Ep 30 Layout a Day: The Podcast – December Daily or December Doldrums?

by Lain Ehmann on December 7, 2011


 Do you stress over creating the
perfect December album only to
abandon the project only a few days into
the month? Well, this episode I talk about
how to create a successful December Daily
project. Join me as I …

*talk about myself in the third person,

*talk about  the Beauty Pageant Syndrome,

*give ways to avoid the December Daily stress, and

*share the TOP SECRET topic for the February 2012 Layout a Day Challenge.

Here are a few links for topics I talk about in this episode:
-Ali Edwards’ blog and December Daily info and background here,
-Melissa Shanhun’s December Daily site with podcasts and more is here.
-True Scrap individual classes can be found here.

Don’t forget to leave a question, comment, observation or suggestion in the
comments box below. Feel free to share your thoughts and experiences with
December Daily albums and link up some of your pages! Have you made December
Daily albums before? Did you finish the album? What did you think of your project?
Show us!! Inquiring minds want to see!

Have a ScrapHappy week and I’ll catch you next Wednesday!


  • Carolyn

    Hi Lain! Great podcast! I am brand new to scrapping, but I wanted to participate in a December Daily. What I am doing is an Advent Daily. I began the first Sunday of Advent and will scrap each day – the ordinariness of each day and the spiritual aspect of each day. After Christmas, I will go into Kwanzaa and the Seven Principles. Although my pages are ordinary, I can document my spiritual journey as a new scrapper and living  in a new state this December.

    Thanks for all you do! Much blessings to you this Christmas season.

  • Rebecca Lovell

    Another great podcast!  Yes, I am doing a December Daily.  I’m a little behind already, but I never figured I’d really be able to work on it every day.  I just posted my first 4 days this morning.  http://rebeccasscraps.blogspot.com/  Thanks for the suggestions!  As always, they are very helpful!

  • Anonymous

    Carolyn, what a beautiful idea! I love your approach and will keep it in mind for next year. Congratulations on starting your scrapping journey! Happy holidays-

  • Anonymous

    Thanks, Rebecca-
    off to check out your pages now!

  • Anonymous

    Loved the podcast!  I’m not a December Daily girl.  I just can’t see taking more on this time of year but I thought your tip about remembering why you’re participating was a great one.  I think we all get caught up in the beauty pageant syndrome from time to time when we scrap and it’s important to remember why you started scrapping in the first place.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you, Gaynol. It’s a great lesson for any project- one I obviously need to remind myself if, too!

  • JenGreer

    I do not participate in December Daily specifically.  However, I have been doing a page-a-day so far this month.  I am trying to finish out my 2007 album.  Yes, my pages are put in albums in order.  I don’t always actually create them in order though and I am doing them less in order since listening to your podcast.   Thank you for the inspiration.

  • Anonymous

    What do you do if a page doesn’t have a specific “time” to it, or it covers several different time periods?

  • Melissa Horn

    Hi Lain! I am not doing December Daily because I am already doing Project Life. I feel like I’m pretty well gonna cover that topic already. I am trying to figure out why so many Project Lifers are doing both? Maybe because of the product?

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if perhaps they just incorporate the December Daily INTO their Project Life — so it’s not an additional thing, it’s just a layer on top of the project they’re already doing?

  • Helen Howell

    I like the inspiration. I have a new 6×6 pad of Christmas paper & some bright red numbers. I take several pictures a day & print some every couple of days. Write a title, add a picture, four of these layouts on a 12×12 page.

  • Melissa Horn

    Yeah, that could be it…i didn’t think of that. Probably because I just stick with the products included with the PL kit to keep it simple and do-able for me. When I feel like getting crafty and playing with my goodies I work on layouts, mini books and cards.

  • Anonymous

    How simple and fun! I love it, Helen!

  • Lisa Edney

    I’m so excited! I’m up to day 13 and have 13 pages… I think this is going a little easier this year as I have a digi-template I’m using. Grab a picture, pop it in with some embellishments, a quick paragraph and DONE! Maybe this will be the first year (out of the past 6???) that I’ll finish this project! :)


  • Lisa Edney

    PS Can’t wait for LOAD 2012!!!

  • Anonymous


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