Ep 11: Layout a Day – The Podcast: On the Road

by Lain Ehmann on August 10, 2011


It’s Wednesday! That means it’s time for another episode of Layout a Day – The Podcast! This week we’re talking about scrapbooking on the go, specifically:

  • What you can do before you leave to make scrapbooking on the road easy
  • Why you should consider installing Adobe PSE9 now
  • What mean scrapbookers have in common with 7th grade girls
  • Why there is ALWAYS a spot at my scrapbook table for you
  • How you can win a Smashbook!
  • And of course, much more scrappy talk

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P.S. Wondering how you can win that Smashbook? Well, I guess you’ll just have to listen to this episode. I’m mean like that. :)

  • Sheri

    I’ve been lucky that the only people I’ve met while scrapbooking have been super sweet! I had a class teacher that has turned into a friend and now we go to other classes together. I left high school so long ago, I just don’t get why people can’t just get along. Besides that what if the person you are mean to has a really cool stamp you want to borrow? ;)

  • Anonymous

    So true! So true! :)

  • Lynnette

    Just returned from the beach with my untouched scrap suitcases in hand :(  I had much success when we were in Disney, but this trip was harder to fit in scrap time.  We were traveling with my husband’s whole family (lots of kids) and not much down time.  I was really hoping for a little time, but it just didn’t happen.  I had also hoped to visit a local scrap store, but I didn’t realize they were closed on Monday.  Oh well…I did take some great pictures.
    As for scrappy mean girls, I’ve not encountered them.  I usually attend crops with friends, but we’ll always sit with others and compare notes and  share materials.  Now that I have my room set up, I haven’t attended a crop in a while.  I hope I haven’t developed anti-social scrappy habits!  Thanks for the chance to win the smashbook.

  • julie

    Thanks for the travel tips!  I thought I was really bad about journaling on my trips, but I recently spent some time cleaning up and organizing my stuff (thanks to MotherLOAD!!), and found a bunch of great notes I’d taken on some big trips.  I completely forgot I did that! 

    I think the “unfriendly croppers” reach a lot of different art areas.  People get clique-y, and I’ve seen that in quite a few gatherings.  It’s too bad, because you never know what you might learn from someone or how good a friend they might turn out to be.  That being said, I’ve had a lot more good experiences than bad!

    Thanks for the podcast Lain!

  • Amy K

    We don’t get much vacationing in; however, I found your tip for making kits ahead of time (for scrapping while traveling) very beneficial for attending crops.  I typically bow out of going to crops…not because of mean scrappers ;)….but because I get overwhelmed trying to decide what to take and what not to take.  Then I’m second guessing myself about having the “right things”.
    As far as nice/mean scrappers at crops, I’ve only attended a handful, but the attendees were very friendly and welcoming.  That being said, I believe everyone there was previously acquainted either from church or somewhere in our community.  This topic reminds me of a discussion I recently had with an acquaintance who had just attended our 20 year class reunion, where this behavior was still very much present amongst certain individuals.  So sad, but so true….the cliques are still the cliques!
    Thanks for another informative and entertaining podcast!

  • http://twitter.com/StudioScrapping Studio Scrapping

    I used to never scrapbook on the road until CTMH released the free Studio J online scrapbooking software ( http://tinyurl.com/visitsj ).  So, as long as I have an Internet connection, I can create layouts, upload my photos, and record my memories as they happen.  It makes me feel so productive even though I’m relaxing!

    My friend hosts fundraising crops at school to raise money for student travel.  Many people attend the crop to support the kids and for a chance at winning some of the great prizes that are donated to the kids.  Even the people who aren’t typically social are very nice.  Sometimes people get in their scrapping zone and may appear being rude, but perhaps this is the only time they have away from the family and they want to get as much done as possible.  So, I don’t really see that as being mean.  Now, I must admit that I am shocked when we deal with people who truly are mean and rude.  It is even more surprising because it’s a fundraiser and kids are around!  Yet, I simply have to feel sorry for those people, because you know that’s how they live their lives.  Can you imagine being that unhappy?  So sad!

