Double-Page Scrapbook Layouts: My Results

by Lain Ehmann on January 18, 2011

Yesterday, I posted a video about double-page scrapbook layouts and my tips for creating them. I promised to show you the results of my pages-in-progress once I’d completed them. Here you go!

Here’s a close-up of each page:

And a close-up of the lower right corner:

A couple of items…

When I reach a point after the journaling and photos are positioned and I’ve placed the title, I feel like the page is “done.” But then I think, “What else can I make this page pop?” And then I came up with a few items:

-Add the rub-ons in the upper left and lower right.

-Add the bling by way of Stickles to the rub-ons.

It took only a couple of minutes, and the impact is huge! Sure, the page looked fine without those things, but once I’d added them, I was all, “Yeah, baby! Now THAT’S a scrapbook page!” :)

P.S. Wants some more tips for ramping up your pages quickly and easily? Check out this blog post: Jazzy Simple Scrapbooking Pages in Five Steps.

  • Tambur

    Love the final result.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks so much!

  • Amy K

    It turned out wonderfully Lain! I tend to also just do one page layouts, so this is rare for my albums.

  • Anonymous

    If you give ‘em a try, let me know!

  • amyptucson

    I watched your video and was surprised to hear you say you do mostly one-page layouts. I almost always do two-page layouts, whether I’m working 12×12 or 8-1/2×11. Because the vast majority of my LOs are two pages, I don’t stick to rules of thumb like working from the center outward, clustering my photos around the gutter. They could be anywhere! I like using lots of photos per LO, so I appreciate the bigger canvas. I just think of it as 11×17 or 12×24 and go from there.

  • PhotoPaperScissors

    I made the SH January sketch a two-pager…but I’m at that “it needs something MORE” stage. Hope to share it over there soon! Love the rub-ons for this. How long does it take Stickles to dry? Seems like forever every time I try it…definitely not a crop-night activity ;)

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, I think as people get more comfortable, you can spread those wings. :)

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