I need your help.

by Lain Ehmann on May 2, 2011

I am moving (yes, again — hopefully for the LAST time!).

Here is a photo of our new house:

Isn’t it lovely? I am so excited for many, many reasons… not the least of which is this:

Yes, a brand-new, huge studio/office! It doesn’t look like much in these iPhone photos, but trust me, it’s pretty gor-juss. It also comes with a very long hallway that will be perfect for storing goodies:

I already know I’m getting one of these from Ikea as a project desk/island:

And I’m getting a couple of these rolling carts because the shallow drawers are perfect for rubber stamp and patterned paper storage:

But here’s where I need your help. I have the painter coming over tonight, and I can’t pick a color! I know I want a spring green, but I’m not good at knowing how the color will translate to the wall (darker? lighter?). So here are my choices:



C) ECCENTRIC LIME (no comments on the name, please):


I will have white furniture, white trim, and lots of color in the form of all my crafty supplies. I want a color that is fun and invigorating without making me crazy in a few weeks.

Please vote on your fave, A, B, C or D, by 7 tonight (when the painter comes). Tell me WHY you like it. And one of you lucky voters will get something fun from me!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

P.S. I’ll show you the work-in-progress as we make this new house a real home!

  • Amanda


    I like the dark lime. the other colors have too much yellow in them for me.

  • Krystina/lollipops

    dark lime. I like the contrast with the bright white :) CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

  • Tami

    I vote for grape green…because in my experience, everything looks darker once it’s dry on the wall.

    (I know this because I tried about a dozen samples on my studio walls before I finally had a sheet of Bazzill celery cardstock custom-matched!)


  • Sandi

    B… I love it! It is not too light or too dark. and if I am the winner pleeeeeze tell me the house is the prize! I soooooo want the house!!!!!!!!! :) :) :)

  • http://www.jodywenke.blogspot.co Jody

    I like the darkest spring green A! Gorgeous house! What state are you moving to? Please say “New York!” :)

  • http://scrappingmariangeles.blogspot.com/ mariangeles_spain

    Dark lime too :)

  • Anonymous

    Heehee. We are moving one mile away in Lexington. :)

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_C6KIG5CQ3Y63XIACZXLRFQOFQY Gwen Dapper

    I like D, the grape green. It doesn’t seem too overpowering, and I like that it is bright without screaming in your face. Also, so jealous of that space…

  • http://www.scrappyjedi.com/ scrappyJedi (Melissa)

    What a gorgeous house!! And I’m totally digging all those hardwood floors- it’s just lovely!

    I vote for D- Grape Green. It’s soothing yet not sleepy- y’know? And it has a pleasant (but not totally-caffeine-wired) amount of energy to it.

    Congrats on your new home!

  • Abbie Miller

    I vote B. And I’m jealous that you get your green… my husband vetoed it for me (it’s not just “my” room). I SO would have done B if it were me. Good luck! So excited for you and your family!

  • ScrappyTams


    I think it will read more neutral on the wall, allowing your furniture and other goodies to pop. I LOVE green – it’s my happy color.

  • ScrappyTams

    By the way…. Your house is really lovely. Can’t wait to see update pics.

  • http://twitter.com/lahockeygirl Jodi

    Hi Lain! How excited are you?! I like the eccentric green! I have a similiar color in my family/living room and 10 yrs. later, I STILL love it! My color came from the Martha Stewart line…also with a funny name! I think the eccentric lime will feel fresh in spring, clean in summer, and cozy in winter/fall. It is also lovely with accessories in either black or white…and, should you add furniture, creme, or neutral color works well too!
    Be sure to let us know what you decide!

    19 Designs

  • Lynnette

    My experience is that colors always show up darker than the swatch. With that said, I would go with the spring moss vs. the dark lime. I think it will complement your light floors beautifully and won’t make that long hallway look too dark. Contrasted next to the white moulding will look very crisp. I do find the last 2 choices too yellow-y. Are the mirrors staying and where are the windows? Is this a basement with a walkout? Those questions could factor in, but I still think for a vibrant green, the spring moss is the way to go. Beautiful home…wishing you all the best!

  • Anonymous

    I vote for D – grape green. It looks like it will pop well against the white and not be too in yer face. What a beautiful space and I am so jealous of your new work/storage shopping :)

  • http://www.rebeccasscraps.blogspot.com Rebecca

    What a GORGEOUS house!! I think I would go with B – Spring Moss – it just looks a little brighter and deeper to me (does that make sense?) without being too dark. What a CHEERY room that would be to me!! I can’t wait to see what you decide!!!

  • Lynnette

    Oh, it must be over the garage…not a basement studio. (looked at the photo again) Still think spring moss.

  • Helena

    D because it has energy but is not zingy all the time

  • http://twitter.com/CUBuckeye If u know me, u know

    D. It’s lovely and doesn’t look too bright. I’m thinking some of the brighter ones might influence the perception of colors on your projects more than a lighter shade? Does that make any sense?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_RZKPUVHGXYBY77RK76JSMXPZ2E Kathy Robinson

    B- Spring Moss would be the color I would pick. I really don’t have a really long drawn out reason other than it was my favorite of the 4 :)
    Kathy R

  • http://twitter.com/pookiesmom6602 Gail Evans

    I would go for “B” myself…not sure why it just feels right…I like the lighter..cleaner…fresher look of it. Love all your other picks too! Good Luck with the painter…and remember its just paint…if you hate it you can re-paint…so relax and go with your first instinct.