    Lain, you are a scrapbook star in my book and I have the layout to prove it!  I would have chatted your ear off at the crop, so perhaps being ignored was a blessing is disguise!  ;-)


  • Lynn Wigren

    I, too, have been to crops where I didn’t know anyone and was basically ignored even though I was friendly, attempted to initiate conversation regarding products, their pages, etc.  and offered the use of my tools.  You would think our love of scrapbooking would join us in friendship but not always!  I’ve held crops as well and always introduced new people or people on their own to those at their table and as the day went on would introduce them to others especially if they had any similarities such as age of children, lived in same area, etc.  

  • Trisha Hamilton

    I always bring page kits or cards to work on when we go away, but this last trip I did Ali Edwards’ On The Road album and each night I worked on what we did that day. It was really fun and I like how it came out!

    Re: mean scrappers, that’s why I make sure I go with someone, because I have seen some ‘meanies’!!! At one crop we had assigned seats and some ladies were moving name tags around before others got there! This was a weekend retreat at a nice hotel, so the coordinators were not happy.
    Another time, a group at our table basically ganged up on their ‘friend’, who then disappeared for the rest of the weekend!We mentioned to them a few times that they might want to go check on her, but they said she was fine!
    My friends and I remember the gal at our table who said the person next to her was “encroaching on her space”, so she put a big duct tape line on the table!! We did laugh at that one! Last but not least, there was a scrapper who walked around all the tables looking at everyone’s work and making comments like,”Oh, I used that paper two years ago!” and “You really are quite a simple scrapper; I used to be till I got good at scrapping.” I quickly hid my own pages when I saw her approaching!
    On the plus side, I met two very nice ladies who were at the end of our table once and we have been going on retreats together for years now. That also happened as the result of a scrapper near me whose every other sentence was “My husband won’t LET me do that.” I got up, walked to the end of the table and said to my two future friends,”Please let me sit with you for a few minutes before I hurt somebody!”

  • Christine Guest

    I’ve never scrapbooked at a crop, but smash books are cool, my Mom, and son and I all want one ;-)

    Once I tried to ask a person cropping at my LSS about her work, and she visibly had to pull herself out of her flow, find me, then speak.  Maybe she was trying out social scrapbooking for the first time and decided to retreat to her studio after that, but she had a really hard time creating and speaking at the same time.  Maybe some of the mean scrappers are like that?  Only meaner about it?

    I’ve noticed that it can take 5 or 6 weeks in a row at the same meeting before some ladies will be comfortable chatting with me at kids programs at the library, mothers who bring their kids to the park at the same time I do everyday, or at homeschool meetings.  Just because we are grown-ups doesn’t mean we are gracious about meeting newcomers or extending ourselves.

  • http://iamahoneybee.com/ nicole

    Thankfully, I have not been to a bad crop. I love the store I go to in CT. They are big on funn little prizes. I typ won for traveling the furtherest since I would drive down from Boston. winner winner! :-)

    Amy Tan is a fantastic travel scrapbooker. I have been doing more and more travel scrapbooking since creating a kit based upon her info on her blog. I love to travel and scrapbook. Great way to unwind at the end of the day.

  • Rebecca Lovell

    Wow – that sounds terrible!  Who wouldn’t want to socialize with Lain Ehmann???  I have to be honest, I’ve never been to a crop.  I wouldn’t even know where to find one!  I know my cousins have gotten together in the past for a big scrapping weekend, but that was before I was a scrapper – but I would have to think they probably had a blast!  I don’t know why people have to be rude.  I had one day this week where I got angry, and held that anger all day, and I have to tell ya – it takes WAY more energy to be angry, than it does to be happy!!!  Someday a bunch of us happy scrappers all need to get together and have a big fun crop!!  I would have chatted with you all day!! ♥

  • Catherine

    I struggle with portable scrapping. It seems like I always forget something really vital, like adhesive…or the photos….truly! So I’m a big solo scrapper. As far as mean croppers go, I haven’t really had a lot of experience with them (see the above sentence, lol) but I’m thinking why go to a crop if you can’t play nicely in the sandbox??

  • Julie Luna

    I don’t take scrapping stuff with me when I travel, but I do take TONS of pictures and I journal everyday.  I save lots of items like ticket stubs, menus, brochures, etc and then with my journalling, I can incorporate these items into my pages later. 
    The regular crop I attend has all nice people. The organizer always has a theme like Luau, Tea Party, costume contest and then we’ll play games like trivia or charades.  She’ll pair us with someone we don’t know to make it fun. 

