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by Lain Ehmann on January 11, 2013

If you’re at loose ends before the beginning of LOAD213

If you’d like some guidance in turning your life into inspiration for your scrapbook page…

If you want to hook up with some fun scrapbookers…

Then check out “Your Life Inspired” by my good friend Monica Bradford!

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In this class, Monica is providing guidance on reigniting your inspiration, getting your creative juices flowing, and finding the keys to fantastic scrapbook pages right inside your own life! Class kicks off next Friday, 1/18, and it’s going to be a great way to work those scrappy muscles. You’ll get two weeks of daily emails, five step-by-step layout creating videos, and more!

If you’d like to join in on this class, you can get more information and sign up here. Use code LOAD to save 25%! Coupon is good through Monday 1/14 at midnight.

MLI Layout Sneaks

You can also WIN a spot in this class by doing the following:

-Signing up for The Dot email newsletter (at the top right of this page)

-Leaving a comment telling me your biggest challenge to scrapbooking.

Contest closed.  Congratulations to our winner: Judith Perry!





  • Alison Day

    Hi Lain! Would love to take Monica’s class!! I already get your DOT newsletters.
    I was going to say that my biggest obstacle to scrapping is time but that’s simply not the case anymore. I scrap during the day in the moments between getting snacks and providing entertainment for my 3 year old! My biggest obstacle is probably my scrap space. It’s tiny. Granted, I have a dedicated space so I’m ahead of the game there, but my actual WORK space is tiny. Sometimes finding things, or finding space to put things that I may want to use on my layouts is a challenge. I keep reorganizing and I do try to purge as much as I can but I know I have a ton of products that simply get forgotten about because they are tucked away somewhere. In an effort to gain control on both my space and my spending I am not purchasing any new products this year but I always appreciate new sources of inspiration to USE UP what I already have! Thanks for the chance to win a spot in this class!

  • Judith L Perry

    My biggest challenge to scrap booking is two fold. One is deciding which pictures to scrap from the huge pile I have, and the other is getting the inspiration to actually sit down and scrap. Once I get started, it is hard to stop, but the getting started part is hard for me for some reason.

  • Ginny

    I’m signed up for the newsletter! My biggest challenge is getting myself to sit down and scrap. I also need to organize my stuff better. I used to have a devoted space to scrapbooking & now I don’t. When I had space & knew where everything was, I did a lot better. I really need to get all of my must have supplies in one organized space & just do it.

  • JanetJanetK

    I am all signed up for Monica’s class a rearing to go! Between you and Monica I am sure to inspired and happy for 6 weeks…wooo hoo! Have a GREAT weekend Lain, and can’t wait to see everyone in this class as well as LOAD!

  • Jenny

    Sometimes I am not motivated to scrap, other days I am. It just depends. This class sounds like a winner. Thanks for the chance to win.

  • Michele

    My problem is seemingly simple, but difficult to remedy…Either busy making the memories, doing the necessities of being a mom/wife/housekeeper, or not enough “umph” to drag everything out (no dedicated space). However, I keep taking photos and collecting memorabilia and they are really piling up! Am hoping February’s L.O.A.D. will help motivate me to carve out some time :).

  • Jenny Leonard

    I have two challenges to work through. The first one is actually organizing all of my crafts and the kids crafts since we share a room in order to have enough space to actually work. My other issue is knowing what colors/patterns/shapes actually look good together. I don’t want to waste my paper so I’m hesitant to just start cutting and try it. I’m going to try to not worry about that so much this year and just go for it. Hopefully I don’t waste too much money. :)

  • JodieM

    Hi Lain! I’m excited to be participating in LOAD again and am hoping that it will motivate me to actually scrap – to start CREATING rather than just THINKING about it! This is without doubt my biggest challenge. I don’t have a dedicated scrap space so it takes effort to actually get everything out. Challenges such as LOAD are good for this because they give me the push to start NOW rather than later “when I’ve done this, this and this…” I am thinking Monica’s class might be just the thing to help warm up my “scrapping muscles” before we get into LOAD!

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