  • rebecca.k

    I am going to vote for “D”. I think it is light and fresh, and will make an almost neutral background for all of the other color going on in your space. Can’t wait to see how it all comes together!

  • Anonymous

    Lynnette, it’s the third floor of the house. I probably won’t paint the hallway (saving$ for storage — haha!). There is one window in my room, across from the mirror (direclty across from the door. If you walked down the hallway and into the room, the window is right in front of you.). Thank you!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DC5OOWD6A7Y2L7ROUPB3JGORNE Alissa

    I like A) I think it will be a nice contrast to the white and it will make other colors pop as well.
    Hope all goes well with your move – so exciting to set up a new space! (and in the middle of LOAD too!) Wow.

  • Maureen

    I love green, but these all look a bit too bright/yellow to me. I like dark rich colors on walls, but with a bit more of an warm earthy tone, so if I had to choose I think I would go with A dark lime because it is the least yellow.

    My suggestion would be something more like this:http://www.benjaminmoore.com/bmpsweb/portals/bmps.portal?_nfpb=true&_windowLabel=sidebarportlet_1_2&sidebarportlet_1_2_actionOverride=%2Fbm%2Fcms%2FContentRenderer%2FselectSideBarArticle&sidebarportlet_1_2np=public_site%2Farticles%2Fapplication_article%2Fapp_colorExplorerTool&sidebarportlet_1_2isNonSecure=true&_pageLabel=fh_explorecolor&cd=545&col=CC

    If the link doesn’t work it is a Benjamin Moore paint called buckingham gardens 545 a great name considering the recent nuptials.

  • Iceteeeeee

    Although I like B better, I think the D will look better once you get it on the walls. These paints always seem to turn out darker, so unless that is the look you’re going for, I would stick with D. They are all lovely and I am so happy for you to be getting such a nice space. Love your new home!

  • Danielle_nl

    D… a light color so it is like a neutral with al the other colors. When your scrapping at night your work doesn’t get a green glow because of the light reflecting from your bright green wall.

    good luck with all the moving and decorating :)

  • http://www.chalicat.com/blog/ Noelle

    Beautiful house! I aspire to a house like that someday. (In a condo currently.) My vote, by the way, is for D. It seems the most neutral of the choices. I say neutral, because then you can change out the curtains and other decore as you want, and don’t have to worry about matching as much. That said…my office is a very bright blue.

    Don’t you love Ikea for craft desks? I have the Expedit desk myself and LOVE it.

  • Catherine

    I’m thinking D because it will drive you the least crazy over time. :)

  • Kimberly Kalil

    B. I vote for B. It’s not as dark as A, but still very strong and bold

  • Crystal Krueger

    I pick D – Grape Green because it’s a little lighter and will blend in so beautifully with the white storage units and colors of your supplies. It’s going to be fun to watch you get this space ready! I hope the moving goes smoothly.

  • http://profiles.google.com/gscrapbooks g scrapbooks

    I hope you have an easy move! Congrats on the awesome scrapbook room/office. For the color, I like A. I wanted to tell you though – as some one who has a pretty bright green color on her wall – through the course of the day, it always looks like a different color than one it is. I swear sometimes my room looks like anyone of the four colors you shared to choose from. You’ll probably get all four colors at some point too, lol! Good luck deciding. :-)

  • http://twitter.com/Bookworm Bookworm

    I vote for “D” because it is the lightest — in the lovely Northeast (I assume?) winter a lighter color might work well if the room isn’t large. Have fun decorating your new space! How fun! I love that nice long table with the storage underneath.

  • http://profiles.google.com/matilda425 Dawn McCarty

    B is the winner. I love that color. It will look the best. Spring Moss would be my pick. so please pick mine. lol. Happy painting. and unpacking.

  • Brenda

    Love your new space, and all that room for stage in the hall!

    I vote A because a) it is the darkest green, and I believe in fully committing when it comes to paint and b) it has the least amount of yellow in it. I think that will make other bright colors really pop against it.

  • Melissa

    Actually I think the background color on your blog would be the best! :) Although, that’s not a choice, so I would pick B. I actually like A better, but think it might get too dark with only one window. The new house looks beautiful! Enjoy!

  • Sheri

    A is my choice. I know it’s darker than the rest but I think it will brighten up with the white furniture and will play nicely with the wood floors. Good Luck!

  • Laura T.

    My pick is C because it is between the dark and light. My son wants you to pick A.

  • Erin

    B Like so many have said, commit fully to your choice! I love green and think your room will be beautiful.

  • Kirsten

    D….but any would be great!

  • Jeannett_mcgee

    I l ike A or B, but think they are kind of dark for a wall. My son votes for C. Love your house, it looks gorgeous. Have fun decorating and painting.

  • Carmel Keane (NZ)

    I like B – but if you are planning on lots of other colour around I would go with D

  • Gela

    The room looks kind of dark. That is why I am voting for D.

