December Daily: Day #1

by Lain Ehmann on December 2, 2011

Here’s my December Daily page for December 1 (I have no idea why it is sideways!).

Please note:

  • My December Daily album is 8.5×5.5″ in a small not-scrapbook-intended binder.
  • I made the page protector myself by cutting a full-sized page protector in half and punch holes myself.
  • I didn’t use any holiday paper.
  • I didn’t write about Christmas.
  • I took the photo with my iPhone.
  • The page took me about half an hour.
Is it a work of art? Nope.
Do I love it? Yep.
I REFUSE to be stressed about this. I sometimes feel these waves of angst overwhelm me when I see pages by Ali or whoever. But NO. This is about ME. This is about MY MEMORIES. This is not a contest.
This is my life.
Got it?
P.S. Here’s my list of easy December Daily ideas.
  • Briel Schmitz

    Way to go Lain!  I know what you mean about feeling like there are some many other ways to do December Daily.  While I’m not participating, exactly, I am going to work through Shimelle’s Journal Your Christmas, which is also every day!  I’m trying to be reasonable about expectations for myself, so that I enjoy the process and love what I create. 

    Great job creating your own page protector!  This will be a fun size to work with.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks, Briel!
    I met Shimelle originally through Journal Your Christmas like five years ago… I loved it! :)

  • molly

    Totally get it! I’ve had people comment on my blog that I don’t use enough products or embellishments, etc. That they don’t like my style because it’s too simple.  Avert your eyes, I say. These are my memories to keep. Happy holidays, Lain! (I love the hand-lettering and is that a watercolor wash?)

  • Anonymous

    Thanks, my friend! I cannot believe the nerve of some people to comment on OUR memories. Geez. This is actually a spray technique with masking. I put down Thickers and then sprayed over them with red and shine. Then after it dried, I pulled up the letters and inked in a border with a pen. I am so glad you like it! HUGS!

  • tasra

    Yes! I’m with you. I started getting stressed yesterday looking at other people’s pages and then just decided to do what I can each day. The images and stories are what is important to me so that is my complete focus. Thanks for being a voice of sanity. :)

  • Anonymous

    Somehow, it’s turned into a beauty pageant — so NOT what I want my albums to be about! I’m putting my foot down. :)

  • Sassynagle

    Amen, sister.  I thought the Studio Calico kit was rather expensive for $70!  I can use scraps, stuff I have, or non-Christmas stuff and still create a great album.   This is perfect…not because I said so, but because I can tell it really makes you happy!  Thanks for stating what many of us have been thinking.  (BTW, it IS perfec)

  • Tasra Dawson

    Preach it sister. We know the affect real beauty pageants can have to make girls feel inadequate and unaccepted. Why would we ever want to bring that to our creativity and memories?

  • Danielle Taylor

    I love it!!!! 

  • Anonymous

    Thanks, Chica!

  • Dekern72

    Oh I love this! You make everything look so dang adorable! I wish I had your knack! Thanks for sharing your precious memories, it gives me hope that I, too, can create something beautiful for my family.

  • Anonymous

    You made me smile! :) Just focus on what YOU love – the products, the photos, the memories that have meaning for you — and the rest will fall in place. :) HUGS!

  • Lynn Mercurio

    I’ve made my own page protectors before too – and to finish off the raw edge, I just added some book binding tape.  I had to use my crop-a-dile to chomp the holes, but it worked just fine and gave some reinforcement to the openings, although those little doo-dads that you can buy at the stationary store to reinforce holes would work just as well.  Great start!

  • Gladdie

    Right on the money, as usual Lain.  Thanks for that – I do the comparison thing all the time!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you, Gladdie! Glad it was useful for you. :)

  • Anonymous

    Awesome!! I just slid the layouts in sideways, cut them in half, and then left the raw side open. :)

  • Sassynagle

    Hey…because those Thickers letters were going to fall off anyway (lol!)!!!  Great idea and technique.

  • Anonymous

    LOL! Too funny! You’re absolutely right.

  • Renea

    And thank you for the encouragement! Whew! I wanted to do this soooooo bad this year but the closer I got, the less likely it seemed. I finally settled on doing a mini book of my favorite things about the season. Maybe 25 reasons I love Christmas or something. And if I don’t get it finished before Christmas, no biggie! It can go in the basket with all the other unfinished projects!!! lol

  • Anonymous

    I love that idea! And we’re thinking of doing a post-December support group to finish all our unfinished 2011 projects in January, so stay tuned!

  • Pege

    Love it.  What will matter in years to come is the photos and your memories!

  • Anonymous

    Pege, thank you! I am already loving it. :)

  • Liz Sawyer

    love it lain!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks, Liz! I am really enjoying the whole project- for once! ;) last year I was so stressed.

  • a1983alaskan

    Fantastic attitude, Lain!  This may just encourage me to give the DD a try next year :-)

  • Anonymous

    Yes, give it a try!

  • Vanessa R

    Have just found you!!! Wanted to say a very big THANK YOU (all the way from Australia) for your words of wisdom.
    I have just printed out
    “Is it a work of art? Nope.

    Do I love it? Yep.

    I REFUSE to be stressed about this. I sometimes feel these waves of
    angst overwhelm me when I see pages by Ali or whoever. But NO. This is
    about ME. This is about MY MEMORIES. This is not a contest.

    This is my life.

    Got it?

    ” and stuck it, at eye level, on my scrapbook desk!

  • Anonymous

    Hurray! I am so glad you found me (how did you get here, by the way? I like to thank the people/places that refer new visitors!)
    If there is one thing in our lives we DON’T need more of, it’s stress. :) Relax and enjoy!

  • Vanessa R

    Hi Lain – glad I found you too! After a bit of backtracking I worked out it was from Katrina Kennedy’s Grab Your 365 +1 Prompt email of January 2 – there was a green button on it which took me to your page about Past Perfect with your video.
    Going to be relaxing and enjoying in 2012 while looking at your words of wisdom!

  • Anonymous

    Fantastic! So glad you found your way here. :)

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