Ep 47: Layout a Day – The Simple Scrapbooking Podcast: Expert Is as Expert Does

by Lain Ehmann on May 9, 2012


scrapbooking podcastOH yes, I’m back with Episode 47 of the Simple Scrapbooking Podcast! This week it’s short and sweet. I talk about:

  • The three areas you MUST claim as your own
  • What kindergarten “mean girls” have to do with the scrapbooking industry
  • mom jeans and Jessica Simpson

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  • Nikwai Noble

    I am so in agreeance about doing it your own way.  I’ve found that doing Art journals gives me the opportunity to think outside the box and do things against the grain.  Then when I sit down to do a scrapbook page I don’t feel tied down to using a kit in it’s entirety.  I don’t mind mixing products, therefore, I’m more likely to spend time telling the story.  I don’t know, that’s what works for me.  Great podcast, as usual. :)

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