  • Jen Kellogg

    I vote for moss green. Second choice would be grape green. Is there anything in the light “sage” green that you like? Course, I’m colorblind so I wouldn’t take my advice!

    This is my dream home! I know I live in New Mexico but my heart is in New England. Enjoy!!

  • Juliemccrary

    Congrats on the new home! I vote for Eccentric Lime. Enjoy!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Cheryl-Thompson-Warren/1269154847 Cheryl Thompson Warren

    I just painted my room in a color very similar to A) Dark Lime and I love it!! Go for it – you will love it, too!

  • Anonymous

    Cheryl, do you have a photo??

  • Lisa Monique

    lighter if all walls are the same color + the space (although quite a lot of space for an scraproom/office) may be too small for a darker color; Grape Green (D) (you can always have splashes of darker color throughout the room through your accents) Beautiful home! (probably missed the time frame, but I can’t resist giving my opinion, especially when asked!Ha!)

  • Sue_NovaScotia

    Hi Laine –
    What a great space!
    D is my favourite (unless your room is south facing or has a lot of windows and you do most of your work during daylight hours… in that case I’d go darker with A).

  • http://profiles.google.com/dawnaclark Donna Clark

    OMGEEE! congrats! this is sooooo exciting! i say go with the lightest color…to be honest, i’d tone it down even more. We did an aqua blue in our master bath redo, and i went with a 25% saturation and it was still plenty of color. of course a bathroom is smaller than a bedroom. also…i’m sure you know to consider how much natural light the room gets.
    Anyway, have a blast!! The house is truly gorgeous. i love the traditional lines of it.
    hugs! donna

  • Sheri Twing

    First of all, congrats on the house! It’s absolutely beautiful!

    Secondly, I’m probably the odd one in the group because I’d pick A! I love color and I just think you should go for if you’re going to do it! But I know what ever you pick will be gorgeous! Can’t wait to see it!

  • Kelli

    B. bUT I am very leery of greens. I thought tinker bell green was to die for …. After a month I went to beige I was so overloaded. I think u need to go blue like Wendy
    Smedley in her book!

  • Kelli

    When I saw your beautiful new home I thought … Ohhh,, an attic, perfect for a scrap room. Congrats on snagging it for YOURSELF!! it looks incredible!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_IQDXHK6VFSC5UW7HZ65F6QIXGY Sharon

    I am voting for D. It is the softest green out of the 4 and after looking at it for years, the brighter greens may be overpowering.

    I am also added a photo. A suggestion from IKEA. I got these kitchen counter pieces so I could stand and scrapbook, as well. There is a drawer unit to the left that I keep all my tools in (heat gun, acrylic blocks, adhesives and refillls, etc) and the corner unit to the right doesn’t show it in this photo but now holds my cricut on top with all the matts, cartridges, books, etc on the shelves below. The counter top between them is just a table top without legs. I have it sitting on the edges of the other pieces. It is high enough to stand and comforably scrap at. The shelves up top are also from IKEA and hold monthly scrapbook kits.

  • http://profiles.google.com/cindy.derosier Cindy deRosier

    I like A best in general, but I think D will look best on the walls. Congrats on your new house!

  • http://twitter.com/NancyNally Nancy Nally

    Definitely D once you get it on the walls. The others will be way too bold.

    I’m about to buy that same white Ikea drawer unit for our home office that I’m redoing! Very versatile! Ikea is fabulous!

  • Heather

    B is my favorite — I think the white will look nice next to it, but will not make the room too dark — HOWEVER — if a large swatch looks dark, then go for C (But I like the “greenyish” of B). The mistake I made in my scrap room is not painting and keeping it a darkish steel blue — I wanted bright green or turquoise — now that all my stuff is in, don’t want to move to repaint, but light bright colors are soooo much better for happy scrap places!

  • Melissa C

    I think that D would be amazing. Bright enough to be cheerful but mellow enough to soothe. :)

  • http://profiles.google.com/mercyitsme Meghna Patel

    Grape green, cause its soothing, has enough omph but not overpowering!!
    Good luck and Congrats!!

  • Allycat

    I’m torn between C & D – but D was my initial choice! A & B are too dark while C & D will provide light. I think D ultimately will be a very zingy color & will hopefully create lots of restful & calming states of creativity! x

  • AmandaS

    BEAUTIFUL Home. I say definitely A! Need the dark color in such a bold color. ENJOY!!!

  • http://profiles.google.com/ersehnen Betty & Jay Weaver

    It’s a toss up between B and D… I’d love to know if they would go together as then I would paint the lower part of the wall in B (height of the wall to the ceiling angle in the hall but all the way around the room) and D on the upper portion. You could put a ‘chair rail’ between them for some a nice decorative accent or just a stripe of white paint to mimic the rail.

  • jenlynnie

    i love D. B could be nice but you have to make sure how the light hits it through the day. if you get a lot of light in your studio A could work. C could end up looking too yellow.

  • Alleluialu

    Althought it doesn’t seem to be as popular as the rest, I vote for Eccentric Lime (C) because it isn’t dark like the darkest swatch nor light like the lightest one. I think the light swatch would disappear over time and the Eccentric Lime has some life to it. I have a room in my home that is painted that color and I love it.