  • Lisa M.

    I still can’t believe no one would talk to you at that crop!!!  Know that you are always welcome at my table at any crop!  I guess I am very blessed.  I have ALWAYS had wonderful experiences at the crops I have attended (and I will admit they are few).  In fact, many I have attended by myself without knowing anyone.  In fact, the people at the table (they were a group of friends) invited me to dinner, shared their supplies, knowledge and laughter!  In fact, I still see those ladies at annual crop (one I attend with my friends, now) and we say Hi! and catch up!  Sorry for your bad experience!  come to Mississippi and we will treat you right!  (Or I’ll sick my puppy on them to lick ‘em to their nice!)  P.S. liked the podcast!  I created a travel journal, one for me and one for my mother, to jot notes, comments, thoughts and “memorablia” in during our trip to Niagra last month.  I plan to add pics and “jazz up” at a weekend crop I am attending this weekend!  The peeps were nice at this crop too! 

  • Stacy

    Sorry to hear about the bad crop experience!  I know people like that exist, I’ve just been fortunate as to never have met one.  I am usually the loner at crops, and I’m not unfriendly, just shy!  Some people come to crops to socialize (I’ve seen several “scrappers” who don’t even bring in work, just a Starbucks, to sit with friends and chat), I come to work.  Why don’t I stay home or go to a friend’s house?  Because my friends have their own lives and we can never find a common time to get together (I HAVE offered to host, but no one wants to drive out to my place since it’s out in the boonies), and I can’t scrap at home if the kids are around (which is always!).  If I need some scrap time, hubby doesn’t understand that he needs to take the kids out of the house or they’ll end up on me…which always happens.  So if I want to get some serious work done without interruptions, I HAVE to go to a crop.  Thankfully most of the women at the crops I go to are older and can remember the chaos that comes with 2 little boys (1 with special needs) and respect my desire to just scrap.

  • Briel Schmitz

    Great podcast Lain!  I love going to crops, and usually find friendly people who end up being cropping friends.  However, I’m super chatty, so maybe I just make them talk to me!

    I wanted to add in about the travel scrapbooking that my girlfriends and I have tried to make it an annual tradition to travel TO scrap.  Maybe a weekend getaway or a crop or something like that.  We’ve found that a suite in most hotels will work for the three of us (one area for scrapping, one for sleeping).  If anyone really likes this, we signed up for scrapping cruise for next summer.  Maybe some of your Scrap Happy and LOAD friends want to join in: http://www.danthetravelman.com/scrapbooking-cruises/july2012.htm  (I have no connection to this company, except that I’m hoping for lots of happy scrappers-no meanies!).

  • LCSmithSAVED

    I took a free class at Big Picture Classes “Get Those Creative Juices Flowing” by Amy Tan and one of the projects was a Travel Mini Book. We were going on a road trip within a week or two so I quickly threw one together and took it with me with only a blue glue pen, my Swiss Army knife scissors, and a journaling pen & my laptop. I added stuff as we went along (stubs, brochures, etc) leaving room for the photos I would decide on each night. When I got home all I had to do was print those photos (I used a polariod-style format as Amy had done) and this turned out to be my favorite mini-book ever! Check it out http://www.flickr.com/photos/lcsmithsaved/5585064513/

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EHCOAYM74XJPJBYLED2XP45PL4 Michele

    I haven’t attended any scrapbook crops, but back when I had a local scrapbook store, I did attend a few classes.  For the most part, the other people taking the class were nice.  In one class though, there were some “class hogs” – the kind of people that suck up all of the attention of the store owner and/or the teacher.

    One of my other passions besides scrapbooking is hand needlework.  For the last 12 years, I’ve attended the needlework equivalent to a crop.  We all sit in a large room stitching all day, have our meals together, get a few hours sleep and repeat the next day.  I have met some of the nicest ladies (with the exception of one whom the sponsor eventually had to dis-invite).  Some are quiet and don’t talk much while they are stitching; some walk around and do more visiting than stitching.  But if I’m walking around to take a break and stretch my legs and peek over someone’s shoulder, they are always willing to stop and have a conversation – I do the same when someone comes to my chair.  We share techniques, “finds”, and sometimes even supplies. 

