Easy Homemade Valentines from Scrapbook Supplies

by Lain Ehmann on February 9, 2011

I love Valentine’s Day. I know a lot of people object to the “commercialization” of relationships and love, but I think any day that’s celebrating love is something worth taking part in!

Pull out your scrapbooking supplies to create some fun, festive, cupid-worthy valentines:

1. Sweet Treats. Use a large paper punch to punch hearts or circles from heart-themed patterned paper. Adhere over a store-bought lollipop, tie with a festive ribbon, and you’re done!

2. Bookmarks. Bookmarks are fun for kids and adults alike. Cut white cardstock to 2-1/8″ by 5-1/2″, punch a hole in the top for a ribbon, and decorate with heart stamps, die cuts, and stickers. Add a bit of ribbon to the hole at the top, and you’ve got a cute, personalized valentine.

3. Mini-cards. Cut red or pink cardstock to about 2-3/4″ by 5-1/2″. Fold the cards in half. Decorate with stickers, stamps, rub-ons… and maybe even a button or brad or two! Cute, easy, and sweet — particularly when coupled with a Hershey’s kiss.

4. Stitch it up. Create a small card and stamp a simple heart or flower. Thread a needle with red or pink embroidery floss, and stitch over the stamped lines. The result will be an adorable, handmade token of love for your sweetie.

5. Photo finish. For a younger child, print out multiple copies of a small (wallet-sized) photo. Punch with a heart-shaped punch and adhere on the inside of a handmade or purchased valentine. Even non-readers will know who sends them love!

6. X marks the spot. Make good use of all those leftover “X” letter stickers by adding hugs and kisses to your cards. Try a tic-tac-toe theme, using candy conversation hearts in place of Os.

7. Just write. What about making customized mini-notepads? Have your child draw a picture and sign her name, then scan it into the computer and resize to 3×5″. Then print out enough for each child in the class, and trim and adhere to the front of a small spiral-bound notebook. Coupled with a heart-themed pencil, it’s a perfect place to write love notes!

  • http://www.lovinglycreatedbyAli.blogspot.com Alimom4

    So much Fun, Lain! I made some for my littlest guy, Noah, who has special needs, to give to his classmates. I heard from his Educational Assistant that they went over well! So sweet. I used simple scrappy supplies like a cpl of stamps (a girly bear with a chubby heart and a little froggie with hearts) my CM corner punch, a heart punch, scraps of pink, pale blue and turquoise CS and strips of pp! They turned out great. Nothing fancy… and even took a few pics. Also did little 3×3″ cards for the 2 bus drivers, teachers, and EAs. :) Had a note from a teacher thanking me… I had written a little TY inside to her for always including my DS in everything and making him a part of the classroom community. YAY! They ALL went over well. TY for the fun post- ENJOYED IYT very much! Little things we do for others mean so much… ~ Ali in Nova Scotia

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like you had a fabulous Valentine’s Day. You are so sweet for going out of your way to include people like the assistants and the bus driver. I bet they LOVED it!

  • Poorwoman650315

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