  • Ramie

    I like A. It’s almost the same color as some of my kitchen walls, and the inside of my pantry! It isn’t as yellow as the others. Happy painting!

  • amyd

    Colors are usually darker than you think once they’re up. I like B — I think it’s a beautiful, fresh green. I think the first one could be quite dark, and the last two have A LOT of yellow in them. Your wood floors have a good deal of yellow in them also, and I think the last two colors (though pretty) run risk of looking really yellow, rather than green, in certain light. (I just went through this in my own house with natural cherry floors and beautiful green color called “guacamole”, which I loved until it got dark and I turned on the lights in the room and the color turned sickly yellow.)

    I think either A or B would work, but I vote for B.

  • Janee Cantu

    I have the exact same island from IKEA, and I *love*it (I also have the one with all the 12 drawers too that I love). I also love green and in my recent room went with a brighter green color – however, it did turn out much darker than I thought (everyone joked that my room looked like a big green screen and that I could do the weather report in there!). So my fave would be D – unless having a green screen is a big bonus for you! LOL

  • Gmonterrosa

    I like the dark lime. The color looks like it would be bright enough and would actually make a room fun. I have a green in my craft room so that may be why I am inclined to that color! Love the house btw! It looks like a dream! Enjoy and good luck with the move!

  • Carrie Haines

    I vote for D- grape green….. a happy spring green, but not as vivid as the other choices. I love your IKEA wishlist. SO much fun to get to design a new studio space!

  • Seanna

    I don’t think you will be happy with A-C. They will translate weird on your walls and mess with the light. D looks OK. It’s going to be much stronger on the wall than it looks on the paint chip.

  • Pb860

    Of these four, I like B the best. I would choose one with a little more blue though, I think it would be bold, but also a little more soothing. We did one of the walls in my sons room about the color of B with a touch more blue in it and it is very nice!

  • shari

    Yeah for you – how exciting!! I love green – all greens. I think my favorite is D. They are all awesome but your room seems like it may be a little dark and paint usually always dries a little darker. Good luck with your choice and have fun with your new house!! :)

  • Janet

    B – Spring Moss. Your white furniture will just pop. Black and gray will look really good with it too. LOVE it!!! I really like C too though.

  • Iwearpurpl

    I vote for the dark lime. Will look gorgeous with white. When the sun light hits those last three it will knock your socks off. Maybe not if your wearing your sunglasses in there.ha Love your new home. Very pretty. Lucky you with the large scrap area. Can you get those colors in a sample can and paint swatches on your wall? Remember, it is just paint. Can go over it if you aren’t pleased. Good luck. Glenna

  • Kim Faucher

    I love the first color A Dark Lime… even if it gets darker… its very rich and will contrast nicely against the white touches of your furniture….

  • Mjscholl

    I think B is the Best. I wish I had a room to make my own like that. Enjoy your new room and decorating it.

  • dturnbow

    I would go with D. Color seems to get darker (and if it’s a bright color, BRIGHTER) once it’s on the walls. I would pick the lightest, not so neon color and I think it will please you once it is on the wall. But remember what my friend told me when I built my house…brick is permanent. Floors and countertops are things you have to live with a long time. But paint can be changed tomorrow for relatively little money. Don’t get too stressed over paint color.

  • Mrstamtam

    C – Eccentric Lime

  • Ann Ricks

    Eccentric or grape green – that’s my vote. I have a color inbetween the two in my “studio” and I love the feel of it. Congrats on the new house. It looks wonderful.

  • Linda

    I would go with D. Usually the paint comes out darker than the color chip. You don’t want the room to look to dark. You want it light and bright.

  • Caryann Ü

    D – Grape Green. A little more subtle … you can bring out the “brights” in your curtains and accessories. Since you are using white furniture, you have given yourself the option the change things up after a while. How exciting for you. BTW, lovin’ my book!!! Thanks so much for signing it!! :-)


    My vote is two fold ;) 3 walls D) Grape Green(especially in the long hallway) and in studio picture #2 the wall to the right in A)Dark Lime. Dark if added to one wall will give the allusion of being pushed out, while the lighter color brings it all together. Have fun!!

  • Dramaqueensmum

    I like D. It’s not as bright as the others & it seems more relaxing. Are you staying in MA? Do you ever do in person classes? I went to the CK scrapbook convention last Sat & got your book. I haven’t had a chance to look at it yet.

  • Hjccote3

    I like “A” because it has much less yellow in it. I like the color because it will look better with white or light colors. That’s just my opinion but there you go.

  • Daw39

    I like C-Eccentric Green! It has nothing to do with the name. Just like Goldilocks, I think A and B are too dark. I think D is too light. I think C will be just right and will work well with any crafty things you chose to display. A and B may be too strong and overpower. D may to too light and get lost, especially with the white cabinets, etc. If you chose C, let’s change the name to “Excited Green” or “Enthusiastic Green”. No matter what you chose, I am sure it will be beautiful. “Gor-juss” home, inside and out! I would just take the hallway! You are blessed! And I do think it will be your “last” move. It is perfect!