    We now even have people from out-of-state (I’m in South Louisiana) who found out about it over the internet.  Thus far, they have always made such a good friend, that the next year they come into town early to spend time at their new friend’s home.

    Last year, I had to attend w/o my “stitching buddy” (we’ve always gone together).  I was so nervous….but my new room-mate was wonderful and I strengthened my friendship with some other ladies.  It turned out wonderful :)!

    Since so many people are long-timers and have become “camp friends”, many of the ladies buy or make little gifts for the entire group (over 50 ladies) instead of just having gifts for their friends!  This makes the newcomers feel welcome.  And they do this on their own, not because the sponsor suggested it.  My stitching buddy and I have already planned our gift for next summer :).

    I’ve rambled long enough…  but I think it boils down to the temperament of the sponsor and the environment she/he encourages.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EHCOAYM74XJPJBYLED2XP45PL4 Michele

    Loved your travel journal – congratulations for doing it on the road!  I need to let go of my need for perfection (still hear Lain in my head from February :) ) in order to give it a try one day.

    p.s. loved the quote about stopping for funerals – I thought everyone always did, but you’re the 2nd person I’ve heard say something about it so I guess I was wrong…maybe it’s a Texas/Louisiana thing…??

  • Deborah Alexander

    I have been to a few crops and for the most part they have been great. I am a naturally quiet person and at the last crop I attended I was made fun of for this. I am also on a DT for a small shop and the same girls were making fun of people who are on DT’s for shops as in their eyes it is nowhere in the same league as being on the Design Team/Creative Team for a challenge blog. I came away from that crop realising I would never go back to that place again and that I achieve more at home or with people who are real friends.

    I am going to a retreat in October – 3rd retreat ever but 2nd with the same bunch of girls and I know it will be fun – scrapping, chatting and a few drinks with friends who treat you like they want to be treated.

  • http://twitter.com/KatieFScott KatieFScott

    Hi Lain!  I’m a typically stay-at-home scrapbooker and don’t get out to a lot of crops mainly because of time contraints.  I do scrapbook while I’m on vacation, we recently took a vacation to the Space Coast and I brought a home-made smash book & got the majority of the scrapbook completed in the car ride over and back.  :) Katie.

  • Hdubarry

    The only crops I have attended are the crops at the local JoAnn and Michael’s stores. I run the JoAnn one now. There are not enough people who come for any clique-ing to happen, thank goodness. I would love to have more people, but most people do not equate JoAnn’s with scrapbooking. However if anyone is looking for someplace to try a crop, every JoAnn and Michael’s that has classes and a scrapbooking section will have a monthly crop.
    There are a couple local scrapbook stores, one is well established and has crops every Thursday. I can never manage to make it, so I have no idea how nice or cliquey they are. The other one just started up, and is having trouble establishing a consistent group.I have done some scrapbooking while traveling… the operative word being some. I start out strong, then peter out as time goes on. Which is pretty typical for me.

  • Jeanette_mcgee

    WOW, Great topic.  I have been to a lot of crops.  90% of them have been very friendly and social people.  I usually go with my sister or a friend or a group.  So they are always friendly.  But, I find that even the people around us are friendly too.  Scrapbookers I have been around share any supplies they have that you may not.  I only had one bad experience at a crop.  My sister and I went to a fundraiser crop, neither of us had been there before.  WE did not know who was running it or anything.  My sister went up to someone and asked who was the facilitator?  WE sat with a group, but none of them talked to us or helped us with the lay of the land.  Not a friendly group at all.  We vowed never to go back to that one. 

  • http://twitter.com/daniellevekris danielle van ekris

    The first time I went to a crop in a LSS, I was invited by a friend. She said I would fit in because most women there were like me… ( I think she meant boring housewives).  I was a bit quiet but only because the friend and her friends were loud. The next time I went, she wasn’t there. It was so much better and I got to know some of the other ladies inclusing the organizer. The organizer and I are now best friends.
    Some people can really influence the atmosphere and not always for the best.

  • Susan Michele

    I have not attended any crops in the past due to the the vibe I had always gotten in my LSS. I had a feeling from the interactions I had had with the staff and shoppers that it may not be a very inviting place. I’ve recently relocated and plan on attending a crop/class this weekend in my new LSS. We’ll see how it goes…!

