Free-for-All Friday: Sympathy Card

by Lain Ehmann on June 24, 2011

I’ve decided to make Friday a free-for-all. Who knows what you might find: Links to my fave non-scrappy products, a glimpse into my “outer” world, a card idea, stamping… you’ll just have to tune in to find out!

Hamdmade sympathy cards are a must for me. I really dislike the ones you find in the store — they are really kind of saccharine-sweet (in other words, not me at all!). In this short video I show you how to make a gorgeous card using a watercolor stamping technique I learned from Jennifer McGuire. It’s really easy and gives gorgeous results.

[youtube] 570 430[/youtube]

Enjoy this new technique!

  • Kathy28

    beautiful card… I need to do more of these to use up my paper stash! thanks

  • Lynnette

    You’re not saccharine-sweet, but pretty sweet!  Love the way you start your emails with “Hi Gorgeous”  or some other feel good greeting! Was your watercolor paper textured or smooth?  Love the look and the super simple technique.  Great result.

  • Rebecca L.

    This is so pretty!!  And what a great technique!  Thanks for teaching! :)

  • Anonymous

    Glad you enjoyed it!!

  • Anonymous

    LOVE YOU! :)

  • Jeannett_mcgee

    Very pretty card. 

  • Rhonda H

    LOVE this card idea. Gonna do it. This weekend. I mean it. I’ve been meaning to get myself a little stash of cards for different occasions, and I guess that magical “all weekend to scrap and craft” thang just ain’t gonna happen. SO…I CAN make a couple or three similar cards in one evening! Yep. I’m gonna do it. I think I even have that flower stamp! Okay…here. I. GO!!!!

  • Kathy Thomas

    Thanks for sharing this card. I love the simple style and sentiment. Sometimes store bought sympathy cards have way too much sentiment for me. Love the Ali Edwards stamp will have to look for them.

  • james samy

    Thank you for sharing this simple method of making a card.

  • Ddix0058

    Gorgeous, love it! Very easy and simple.

  • Ali

    I really enjoyed this– THANKS Lain!
    I always learn smthg, and of course I also LOVE your humor!
    What a pretty card- perfect.  ~Ali

  • Anonymous

    I have to keep things interesting, right? :) Thanks for watching!

  • Cheri Stine

    I loved this!   Don’t know of too many people who could make me smile while thinking of a sympathy card.  You’re great.  Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    You are so sweet. Thanks for watching! :)

  • Sharonscraps

    You make it look so simple but such an elegant card.  Great job!

  • Anonymous

    Report back after your mission has been accomplished! ;)

  • Anonymous

    You can find the Ali Edwards stamp here:
    At $2.99 it’s well worth it! :)

  • Susan

    That was great!  I can’t wait to go try it myself! 

  • Anonymous

    So glad you liked it!!

  • Anonymous

    Show me what you do! :)

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