  • TrishaJ

    Lucky you having a new room to decorate. I think I would go with D. It is not quite as dark and I think it would be lovely with your floors.

  • Sue Triggs-Rhuda

    Hi Lain!

    I love the dark lime but I think I would go with D…there doesn’t seem to be a lot of light in your space b/o the photos (ie. not alot of windows??) and I think the dark lime will suck up all the available light in the room and be too dark.

    BTW, I’m an Interior Designer by trade (OK…it’s my second, or third career…loved going back to design school as an adult!) but now a SAHM, I live in Melrose so if you’d like an in-person visit, just let me know…would love to help out.

    Good luck!!
    Sue TR

  • LCSmithSAVED

    D D D D D! i love saturated color & we just experimented with a green accent wall in our living room VERY similar in color to the other 3 above. we really wanted to like it. we lived with it as long as we could (about 4 days lol). its now a lovely deep beautiful taupe (and i dont even like those kind of colors but this has let the rest of the house be friends with this room). D is a lovely green – wish i’d seen it first!

  • Penny

    I would use “D”. I think the others are too bright and you would get tired of them more quickly.

  • http://xnomads.typepad.com/ Margie S

    I would say B or D. B because I like colors with gray undertones, I think they prevent colors from becoming to ‘crazy’ or neon. However, I think D would be the best because it is lighter and I think once it is on the wall it will be the most mellow of the 4. Is this going on all 4 walls?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=542793088 Etta Waller Linton

    D–I think the other, brighter greens will overpower all the other colors of your accessories and supplies. And after all, that’s what you want people to notice. You just want your walls to be a pleasant backdrop for the beauty within! xoxo

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_HXBXETIWOVKCNCO76ZQV3CBZFI Carol Waldron

    I pick D. Paint always shows darker after it dries on the walls. A, B, and C are bright already and after they dry, you may have to wear sun glasses.

  • http://profiles.google.com/tkaldy Tiffany Kaldy

    B! I think Spring Moss will go most perfectly with the white and the wood grain in the floor. Will bring in just enough color bu won’t be too overpowering. Good luck!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=699538839 Mandie

    C all the way! I held my computer up to all of my hard wood and against my light carpet, it was what looked the best. Another great idea I use when picking paint colors is to find the accent pieces that are going to be in the room and have your local paint shop to the color match on them. I use this technique when choosing my paint colors because you can get pain in any color. Check out the curtains, lamp and decor, then chose! Good luck and let us all know what you decide!!!!

  • renee crops

    I’m voting for A. I’m a green girl at heart. I have something close to A in my dining room and I love it. It’s so NOT neon. it is bright and happy! I also like B, but not as much the touch from A to B make a big difference. I would suggest that you put the colors next to your face and look in the mirror. I think you will find that the bottom 2 are far to yellow for your skin tone. We all want to look good in a room we spend a lot of time in and you will want to photograph yourself in this room.

  • Jbiff

    What direction is the room facing? Sounds strange but sunlight can make a BIG difference! If you are north facing or not exactly in direct sunlight I would choose Grape Green — that is a lot of color! You don’t want the green to overpower the room. Like someone before me mentioned — paint is easy to change too!

  • Kristie S in MN

    You should tape your paint chips up on the wall and see them throughout the day and evening. I once painted a room three times before finding a green that didn’t turn my stomach by the time it was night with the lights on! LOL I’ve tried the paint chips on the wall since that! I like D, but you don’t want it to look like icky pea soup in the evening or when lights have to be on!

    By the way, the house is GORGEOUS! Congrats on your new home and new space! Love the things you have picked out to go in the new space. Shallow drawers are my faves!

  • Greenfrogal

    I would pick Grape Green, you don’t want the color to be too bright specially with what looks like a fare amount of natural light coming into the room. It would be too bright and might cause you or others if they are in there working or buying to get a headache or need to wear shades. The Grape Green looks fresh and airy and perfect for spring, now I suddenly want to go paint LOL!

  • Karen hobbs

    I love the A shade but I think it’s too dark, perhaps they can lighten it with white while keeping the same shade? the D choice is a nice lightness but not sure i love the yellow undertones.
    My scrap/sewing room is pink and it makes me happy every time I go in!!! So go with what you LOVE!!!!

  • houndpup

    d) grape green – because it is the lightest green of your choices – and while I didn’t see a window – you may have one – but keeping it light should help with lighting.

    Now – have you considered a bright sunny yellow – or even, dare I say a light hue burnt orange?

    good luck!

  • Bergen

    I really like them all, but I think my final vote will be for “D” (Grape Green). It is pretty and green…and pretty…kind of a sunny color, yet soft/peaceful…and did I mention pretty?! Plus I think it is the most light/bright/neutral and therefore a great choice to compliment all the other colors (from supplies, etc.) that will be accenting your space.

  • Cindy Wick

    I would go with Grape Green. The reason why is because it’s lighter. Last fall, I redid my kitchen, dining, living room area (well, kitchen and dining ~ with 6 kids the couch left and a really big island is in it’s place..:) My green is a little more apple, but it’s about the same hue. I also used sky blue and the trim was white. Your space is a little darker, because it doesn’t have as much light. (I have two walls of windows). You can compensate in your color by making it a little lighter.

