankful for – for my future grandchildren one day!

  • HeatherC

    I line with Ali’s theme of yesterday and today, I want to record a story of when I made my first communion when I was in 2nd grade as my oldest child is in second grade and getting ready to make her first communion this year. Keeping my fingers crossed you pull my name! :) Merry Christmas!

  • Bambilynnpro

    This class sounds like alot of fun as I have just found my birthfather and have a family I didn’t know I had.

  • Kirasic13

    I would like to document my memories of my Aunty who passed away this month.

  • Marsaille

    My husband and I just moved into the house he grew up in, the one next door to the one I lived in!

  • Nikki_c29

    I would love to have the tools and tips so that I could document all the grandkids and now great grandkids that are now in our family.

  • Jeannett_mcgee

    I have a Book of Stories I need to document. I took Karen G. BPC Book of Stories and recorded lot’s of stories. A recent story is about how my son go to see Santa two times in one day. and Mom, did not get a photo either time. So much for a good scrapbooker, LOL. My camera battery died before I got the photo. Thanks for a chance to win. I would love this class.

  • monica

    My grandmother (89) just gave me a journal that includes hundreds of stories that she’s written about her life along with lots of ephemera. I can’t wait to go through it and read it and would love to incorporate some of those stories into my scrapbooking. Thanks for the chance to win Ali’s class…sounds amazing!

  • Cindy N

    please Santa, all I want for Christmas is an Ali Edwards class….

  • Susan Robinson

    I would love to win this class, Ali rocks

  • Joy T.

    I’d like to tell the story of my pregnancy. :)

  • Suzielyons

    I’d like to tell the story of my Level 1 Friend :)

  • Elisa

    I’d like to tell the story of the birth of my daughter Ana, who is now 2, before I forget the story.

  • abbeyviolet

    I’d like to tell the story of my dauther’s dancing.

  • Ginnyrit

    I’ve recently “inherited” our family pictures and would really like to dig into some of our sibling stories; so much rich material there! :-)

  • Olivia

    Sounds like a fantastic class, thank you so much for the chance to win a place. The story I’d like to record is about my personal journey this past year & becoming a student.

    Best wishes for the festive season :)

  • Valancy

    I’d like to record how my youngest recently started calling her big brother by name “Ahh-boo” for Andrew.

  • Momof fourChippets

    This Christmas, will be the first Christmas of My daughter and my niece’s daughter and we all going to spend Christmas together. this is a moment that will be magical. This class is on my wish list! Thank you for this great giveaway!

  • Sarah K

    This looks like SO much fun!

  • Anonymous

    Great class

  • Karen G

    I need to tell the story about the time I left my about 3 year old in the vehicle in the garage and he couldn’t get out and i didn’t realize he was there for about 25 minutes. Yikes.

  • Lori

    I have so many stories to tell but the most important ones are from my mom. She just turned 86 and I need to get her stories written for my daughter and I.

  • Trinahain

    The main story I would like to tell is the story of Me, I am always so reluctant to journal about me and my feelings, so I think this class would be a great way to do this.

  • kathy28

    Lain–I want to capture my mother’s stories. I have all her pictures now but there are so many stories to get….I have my work cut out for me!

  • Teresa

    The story of our engagement and wedding- would LOVE to be part of this class! :)

  • Granola_girl

    I would like to document my childhood, so that I could pass those stories on to my children.

  • Ainalundkvist

    I’ve got tons of stories waiting to be told. The story of how I met my partner (at a masquerade, I dressed as a hippie and he was dressed in a vintage Sovjet uniform) is at the top of my list. Oh how I wish I had photos!

  • Heather P. – scrapmomof3

    I really need to tell the story of my journey to motherhood. I never pictured myself with kids, it was incredibly difficult…and yet now I have 3! I want my girls to understand..when it’s their time.

  • Marsaille

    I would like to see it, and I don’t even know you! What a gift!

  • Dkallred123

    I would really like to document all the wonderful stories my mom has before it’s too late!

  • Amy S

    i would love to tell some of my grandmother’s stories

  • Selenaintx

    I need to record the many random childhood memories I have floating around in my mind :). Like how I was going to grow up and be a detective…just like Nancy Drew :).

  • Vanessa

    I would love to tell the story of recovery from a severe illness – the journey, the challenges, the joy. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Jkhashab

    I would love to tell the stories of my childhood since our family is multicultural and many of my hispanic traditions have been forgotten.

