Do You Hear What I Hear?

by Lain Ehmann on April 14, 2014

PennerPromo-670x446One of the biggest challenges I have in pocket page scrapbooking is that it’s so me-centric. It’s got photos I took, written from my perspective, in my “voice,” and put together by me. But if it’s supposed to be a story of our FAMILY, I’d like to include their words as well. But how?

Marcy Penner will show you how!

In this one-hour class from True Scrap Pocket Pages, Studio Calico design team member Marcy Penner goes through tips and techniques for including your family’s perspective and “voice” in your spreads (NOTE: These suggestions are great for “regular” scrapbook pages, too!). Here’s the info:

Do You Hear What I Hear? Including Your Family’s Perspectives in Your Pocket Spreads with Marcy Penner

Most scrapbookers realize that pretty soon, their scrapbooks become a reflection of their perspective on their life. And that’s great! But what about those other special people who inhabit your world? Is it possible to include more “voices” in your pocket pages? As Marcy Penner can attest, YES! Marcy will create a weekly spread in her Project Life album with a focus on adding other voices and perspectives. You’ll learn specific tips and ideas for including family members in your process, as well as where to find content that will add additional perspectives to your pages. After “Do You Hear What I Hear? Including Your Family’s Perspectives in Your Pocket Spreads,” you’ll be hearing voices – in a good way! Get this one-hour video class for only $12.95 $9 for a limited time!

We’ve sold HUNDREDS of these individual True Scrap Pocket Pages classes, and we know you are going to be thrilled with your purchase. Check out Marcy’s class this month for 30% off. Or purchase all six classes from the event (six hours of video!) for 40% off with SAVE40 at checkout!

  • Swimmer

    Such an important topic! I was very excited to see this video class.
    I try constantly to make my family memory keeping more child-focused.
    I’m so glad to see other people discussing these ideas.
    Marcy has a lovely design style, a lovely voice, and interesting techniques. Now that I’ve been introduced to her videos, I’ll be checking in on her blog every so often.

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