    This is the thing to remember ~ what ever color you put on the wall (this is if you acutally use REAL color, lol) it’s always scarey. It ALWAYS looks like SO much on the walls. Right after I did mine, before all the stuff came back, my oldest came in and told me it looks like the inside of an Easter Egg! :) It made me completely worried, even though I go through the same process of freaking out EVERY time I paint. Right after the paint, before the stuff, it looks like SO SO much! But when you get the furnishings in, it breaks it all up and you will love it.

    Love, love your house BTW. I’m so happy for you. Long ago I had my own room, but for the last ten years have only a corner of my family room for my studio. I know you will love this new space, and it couldn’t have happened to a more deserving person. :) Have fun and don’t forget to tell us what you decided! :D

  • http://profiles.google.com/debd94 Deborah Dawson

    I vote D because I think it will look good with the white/oak pieces you have chosen from IKEA. I have the desk/island you like, and it works so well as a work table. Great storage underneath!

  • http://digitalscrapbooklessons.com PatriciaD

    I usually like really vibrant colors but with all the other color you say you’ve got goin’ it might be a gamble to go with anything too vibrant so I’m choosing the last one Grape Green. Ah well!!

  • Glenda1881

    D – paint always looks darker when its on the wall. And the other colors look a little muddy, but the grape green is a happier color.

  • Amymarie78

    I like A is the most saturated vibrant of the greens, and really has spark to it!

  • lisa

    B I like Spring Moss bec/it is a limey green and it may darken some on the walls but the white furniture will perk it up as will any incoming light. My daughter’s room is a limey limey green with white woodwork, hot pink accessories and we really love it!!! Go for it, enjoy and pick me to win the prize!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_PKLJSUEMMIKLHTX3HSMEAX4ENM Alison

    My vote is for A – Dark Lime. My youngest daughter’s room is painted something similar and I love it! Everytime I walk into her room I feel happy just because of the colour. In the spring and summer with the sun streaming in it feels like I’m outside (maybe that’s why she always wants to play outside!!) I’ve accented her room with shades of pink and avacado greens and her furniture is white. It’s awesome! Here’s a link to an old post on my blog that shows a picture of my girls in the crib in this yummy green room. http://adayinthelifeor5.blogspot.com/2009/09/can-you-believe-that-christine-little.html
    Happy painting!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/jkhashab Janet Khashab

    Spring Moss (B) is my vote…bright, but not irritating–dark enough to be dramatic (not wussy like a pale green), but light enough to keep the room from feeling like a cave. So happy for you!!!!!

  • Ginny

    I like B Spring Moss best. I have a bright green in my kitchen–Valspar’s
    Jalapeno Jelly, and I love how it looks against the white trim. Your new home looks beautiful!

  • TonileoNY

    I like D, It will still give you color, and because all our scrap stuff is so colorfull it will be a nice back drop to all the stuff!!!!! Room looks wonderfull…

  • Cpmitchell29

    How about 2 tones? B and D together in a faux finish? I think it would love BeuTiFul!!!! Just remember that all paint gets darker once put on the walls! I cant wait to see the end result! How lucky you are!

  • Barb in AK

    I’m going for the Spring Moss. Grape Green has too much yellow in it. The yellow cast will get to you after a while ;-)
    That Spring Moss (B) will look FAB.U.LOUS with white trim :-)
    Love the looks of your home from the outside—enjoy the move. I know you will be scrappin’ it ;-)

  • Dfhathaway123

    I vote for c) eccentric lime, it looks like it has a yellow base, which would bring in and reflect light.

  • Deborah Helton

    I pick B. It is warm and energizing at the same time. A is too dark and C and D seem harsh to me. I really like the color of you background page on your blog page.

  • http://profiles.google.com/traciy2 Traci Tracy

    Spring Moss seems like the warmest of the colors. It would pair well with white and not look too limey or neonish. I think it will also blend the best with the range of color you will have with your supplies. jmho. Good luck!

  • glorybee

    I would go for D) Grape Green as it’s the palest. Strong colours can make a room look very dark and can be overpowering, they also get even dark over time. They may impact on your creativity too! I have lime green in my hall and landing and really hate it now!! It is not the fresh colour I thought it would be and it is not as strong a shade as some of the ones you have listed! If you’re scrapbooking in a room I think you want lots of light – at least I would if I had a room devoted to scrapbooking!

  • Amy

    I would go with ‘B’ or ‘D’, depending on how much natural light the room gets. If you get lots of light I think B would be lovely. If you don’t, it could turn out a lot darker than you were hoping for, and I’d go with ‘D’- I love the colour, soothing yet bright, and with lots of white accents it, too, will ‘pop’, without being overpowering or too dark. Congrats on your new home, it’s beautiful!

  • Pam McCarley

    I would go with D. Most colors become more intense when on a huge space. I would recommend you buy a small can of your favorite 1 0r 2 and actually paint it on the walls in several places. It will look way different on the walls.