  • falwyn

    One of the many – I want to record about my parents’ pets. Dad had a dog who would find and open her own Christmas present, and Mom had a cat who loved bananas.

  • Miriam

    I would love to tell the stories of the everyday moments of summer vacations of my childhood, but have been struggling without photos. Exciting giveaway!

  • Sandi M

    The story of my Granny and Grandfather’s 3 year letter writing courtship before he could afford to marry her and bring her to the states is at the top of my yesterday stories to tell.

  • Deanna

    I would like to tell the stories of my fathers family.

  • JECarl

    I keep thinking I will get to telling/documenting how my grandfather taught me to paint with oils when I was 5 years-old and why he is the reason I became an artist.

  • Linda Tieu

    I would love to record my stories of my childhood, but seems like there’s no time and stories of today are happening so fast!

  • Melissa Cummings

    So many stories to tell, but here’s one: I’d love to document the connection between how I used to love to shop yard sales with my grandmother and now my little girl does the same thing at second-hand stores.

  • DaniNYC12677

    This is one of the greatest giveaways of all time!!! I would really love to tell the stories of our fertility process – I shy away from the not so happy stories as I don’t want books full of Debbie Downer pages but I would like to get our complete story told as we are right now. I also know there are so many difficult stories in everyone’s past and yet those are rarely told the hard times help shape who we are just as much as the good right?

  • Anonymous

    I have a friend whose name us Debbie Downs. Isn’t that ironic?

    I do agree that the tough times shape us at least as much as the good ones.

  • Elaine

    Love Ali Edwards and her stories !!!

  • Gina L.

    I would love to document my wedding proposal. It’s such a wonderful story of what my fiance went through to get everyone in the restaurant involved. He took me by complete surprise!

  • KatieK.

    For my boys, I have never written or somehow saved the story of my 6 spine surgeries and the impact they had and continue to have to make me the person I am , the mom they know. How it has impacted my view of the world and my values, etc. And what it means for them and their future. That’s a story I need to share.

  • debbie

    i would love to record the stories of my life to share with my children. time goes by so fast. d

  • Cloerch

    I would love to document my Dad’s life for myself and especially to share with my children who lost their Grandfather before they could really get to know him.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve lived in four different countries (well, still moving back and forth to country #4, Australia) and I want to tell how the are different, but I never seem to have time to sit down and compare them all at once!

  • Tiffany

    My move this summer from Ohio to New York. :)

  • Renee J.

    I would like to record highlights from 2010 and have not started yet! I think I need to start asap. Thanks so much!!

  • Lbscrapgirl

    i would like to tell the story of my family’s ‘buena noche’.

  • Paularc

    I want to write about growing up. I have an only child and I want her to see things from the perspective of a child with siblings too. My husband is the oldest of 3 but his siblings are spaced 7 years apart. So her feels like an only child and doesn’t see the big deal with being one. I want her to learn about sharing and caring and being a family of more than just 3.

  • Xnomads

    I’d tell the story of how my Grandpa taught my brother & I checkers and Black Jack. He used to let my brother go on the wrong squares to win. Then when he joined the checkers club he didn’t know the right way to play!

  • goldnuggt

    I would love to tell the story about me growing up riding horses. My kids have never ridden one or really been around one. It was my escape and my passion. I would love to share that in story form.

  • Tracy

    I’d love to make the time to tell the story of my Dad’s childhood so my kids will understand it later.

  • Photogal78

    I want to tell the history of my family – before it disappears.

  • CathyR

    I would love to tell the story of my parents childhood and their memories.

  • Alison M.

    I’d love to capture my dad’s story; growing up in Scotland, fighting in WWII, emigrating to Canada, then the US… so much great stuff!

  • Kristie S.

    I have begun to scan ALL the pictures we have, so that I can begin telling the stories of US and our family/families! I was surprised to find out that one of my adult daughters didn’t even know that my sister who passed away at 18 months was younger than I, and that I remembered her. We often take it for granted that our family knows family things…. they don’t unless we tell them!

  • Carla

    I’d like to look at my childhood more.

  • emily kate

    I would really like to record many stories from this year about my baby girl!

  • Ctovarez

    I would love to tell the stories about my childhood and my daughters and compare and contrast how we grew up.

  • Kbrown0

    It would be anything about my dad. He died 5 years ago and I’m finally ready

  • Kate

    I still haven’t gotten down the story of how we met, and I desperately want to.