  • Glee Storrmont

    I can’t believe you were treated that way! And the mocking of the other woman! whoa. I have to admit, I have never gone to a crop because I didn’t want the hassle of taking my stuff/forgetting something I wanted AND because I really wasn’t looking for scrappy friends. I’m not anti social or anything, but I have a very busy life and my own little scrapping corner is my personal piece of heaven.
    PS  On my vacation, I had prepared a base scrapbook and a mini kit of supplies. But bc my parents computer was soooo slow, couldn’t even download or print my pix.  So i ended up just collecting everything and keeping a journal and am now putting it all together.
    (Can’t wait for the next podcast.) ;)

  • http://twitter.com/nikimaki Nicole Maki

    Great podcast, Lain!

    I generally do not scrapbook on the road. Instead, I’ll stamp a whole bunch of images before I leave and take my markers so I can color while on the plane or in the hotel room. For some reason, people always strike up a conversation with me about the coloring and have even asked if they could color with me. It’s really cool.

    Lately we’ve been at waterparks and such and I take my art journal, watercolor pencils, a water brush and a piece of paper towel. I make a lot of backgrounds to use bases for completed pages. It’s a great way to pass the time.

    I’ve never been to a crop with nice people. It’s terrible. I’m a bubbly, friendly person and generally get stonewalled. Once, I asked if I could sit at a long group table and the lady seated said she was there to spend time with her girls, not strangers. It was really uncomfortable.

  • http://twitter.com/Elliesworld E.Augustin

    OHHH my goodness I sure giggled about this podcast! Now how the HECK would nobody talk to you would be BEYOND ME!!! As far as stories sadly I don’t have either good or bad as I am yet to really attend a real crop. I did attend one where I was a teacher and taught a mini book class but I was set up for the people who taking my class and they were awesome. Other then that I make my own little weekend crops for myself at home where my kids come in and do a project with me.  I have had so much fun online doing challenges as it seems nobody scraps close enough to where I live :( Your making me think its a good thing? Ha… Thanks for the chance darling!

  • http://www.scrapworthylives.com Stephanie Medley-Rath

    Not a crop horror story, but there are folks who go to crops to scrapbook and not socialize. They work all day and/or  have kids at home. The only time they can get uninterrupted scrapbook time is if they go to a crop. They don’t necessarily mean to be rude, but if they want to get their scrapbooking done, they have to keep to themselves. 

  • Anonymous

    That’s a great point. I guess I think there is a middle ground — being friendly without being chatty.

  • Anonymous

    Great ideas on the travel stamping and prepping — love that!
    I guess that lady you met took the ole’ “Don’t talk to strangers” tip a little too seriously, eh? People never cease to amaze (and horrify) me…

  • Anonymous

    I need to do some private crops/classes here at home… that would be so fun!

  • Anonymous

    Hey Glee, I always forget something when I go to a crop! I usually try to do tags or cards. That way it’s less stress. ;)

  • Anonymous

    It is so weird, isn’t it? I am glad to hear that many people have had positive experiences — it gives me hope!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t expect everyone to be my best friend… but we are all there for the same thing, right? A love of scrapbooking… 

  • Anonymous

    That was sort of the experience I had… the “leader” wasn’t very helpful in getting people to connect. And several of the co-leaders didn’t say boo to anyone… v. strange!

  • Anonymous

    I totally need to go to JoAnn or Michaels and test it out!

  • Anonymous

    I would love to see more of your homemade smash book! 

  • Anonymous

    Total jr. high sometimes, eh? I guess some people never outgrow it!

  • Anonymous

    Have you read any of the Elm Creek Quilt books? I love those — reminds me how close we can become through our shared interests. I guess I have an ideal I’d like to see… maybe my goals are too high!

  • Anonymous

    How did I miss that class??? SOunds fab!

  • Anonymous

    Very fun! nothing like relaxing AND scrapping… love it!

  • Anonymous

    You make a good point about people wanting different things from a crop… but there is a difference between being unfriendly and keeping mostly to yourself. I don’t mind people who don’t want to chat non-stop (I sure don’t!) but I would like to connect a bit with the others around me. 