  • kburris

    When viewing your color selection, I keep going to the color on your website I like it the best, the others are either too dark or too yellowish…… I know it’s no help, good luck

  • Lynnette Erlandson

    Hi Lain,

    Beautiful House – you have show us pictures when you get your studio set-up! I would go with D, you can always add accents of the other colors of green if you need to punch it up a bit or add a bit of another bright color, fuschia, orange, turquiose, etc. What fun!!! Lynnette in NY

  • Ginnyharrell

    I would pick D because it is the lightest. The others are wonderful but lighter one is my fave.

  • Melissa_hallaron

    If you are painting the hallway too go with D….If you are painting just your room go with C…I think it has a lot of energy. Are you going with an analogous colors (dk green and yellow?) or a color scheme based on complementary colors (purple?) Best of luck!!

  • Teresa Prickett

    i vote D, even though i hate green! lol

  • Teresa Prickett

    Sorry, forgot to say….what a Beautiful house. I would love to have something like that but we dont get many of that style in Australia :(

  • Deeann Cummins

    I really like (D) Grape Green. I had a similar color on my living room walls many years back and I loved the look. Wonderful house and craft room! Good luck with your color choice and remember you can always change it.

  • http://www.savorthismoment.com Annie-Savor This Moment

    I’m liking D. There’s something about choosing paint with a food in their name. It always works for me. (I know lime is technically a food, too.) I think the green will look darker once it’s on the wall. Have fun with the new house!

  • Sheila

    I really like choice D. Good Luck, it sounds like you are going to have a wonderful space when you are done.

  • http://brooklyngirlnextdoor.blogspot.com Rosann

    I’m the perfect person to ask. I just did the same thing. My apt is being renovated and guess what? spring moss was one of my colors. It’s a lot darker than I expected once one the wall so if it’s for a small space I wouldn’t do it, but I do like the color. It might be too late, but may I recommend pale avocado from Benjamin Moore? that’s what I chose and I love it. Grape green is too neon and grape green is too yellow. so i would go with eccentric lime even though the name is scary.

  • Nickijo

    D positively! I love this color. I think if you do the brighter colors it will overwhelm the room. I have a room similar in design. ( I have sloped ceilings on both sides of the room) and have a horrible time finding storage and workspace that works in the space….so good luck.

  • Gcalder57

    Hi Laine, love love love your new house! How exciting for you!
    My advice for the paint colour is this: The paint ALWAYS ends up darker on the walls – So I would go the lightest colour, with the white trim it should look great – and be there when they start painting – you can always add white paint to lighten the colour, if you think it is looking too dark!

    The amount of light coming into the room will also make a difference.

    Hope this helps

    Glenys (down-under)

  • Gab

    I like B, Spring Moss. It’s bright but not too dark. Can’t wait to see what it looks like when you’re done!

  • Lucy Newton

    Lain, I know you want invigorating, but you are already invigorated, you don´t need a bright color that is going to tire your eyes, and maybe give you scrappy nightmares LOL . I am kidding, well kind of, I’d choose D because then you can adorn and embellish to your heart content and your walls won´t interfere with your decoration!!!

  • karen keiper

    well its past 7 but heres my vote anyway! c, but i’m sure you will love whatever couour you pick as its YOUR special space.

  • Irene

    grape green – grape green – grape green! I think the other colors are to dark and will be to overwhelming after a while. Good luck on the pick!

  • Katherine M

    I hate to stir up trouble …well, okay, maybe it’s because I’m so good at it! LOL! But, what about the color
    along the sides of this page? It is a much prettier green than the others because it doesn’t seem to have as
    much of a yellow cast as the lighter shades you have above. Not much help, hm? Still, as much as I love
    yellow (my fave) and green I really don’t love A,B,C or D. IF that is the only choice then I would go with
    D but it still has a lot of yellow and that will be reflected by the light at night. Just a thought.

    Good luck choosing! We want to see the final outcome! More pictures, please!

  • AnnieB

    D) Grape Green ’cause I think the others might be too dark unless the room has a ton of natural light.

  • Shop4scrappin

    Grape green had a lot of yellow in it and works great in areas where there isn’t much light ( long hallway area). The spring moss looks nice but may be too dark in your space. Eccentric lime also has yellow hues, but I think it would work great in your space and isn’t as harsh as the other greens you’ve chosen. Congrats on the new home. Have fun working your space. Love the project table from IKEA.

  • Laura B.

    I like the last one — D Grape Green. It’s fresh, but still light and gives an airy feeling to the room. Congratulations on your new house!! :)

  • Meesh

    I love ur website. it’s sooo much fun. U have such a good sense of humor. u make it fun.

  • Deb Hooper

    I like the dark lime. Great contrast with white. Can pair it with a beautiful pink, multiple shades of purple, even brown or black if needed. It’s a beautiful green.

  • barb

    Love your new home! Congrats!!

    My favorite color is D, the Grape Green. It just seems soothing yet fun and will really pop with the white trim. I also agree with other folks that the paints always go on darker. Enjoy your new space!! :)

  • DaniNYC12677

    The eccentric lime is my fave!!!

  • Beeskep118

    I agree! Dark colors are cozy!

  • http://profiles.google.com/twallingrn Tanya Walling

    I like C it reminds me of the color of my house. Kind of startling and I love it because it is quirky. I guess that is why I like the color…

  • Dawn

    Lain, how exciting! I love A, but I love green. Have fun with it.