  • Tara

    I’d love to record how my grandparents met during WW2 – my grandfather was in the army and saved my grandmother during an air raid. Wild stuff you see in movies!

  • Monica Blain

    oh boy, there are lots of stories I still want to scrap. I guess a big one that I have been putting off is the brain tumor & surgery I had as a kid. It was a big thing that affected my whole life, but I have yet to put it on a layout.

  • wcopley

    I’d like to document more of my college years and my first few years as a young adult on my own.

  • Edie

    I would like to document my childhood. I just received some childhood photos from my mom, almost a whole albums worth and have no idea where to start.

  • Yulia W

    I would like to document my childhood memories, my college memories too…

  • Amie

    Shucking corn with my Grandpa

  • Jessica D.

    I would love to document my childhood, especially stories about my dad and me. Since he died this year, I want my children to have a way to know their grandfather.

  • Sheila M.

    I would love to write about my childhood which I have almost totally neglected — especially the everyday things we did.

  • Britiney

    This looks like an amazing class. I’d love to document some of my dad’s stories from his childhood. Thanks for a chance to win!!

  • Donna B

    I’d like to do a kind of comparative of my own childhood photos & experiences along side of my 3-yr-old daughter’s photos & experiences.

  • Saskia

    I’d like to record the story of being pregnant. We had to wait a long time and I would like to record the gratitude I felt during that time. Thank you for the chance to win!

    I wish you happy holidays!

  • Heidi

    I really need to start the school albums. Oldest is in grade 2, so I have some catch-up to do…

  • Kelli

    I have photos of myself and my husband from when we were children and I am struck by the similarities of the pictures even though we didn’t know each other at time. So I think one day I would like to do a compare and contrast sort of album about our childhoods.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  • Koren Leggett

    My kids have been asking me to make more pages about when I was growing up. I’d love to take this class to help do Just that. :)

  • AnnieB

    When I was about five our home caught fire. (Luckily, only the attic burned & no one was hurt!) There are no pictures of the fire, and only one picture of the home; and not a very good one at that as it is just in the background. It’s a story that I’ve not scrapped or recorded in any way, but it is one that begs telling!

  • Isaiah491

    From today on, I’ve lived with type 1 diabetes longer than I have lived without… and think that is a story I’d love to tell: the journey to finally taking care of myself and everything else that happened along the way {like two 10lb+ babies!}. Thanks for the chance!!

  • Kristan G.

    I started scrapping to scrap my genealogy. Scrapping took over and I need to get back to recording my family history!

  • Lisa

    There are many stories I need to tell , but 2 stand out as I think about this question. The first story is how I overcame getting burned in a freak accident ( over 35 % of my body ), during my first year of marriage at age 24. I want to document how that made me into the person I am today at age 48 !
    The second story is experiencing 9/11. Living in NY at the time and all the events of that day and how it affects me to this day, are all things I want to get out .
    Both stories are part of my yesterday , my history , and very much shape the who I am today. Thanks for the chance at this class and the opportunity to finally let those stories out.

  • Katherine

    I have many to tell but one important one I have been thinking about this holiday is the story of my grandparents legacy.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  • KatrinaForman

    There are so many stories I haven’t done yet. One of the biggest is about how my husband talked to my (Then Infant) son on the phone just a few hours before he died. The way my baby reacted to his Daddy’s voice, and then how just a couple weeks later I played a recording and he didn’t react at all to the same voice. I want to keep it positive-about the bond between Father & Son and I haven’t figured out exactly how to do that yet. In fact there are many stories from my son’s first months of life that involve his dad that are really hard to document, but I don’t want to lose.

  • LCSmithSAVED

    I was adopted at 11 months & haven’t scrapped anything about it yet.

  • Peg

    I haven’t scrapped our two years in Alaska yet. We lived in Fairbanks from ’93 to ’95. Probably should get to it soon, huh? :-)

  • Ncjane02

    I would love to win a spot in Ali’s class! I want to tell stories from my family history (and my childhood).

  • Hallymichelle

    This would be awesome! Thanks!

  • GoDaddy Coupon

    Thank you

  • Anonymous

    Wendy, you are our winner! Email me for info on claiming your prize!

  • wcopley

    OMG!! Yay!!

    I signed up last night, but I can get a refund, right?

    Wow! Yay! Yay!


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