  • Anonymous

    I bet Mississippi would be a fab place to go for a crop!

  • Anonymous

    I like the crops that have a balance between fun and interaction and work time. Then there’s something for everyone! :)

  • Anonymous

    I forget something, too. Plus I have trouble working and talking, so I usually bring cards or tags. :)

  • Anonymous

    Maybe we need a ScrapHappy/LOAD crop!

  • Anonymous

    I will definitely check out AmyT! And where in CT do you go? That’s not too far from me!

  • Anonymous

    I think you’re on to something about people needing to see you multiple times before they’re comfortable connecting. Great point! I bet there’s research on this somewhere…. :)

  • Anonymous

    OH MY GOSH, you’ve met some doozies!!! WOW! Incredible… the duct tape had me LOLing!

  • Anonymous

    ESPECIALLY when someone is looking a little lost, I think it’s important to make them feel welcome. It’s just basic niceness!

  • Anonymous

    Heehee. You are cute! :) I think I need to plan something here in Boston… 

  • Anonymous

    You are so welcome!~ :)

  • Anonymous

    I’m glad you found some great notes –I’m not very good about that. But I do print my pics pretty fast, so I can start getting the stories down before they disappear!

  • Anonymous

    Hey Lynnette, I doubt you’re anti-social. :)

  • Anonymous

    I have a very positive crop story.  A friend of mine was doing a fundraiser for the elementary school her granddaughter is in, and instead of everyone having their own seat choice,  the ORGANIZERS set the spaces where people sat, and as best they could, put friends together.  This made the crop wonderful to be at, as I got to sit with a bunch of friends, and I got to meet some new people too. :)  Mind you, I don’t scrapbook, I just spent the weekend making a LOT of cards, and having fun :D

  • Anonymous

    I have a very positive crop story.  A friend of mine was doing a fundraiser for the elementary school her granddaughter is in, and instead of everyone having their own seat choice,  the ORGANIZERS set the spaces where people sat, and as best they could, put friends together.  This made the crop wonderful to be at, as I got to sit with a bunch of friends, and I got to meet some new people too. :)  Mind you, I don’t scrapbook, I just spent the weekend making a LOT of cards, and having fun :D

  • Mikki McGehee

    I absolutely wish I had the opportunity to go to crops here. I don’t know anyone that scrapbooks here locally! It’s quite difficult finding someone to babysit so that I can go to a crop.

    In my life before I had my daughter, I did go to 1 crop. We had the radio on as background noise since we were all friendly chatty, and the song “Your Beautiful”, I forget the artist, came on and we all sorta commented how we disliked the song. One lady came late to the crop and as songs do on the radio, it came on again and she immediately exclaimed “I LOVE THIS SONG! It’s my favorite! How about you guys?!?!!” she was so happy, none of us had the heart to tell her we thought it was a terrible song.

  • Anonymous

    Fun episode!  I used to go to crops with a friend every once in awhile.   While we never made “new best friends” we at least talked a little bit with the people we were sitting with.  Though sometimes, we didn’t get put at a table with anyone else!  While that was fun, now that my friend has moved away, I mostly scrapbook at home – I’m kind of shy so I’d probably end up a loner!!  I am taking a class at CKC later this month, but that is more listening than chatting :)

    I tried a “scrapbook on the road” for a trip to europe earlier this year.  I did get pretty far in it but missed about the last 4 days from dire exhaustion.  Every night I had to both research our next day (as we didn’t plan too much ahead) AND try to do something in the scrapbook!  But, even what I did capture was fun I think.

  • Marygail Mello

    Thanks for the travel ideas!

    I have been to crops where people were less than friendly. The duct tape story is just plain rude but kind of funny lol. I find that no one really talks to me if I go by myself. I think I’m more focus on my kits. I remember someone mentioning how “fast” I am but really I had planned ahead with page kits. I don’t have enough alone time to get things done around here so I make good use of my crop time. Anyways, next time I do go to a crop I plan on making more of an effort to talk to everyone there. I think I do have to go more than once and see the same people before I become more comfortable though. Thanks for the chance to win a Smashbook – I just recently decided I really would LOVE one.

