Flash Giveaway! Holiday Card Boot Camp

by Lain Ehmann on November 4, 2011

Have you heard about Jennifer McGuire’s and Kristina Werner’s latest class, the Holiday Card Boot Camp?

I cannot wait to take part (as a student!) in this — 16 videos and over two dozen card ideas??? Count me in! I’m going to be making cards for special folks this year, and want to get started now!

Even better… I just got word the darling Jennifer is offering me a seat to give away… but you’ve got to act fast! Here’s how you enter:

-leave a comment telling me your experiences with holiday card-making. Extra points for mishaps, stories tugging on the heart strings, and anything that makes me LOL. :) But hurry… I’ll be choosing a winner tomorrow (Saturday).

P.S. I can be bribed today. Tell me how much you love me and my sticky fingers just might pick YOUR name. :)

  • Amy Grendel

    Oh I love these two – Jennifer and Kristina! And would love to win a seat in their class,,,,,,but my mind is blank on a funny, heart string stories! But I will mention that I do love making homemade cards for everyone on my list and tend to do one card design for everyone – lots of stamping and fun papers. Last years card was well….pretty good (if I do say so) and I’m not sure I can top it this year – could use the help of this class! Thanks Lain!

  • Rebecca Lovell

    I would love to take this class – I have loved their past classes!  I haven’t made many Christmas holiday cards, but when my hubby and I first got together, I started making he and the kids Valentine’s Day cards every year (sadly, I’ve since slacked off.)  My favorite was when I wrote him a poem about his hands, and how much I loved all they did to provide for us, and he kept that on his desk at work for a long time.  I need to start doing that again!

  • http://twitter.com/Bookworm Bookworm

    Well, we primarily do the photo cards and every year I try to forget how I ended up grouchy trying to corral my family and set the dang timer and leap into place.  Last year I actually *read* the book for my camera and realized I wasn’t stuck with the 10 second default on the timer.  *Now* they tell me!  I’ve ended up with lots of outtakes with my body not fully in the group, arms akimbo, etc.   Since I love papercrafting, I do like to make some handmade cards for close family.  I’ve made two so far, I think.  :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/karen.scraps Karen KarenScraps Klueh

    Oh, I would love to make more cards and Jennifer and Kristina would pack quite the punch. I did some holiday cards last year as opposed to the traditional photo collage card. It was overly ambitious as it was a holiday wreath with Martha Stewart punches. My punch was overly fine (new phrase coined here!) and ended up requiring over 200 punches for each wreath! It took over an hour to make one card. Needless to say, very few went out. Moreover, I still have PPSD (post-punch stress disorder). So… I am quite looking forward to what Jennifer and Kristina have up their sleeves – you know it’s going to be amazing. So rambling on and on… please send me an invoice for your counseling services… lol. Hugs, KarenScraps

  • Ragnhild

    I only started scrapbooking last year. I started making my cards way too late, so they where very simple and only a few people got cards :)

  • Bearylish

    you are so funny :).  One year I made a lot of cards like 50+ and had them all ready to go before november I was so proud to be ahead of the game. But then I never sent them out. I was so ahead of schedule I just forgot about them till the week before Christmas. 

  • Sheri

    Last year I was making a beautiful snowflake card with embossed snowflakes. After the first three my heat gun died. It was like ten years old so I gave it a proper burial and went shopping for a new one. When I started to emboss the next one it seemed to take forever to emboss. So long in fact that I timed the next one( yeah I was bored) the next one took 4 minutes and 39 seconds to do! Really? I needed to do them so I kept at it. When I had about 10 left the smoke started. I took this one back to the store and they exchanged it (it was only three days old!)and off I went to do those last ten. This one worked a bit faster… Only 3 or 4 minutes each but on number nine we had smoke. Again. Took it back for a refund. Why when I use my debit card does the purchase show up before I even get home but for a refund it takes 5 days?? Needless to say my mom didn’t get her Christmas card until after New Year’s when my new one came.

