Easy Ideas for December Daily

by Lain Ehmann on December 1, 2011

I have to admit, the idea of doing something every day during the month of December scares me senseless. That might seem crazy, coming from the layout a day woman, but it’s true. It’s the craziest month of the year, right? I have to wrap up everything from True Scrap, I have to get ready for Layout a Day in February, and I’m already thinking about April True Scrap. I’m traveling this month, too! Yet I’m pulled to the idea of December Daily.

I recorded a podcast for Melissa Shanhun talking about how to approach December Daily with less stress. I also thought I’d give you some ideas here on how you can tackle December Daily a bit more realistically.

Here are some thoughts:
-use a quote a day. Pick a favorite quote and create a page about its meaning for you, or just list the quote. At the end of the month you’ll have 31 of your favorites in one place.
-use a Bible verse. Same as above. Illustrate with art journaling techniques, collage, or a photo.
-create a tag a day. Tim Holtz does the 12 Tags of Christmas on his blog.
-try something new every day and document the process. A new recipe , a new technique, a new restaurant…
-write a memory a day, Christmas-related or not.
-take a photo a day. Again, could be holiday or just regular life.
-write about someone special each day. (I love this idea!!)
-document a song a day.

I’d love to know your thoughts on how you approach December Daily to make it work for you (last year I ended up putting photo cards from friends in mine!).

  • Sherristone413

    I have a scrapbook dedicated to Christmas…and I haven’t done anything with last year’s pictures.   I’m going to challenge myself to do a little each evening after work.  Even if all I do is slip them in a 6-up page protector and journal in one box at least that is something.

    Have a wonderful holiday Lain!

  • Bubbanboogzmom

    I love the though of a Bible verse a day..coupled with a picture of how that speaks to me … that’s my new project! Thanks for the encouragement!!!

  • Melinda Thao

    This is my first  year doing a December Daily, I’m hoping to go through with it! Thanks for sharing your ideas, I can use all the help I can get! :D

  • Anonymous

    Let me see what you do with it!

  • Joanie Baloney

    Since this is my first year attempting one, I am sticking with super easy.  I saw Teresa Collins on an episode of “Your Paper Life with Amy Coon” on mycraftchannel.com.  She made an album using her Christmas Home line, and I pretty much copied her idea.  I just finished putting it together today (although I will put some ribbon on the spine and some bling on the cover), and I plan to either journal or add photos each day.  Since the base is already built, I hope that it will be easy to do.
    I do need to re-bind it, though, with bigger o-wires; the ones I used were too small.

  • Anonymous

    Sounds pretty!!!

  • Anonymous

    I hear you. The pressure seems immense! Geez. It’s supposed to be fun… I keep reminding myself of that… ;)

  • Anonymous

    Slow and steady will get there! I refuse to feel stressed about this. ;)

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  • http://digitalscrapbookinghq.com Melissa Shanhun

    I am writing what ever’s on my mind. Last year I did more daily documentation but this year I’m spicing it up with memroies, hopes and my thoughts… the blow by blow of each day was too much last year!

  • Anonymous

    As you know, I’m all about taking the pressure off!

  • Alison

    I am attempting to scrap our ” merry days of advent”. We have a little activity each day that i photograph and will put a little bling to. So far I’ve at least remembered to take the photo!

  • Anonymous

    That is so fun!!! I love it! :)

  • Doreen Page

    I love your suggestions.  This is my first year doing the December Daily album.  I’m excited about it, but already at Day 9 and I’m having a hard time scrapping “normal” day in December with no realy event going on.  I love the Bible Verse idea, and the try a new recipe idea.  I will use these as fillers on days where there is nothing special going on.  Thanks so much for your podcast and this helpful tid bit!

  • a1983alaskan

    I have never done a December Daily.  Although it looks like lots of fun when I read through Ali’s blog, my life isn’t that exciting to be able to make up a page every day.   But I LOVE, LOVE your ideas, Lain.   I am going to save that list and maybe even try a DD next year!  Or how about JD or FD or MD  or AD even???? ;-)  With enough ideas, there could be a Daily every month of the year!!!  Whew!

  • a1983alaskan

    Really cute, Joanie!   Good luck with your project :-)

  • Anonymous

    I’m glad these could be of help for you! :)

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