  • kathy28

    Love that series.  My sister played soccer with the  Author and got me hooked on it!  It’s only fair since I got my sister (and her daughters) hooked on scrapping! 

  • kathy28

    I’ve tried to scrap on vacation and have met with varying degree’s of success.  Spent a week in the northwoods last summer and since my DH and I were looking forward to a quiet week, we both brought our hobby stuff along.  He went through his baseball cards while I scrapped.  My sister and nieces joined us for a few days and we all had fun working on the screen porch. 

    Then last Feb, I had several trips planned both personal and work related.  Got a little scrapping done but found that I was spending more time scrapping than enjoying the local so I put it away.  Have another vacation coming up in a month and think I am going to concentrate on just capturing the photos and jot down the biggest memories each night so I can scrap when I return.

    As far as crops are concerned, I’ve had good and bad.  I have two “girls weekends” at a nearby house that is designed for crafting retreats.  I go with several friends and it is a blast.  You work as much or as little as you want!  I also lead a monthly crop at work.  We had 45 women sign up when we started but are down to just 3-4 showing up each month now.. We die hards look at it as 3 hours that we probably wouldn’t be scrapping otherwise so we’ll probably keep going.  It doesn’t cost anything so why should we stop. 

    You’re more than welcome to join any of my crops.  Wisconsin in October can be beautiful so if you’re free the 6-9th, let me know! 

  • Anonymous

    I would love to come to Wisconsin some time! Door County is on my list of must-take family vacations. :) Unfortunately, this Oct. I’ll be in deep Spawn of True Scrap mode… but I’ll think good thoughts for you!

  • Anonymous

    You are kidding! LUCKY. :)

  • Anonymous

    I know, rude AND funny! One of those “you had to see it to believe it” events. ;)

  • Anonymous

    Even though you didn’t get those last four days in, think of everything you DID get! (The same thing happens to me!)

  • Anonymous

    See how nice you are? Some of the others mentioned in the other comments would have said, “You idiot, you have no taste at all.” :P

  • Anonymous

    That sounds like a great crop! I usually do cards when I go “out” — too hard to journal and chat. ;)

  • ScrappinCat

    I really enjoyed this topic. Even though I cringe a little bit with a memory of a scrap day where I had brought the “scrapper” who caused the drama. We were at an all day crop at a church. I brought a very non-religious friend who I learned lacked an internal filter for appropriate conversation for the location. She silenced the entire room several times & I wanted to shrink under the table. Live & learn.

  • Trishaw09

    Oh my gosh…I can’t believe some of the stories about mean scrappers!  There don’t seem to be many crops in my town so I’ve only attended a couple.  I recently moved  & now have my own office/craft room so I’m hoping to start having some friends over to scrap soon.

    I need to try the page kits for traveling!  We usually do shorter vacations/weekend driving trips and I’m getting tired of only flipping through scrap magazines & jotting down ideas.   Thanks for the great idea! 

    I’ve seen those smashbooks…they sold out everywhere!  I’ve been wanting one because I keep jotting notes & ideas & keeping scraps of things in different places & can’t find them again.  I even looked for a journal to buy that doesn’t have lines….almost impossible to find and if I did it was boring black!.  I also think it would help me let loose of my perfectionism & foster some mess & fun!  Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

    Lastly..to the commentor about needle work groups.  WHY have I never thought of that!  I don’t quilt but I have a cross stitch project in my lap listening to the podcast!  I’m going to have to look into that! :)

  • Melanie L.

    I love your podcasts! I’m sorry about your bad crop experiences. I’m lucky that I’ve had only positive experiences. I used to go more regularly when I had scrappy friends to go with, but we’re all so busy now and I prefer having all my stuff with me at home. When I did go, I would make page kits and bring a few choices because invariably I would change my mind when I was there.

  • Hils

    I’m a newcomer to your podcase, but am really enjoying tuning in – I tidy my craft desk or do something else that requires only a few brain cells so I can use the other few to listen ;-) 
    I’ve had a couple of bad cropping experiences, but they are very much in the minority. All of my best friends are scrapbookers, all met through crops or retreats.  I’m hoping to have some more good crop experiences, as I’ve moved house and need to make some new scrapping friends nearby (as opposed to the other side of the world, where my old ones are :(  )
    Scrapping while travelling – we have had two bigger-than-usual vacations, and I have created travel journals for both.  I take the journal with me, plus scissors, a journalling pen and some glue.  At the end of each day I sat down and wrote what was, in essence, a diary of that day, and stuck in tickets, leaflets and other memorabilia.  I’ve still scrapped photos when I’ve got home, but it’s great to have all the memories of every day to look back on, written while they were still fresh in my mind.