  • OwlCraftStudio

    I just started making cards and this Christmas will only be my 2nd Christmas card attempt. Last year was okay but looking back the cards were a little dull. I am already registered for the Holiday Card Boot Camp to hopefully make this year’s batch of cards a little more exciting. The money I save by winning a spot will just allow me to buy more supplies- yea! So please help support my paper addiction and pick me!

  • Deirdre – Irl

    My US friends informed me that my cards arrived in January and not before the holidays (this was over dinner in August when we were on vacation) … I really need lots of inspiration to get started on my cards so that the same thing doesn’t happen this year!!!  I made a promise in August that I need to keep!!! HELP!!!  Thanks for the chance to win a spot on this wonderful class.  Fingers and toes crossed! LOL!

  • Lynn Mercurio

    I’ll be your best friend if you give this to me.  I’ve been smitten by you and your uber scrapbooking prowess.  I check your blog every day and hang on your every word while listening to your podcasts. (how’s that for bootlicking”) GRIN -

    But seriously – I make my holiday cards every year.  One time I sent a family friend a store bought card when I had run out of time and out of creativity, and boy did I catch you-know-what.    I won’t do that again.  Now I run a monthly Christmas Card Challenge, which has really helped me build my stash all year long, so that I’m not doing it all at the last minute.  I love making Christmas cards and can never have too many (especially for those last minute cards you get from people you haven’t talked to in 15 years and would feel like a slug if you didn’t send one back) so having this push would be most desired and I can always use the inspiration.

  • http://twitter.com/michelehemming Goat Girl

    Mishaps!? I have only been making cards for 5 months so I make mistakes all the time LOL! But the dumbest was embossing a sentiment on a card and not realizing that the plasticky (sp?) embellishment I already put on it would melt! My errors have taoght me alot already! I follow you on Twitter.

  • Gail E.

    Well last year money was tight, so my step mother told me “no gifts”.  So I went to her house for the normal Christmas Eve festivities, no big deal right.  So I tried to call her several times over the next few days/weeks to thank her for the gifts she had decided to give me, and I had no luck reaching her, so I called my step sister asking if her mom was okay.  I learned that after I left on Christmas, my step mother was crying that she didn’t even receive one of my handmade Christmas cards (which I later explained that I HAD mailed her one before christmas and I guess it got lost in the mail, caught in a machine (handmade cards sometimes do due to the “bulk”), I have no idea what happened that she did not receive it.  I promptly mailed her TWO handmade cards thanking her and apologizing etc…..and ya know what…she has not spoken to me since.  So I guess since I have lots of other people that I want to keep in contact with, I better have some great new card making ideas so that I can make them all happy! 

    And as for the sucking up stuff, I love all your scrapping stuff (True Scrap, Classes, podcasts, etc.) and I really love listening to you on Foolish Adventure….and you have beautiful skin to boot and a great laugh. Thanks for the chance to win :-)

  • Sue Carey

    I make Christmas cards every year and haven’t started this year’s yet because I’m out of ideas!  I need this class!  Bribery:  my hubby told me at NAMS that you are totally awesome and I need to read your blog, which I now do and it’s great!

  • Melinda Thao

    LOL! I have the best of intentions, I start out making my cards, but then end up either getting store-bought cards or wait til the very last minute(2days before Christmas!) to finish up my cards and send them off! And I’m not going to mention family photos-a toddler with a serious case of camera-phobia, a photogenic drama queen(no, silly, I’m not talking about myself) a reluctant husband and a stressed out mom! I’m in need of some serious holiday card-making help ASAP…especially if I want to send them out in time this year! :D 

    PS-I love you! And will forever be grateful to ya if your sticky fingers pick me! :D Hope you have a great weekend!

  • Renee J.

    Oh, oh, I just love making holiday cards!!  It is such an awesome feeling to know you are making someone happy!  Lain, you know that I love you….you are super duper….always love the way you share your awesome ideas….thanks for always being so warm and friendly to all of us who are lucky enough to know you!!

  • carol in seattle :)

    Well Lain, you know I love you and think you’re awesome….hmmm, how about I send you some candy of your choice + a picture of Hugh if you pick me!

