Meet Erin Bassett, Mixed Media Maven!

by Lain Ehmann on September 6, 2011

For the next few weeks, I’m going to introduce you to our amazing Spawn of True Scrap instructors in a fun profile series. Yes, Spawn is still over six weeks away, but you should sign up NOW. Why? I’ll tell you below, but first… hhheeeeeerrree’s Erin!

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What is the last scrapbooking product you purchased? Some of the Amy Tangerine line by American Crafts.

Why did you choose mixed media as the class subject for Spawn of True Scrap?  I was a painter before I was a scrapbooker and years ago when I first started to combine the two it made my heart really happy!  I want to share that happiness with YOU and show you how you can use mixed media techniques in scrapbooking. 

What’s one layout you have not created that is on your “to scrap” list?  I’d really like to scrapbook some more of my childhood memories.  

Do you have a can’t-miss TV show? What is it?  I have a few!!  Love The Big Bang TheoryThe Good WifeThe Mentalist, and Parenthood

If you got to choose your own scrapbooking/stamping super power, it would be…?  Does my superpower come with a sidekick???  Because I’d love one that cleaned up after me!!  I’m the worst at cleaning paint brushes and I rarely clean my stamps and masks…however I’m super organized with my supplies and can’t start a new project until the old one’s stuff is all put away.  Oh…back to my super power…hmmm….how about the ability to multi-task better.  Like while I’m busy getting my artsy projects done the house get’s clean, dinner is made, and the laundry is all caught up.  ;)

I don’t know about YOU, but I can’t wait to get to take Erin’s class at Spawn of True Scrap Oct. 20-22. She is an alum instructor, returning to thrill and amaze us with her mad scrapping skillz. We loved her class in April on Die-Cut Dress-Up, and her class for October is going to be even better (a tough job, but she’s up for the task!). She’s going to share her secrets for creating mixed-media scrapbook pages, and it’s going to be — you know it! — a scream! ;)

Ready to join us? Click here to get the low-down on the other 16 instructors and more!

Oh, and you were wondering why you should sign up NOW, instead of waiting until midnight on October 19…

First, so you can order any supplies (optional, of course) for the make-and-takes. Second, so you can make sure you’re included in the virtual crop on October 14. Third, because there is a slightly tiny chance we may actually sell out (even virtual rooms have their fire code limits!). 

Spawn of True Scrap — hope to see you there!

  • Dawn Coelin

    Yay! I can’t wait for Spawn of True Scrap!!!

  • Sheri

    Is there a supply list for the make and takes?

  • Anonymous

    Me too!!!!

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