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  • Anonymous

    Thanks for listening!! I love the travel journal idea. I need to be more diligent about it. 

  • Anonymous

    Yes, that’s been my challenge when I’ve pre-created kits — I change my mind and wish I had the stuff I own that is at home. :) Thanks for listening!

  • Anonymous

    Congrats on having your own scrap space at home! Isn’t it fab?? Check Barnes & Noble for blank, unlined journals. I’ve seen some gorgeous ones!

  • Anonymous

    Make sure to listen to episode 12. :)

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EHCOAYM74XJPJBYLED2XP45PL4 Michele

    no I haven’t read them - I will put those of my reading list.

    Don’t let go of your hopes – I think you are on your way… and remember the higher you set your standards, the higher the result will be (even if it’s not 100%).

  • Trishaw09

    I’ll do that, thanks!  I’ll try online…nearest one is 100 miles away….Boooo!

  • Sas_bailey

    Have been to many crops and weekend retreats in my five years of scrapping. There have been some minor disappointments in people’s behavior or the way the organizer did things, but no out-right, deliberate, rudeness.

    Could that be because all the crops I go to are in country/rural areas and small towns? I am heading for a big city crop this October. Perhaps the anonymity of city living makes it possible to be mean and not have to pay retribution of being socially stonewalled by others?

    I try to keep in mind Mother Theresa’s quote: “People don’t remember what  you say or what your do. They remember how you make them feel.”

  • Gail Evans

    I know I’m a little late to the party (as usual) but I wanted to chime in…I’m from Cincinnati and went to 2 CKU’s in San Jose several years ago by myself.  I was staying with my BFF who lives there,but shes not a scrapbooker and did not attend CKU with me.  Both times I ended up chatting with a few ladies in the registration line at the very beginning who I ended up meeting throughout the events like at lunch/dinner breaks etc. I am still friends with  some of these girls. I am not the most outgoing person around but I never felt “lonely” or out of place the entire time, which I think speaks volumes about the majority of scrappers. So thanks to all my San Jose CKU friends from years ago! Gail E.

  • Anonymous

    You are so right – we shouldn’t let these stories keep us from remembering the fact that MOST scrapbookers are awesome people! :)

  • http://www.scrappyjedi.com/ scrappyJedi (Melissa)

    I have to second this as I’m one of those people. If I scrap at home I’m likely to take a “break” to go do laundry, cook, etc., so going to a crop is a way to remove those distractions so I can get some work done. I’m not an unfriendly cropper, but I’m not likely to start a conversation, either. Talk to me, though, and I’ll say hi and chat back a bit. :)

  • Cathy

    Lain, I received the beautiful Smashook in the mail today. It is prettier than I imagined. But I promise I will not just store it and save it for something perfect. After watching the smashbook video on K&Company website, I realized I have already been doing something like that for my creative inspiration journal book I keep. Woo Hoo! So now I am not so intimidated by the whole prospect.
    Thanks again for reading my story on your podcast (what a thrill for me!) and for mailing me such an adorable gift.
    Cathy – ScrappinCat!

  • Anonymous

    SO glad it arrived! ENJOY! And please show me what you do with it. :)

  • http://mrsgeek.typepad.com/ Scrappinglady

    I just listened to the podcast today. I know I’m late to the party, but thought I’d share. I attended a National Scrapbook Day crop one day and there was one woman that made it an interesting experience. She somehow thought that all supplies were “communal” and several times walked up to someone’s table and picked up a trimmer, punch, tape runner etc. and go back to her seat. The organizers were constantly being sent to retrieve supplies from her for the stunned owners.
    She also talked constantly (I know that I’m a Chatty-Cathy but this was way more) she had a steady monolouge going the entire day. After a while it was like white noise. These are the times when an iPod is a scrapper’s best friend!

  • Anonymous

    That is funny in a sad sort of way! ;)

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