    As for a story? How about the time I made about 150 Christmas cards and put them into envelopes….addressed and stamped them….and then packed them into a box to move and now seven years later they still are here taunting me? Craziness I tell ya!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=601066988 Cate Brickell

    my card mishap? embossing the greeting on sixty cards… upside down and on the wrong side. I have never embossed greetings again.

  • Jeannett_mcgee

    Of course I love you, Lain and all you fun projects (LOAD, True Scrap, etc).  I don’t know if I have had any card mishaps.  I make a few per year, not too many to make some mishaps.  But, I would love this workshop for more card ideas.  Thanks. 

  • JenRay

    I would love to win! You and LOAD have changed the way I scrapbook! I’m so glad I found the inspiration that is LAIN!

  • http://twitter.com/NevillesMom Mary McCarthy

    Is it too late to put in a comment? I don’t have a lot of holiday card mishaps, just because last year was the first year I tried to make cards and only ended up making a few, although I will say part of the problem is that I was trying to make a DIFFERENT card for each person, instead of mass producing a single design. I just can’t keep myself from wanting to play with all the different product! Also, I was just thinking the other day how I can’t wait for the next True Scrap…I miss everyone already! =)

  • bernice.janssen

    I have had a number of mishaps throughout the years I have been making cards. This year I gave myself the challenge of using only paper scraps on my cards. I figured “quilted” cards would look lovely, so I cut all of my tiny little scraps into even smaller tiny little squares and handglued each and every one of them to my cards. I have paper scraps everywhere in my house, not to mention that each card takes forever to make. I guess they look nice but sometimes I have the most harebrained ideas when it comes to cardmaking!!

  • Lzepponi

    I hope you haven’t picked yet! I love you Lain!!! You are awesome! Please pick me! Love jennifer’s classes!! And I love your classes!

  • Lzepponi

    Oops forgot to tell you about my holiday card making story. Nothing funny. I just use a digital card making company to import my pic and insert my letter. Sorry

  • Kelli P.

    The last year I hand made Christmas cards we had an ice storm and our power was out for a week!  I sitting at the dining room table by whatever light was coming from outside, bundled in mulitple layers with freezing hands stamping, punching and assembling in my 55 degree house!  They were cute, but every time I go to make more Christmas cards a cold breeze blows through my body!

    You’re the best, Lain!  I’m sure you’ve never had a card mishap since you are so perfect in EVERY WAY! 

  • Lisaluvs2scrap

    I always go into the season with good intentions, buy my supplies, but no follow through ;( Help !

  • http://blog.mshanhun.com Melissa

    Am I too late? I ordered photo cards from Shutterfly last year and OH MY is was nervous as to whether they would arrive in time to Australia. SO SO so beautiful though – can I brag on my little girl?


    Lain – you already know we love you! :)

  • Kayleen

    It ALWAYS takes forever to make my cards and I have to choose “special” people to give my cards to…ones who I know will appreciate…ah the joy to give all a handmade card. 
    True Scrap inspired me to get back into stamping-LOVED jennifer’s class.
    Your thoughts and classes challenge me to think about what I do and why- I do enjoy that!
    Keep it up Lain, we LOVE you!!!

  • Anonymous

    She is simply adorable! :)

  • Anonymous

    Cate, that tops my story of ordering photos to add on my card… Only to find they were too large!
    You’re our winner. Email me at lain@layoutaday.com!!

  • KatieK.

    I haven’t send cards since the ‘bad’ year. Lots of folks experience them. The year where you’ve lost ypur job, suffered setbacks healthwise, even a Charlie Brown tree is too $…I didn’t feel I could compete with the wonderful years filling the cards. By time I realized that was silly, it had been too many years gone by to write back

  • http://twitter.com/pmakurat Peggy Makurat

    urgh. now I know I need to read my email sooner :(

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Cindy-Clark-Trimble/1251247694 Cindy Clark Trimble


  • Firenze Cards

    Darn…. LUUUUUUURVE you BIG time, but too late for the draw… It’s good for you to know anyway!

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