  • Gypsy Chaos

    Too late to help.. what did you decide?
    Here’s my thoughts anyway!
    A. good balance, minimal grayness lurking. I can see this color looking good in natural and artificial light.
    B. same comments as A; a bit more yellow than A
    C. there’s a harshness to this color; maybe too much yellow. I think it could be annoying in full sunlight
    D. a little too mellow – like yellow-green can ever be mellow!

    I attached a pic of the greens we just used in our video game room.

  • http://profiles.google.com/jyotsna.kandpal Jyotsna Kandpal

    Hi Lain……. Your new house is really very beautiful .. both from inside and outside…. I wish I could also have that kind of project area and everything.. Its just lovely…… I think you should go with D. Grape lime… All other colors look flashy and I think it will look soothing in all seasons and all lights. Since you are going to keep your furniture and other things white, this color will go very nciely and simply with it. Also it won’t give you an impression of darkness whenever there is low light outside or inside. Other colors might make you feel darkness in the room. Enjoy coloring your new house…… Bye…

  • http://profiles.google.com/budgetscrap Charlie Steyn

    Love your new home, looks so spacious !!!

    I would vote for B as that is the colour I like, as the white furniture is going to brighten is as well Advice, paint all the colours in a strip on your wall and let you windows light and you electric light fall on it, then you will see which one is the most suitable for your lightning. As each location is different, and that is how we did our home. Best of luck and do let us have a view as soon as you finished :-)) Charlie

  • Lisainre

    I’d go for grape green – it just looks a lighter, brighter shade than the others. it’s a “cleaner” shade of these greens – it’s gorgeous!

  • Relle

    D all the way!

  • lht

    D, grape green – why, because you can co-ordinate more colours with it. It’s an easier tone to work with – you could get a lighter green, darker green, beige, etc. and not have to worry about matching so much or that the coordinates will take over the room, not just accent it.

  • Shirley

    I pick D, I think the others are pretty, but think they will be to dark when dry.

  • Happy Gramma

    Oh Laine, It’s easy. Pick #4 Grape green. The others, as they are warm greens, will make the walls close in. I would incorporate the darker colour in fabrics or storage boxes. You still get the punch of colour without being knocked down for the count.

  • Karen

    As I love the color green and have several walls painted in various greens in my house, I think they are all nice. I really like A, but it would only be good on one or two walls, not the whole room. D would be the best if you are doing the whole room.

  • amyptucson

    Paint looks darker when it gets on the walls. That would make me choose the lightest one (D), but you may want a very bright, high-contrast look. I think it would be anyway, even with color D, because of the white/light furniture. I love love love the greens you’re considering!

  • amyptucson

    Paint looks darker when it gets on the walls. That would make me choose the lightest one (D), but you may want a very bright, high-contrast look. I think it would be anyway, even with color D, because of the white/light furniture. I love love love the greens you’re considering!

  • amyptucson

    Paint looks darker when it gets on the walls. That would make me choose the lightest one (D), but you may want a very bright, high-contrast look. I think it would be anyway, even with color D, because of the white/light furniture. I love love love the greens you’re considering!

  • amyptucson

    Paint looks darker when it gets on the walls. That would make me choose the lightest one (D), but you may want a very bright, high-contrast look. I think it would be anyway, even with color D, because of the white/light furniture. I love love love the greens you’re considering!

  • amyptucson

    Paint looks darker when it gets on the walls. That would make me choose the lightest one (D), but you may want a very bright, high-contrast look. I think it would be anyway, even with color D, because of the white/light furniture. I love love love the greens you’re considering!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Carolyn-Tovey/100001009492678 Carolyn Tovey

    Definately D/ grape green you could even go a couple of shades lighter as i find colours always end up too dark.

  • akgeezee

    I like C for the reason that it is bright enough. Plenty of white and warm wood tones will make the room feel cozy and bright. I envision a meadow with all the pops of color amid the organic tones. Just waxing poetic, I guess.

  • Jennie

    I like A is just such a happy color but I also like B… You could do both colors!!
    TFS!! Take Care!!
    Jennie @ http://earthyscrap.blogspot.com/

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GGNR453DJSST44KVVRDAKH5B24 Cindy

    The grape green is more of a neutral and will show off all your colorful supplies.

  • Allisa

    I vote for B. It won’t be as yellow as C or D, but it will be lighter than A.

    Of course, paint looks a lot different on walls vs on paint samples. You might want to have your painter bring along samples of each and paint small swatches on the wall to see the real color. I wish I had done this with my kitchen the first 3 times it was painted . The fourth time, I wisend up and now have exactly the color I want.

  • Allisa

    Just realized that this email was from a couple of days ago. I hope all of the other comments were helpful.

  • Andi

    I would go with B…1st my favorite color is Green….I dont like Lime’s…U r moving in the Spring and it looks the brighest and funnest……(if those r even words) then the others. Plus u said Fun and i think it fits…:) Hope u have fun painting. Cant wait to see what it looks like on the wall…:)

  • Cropelf

    I like Spring Moss the best because it is a truer green and doesn’t have as much of the yellow undertones that the others do.

  • Gabriele

    I would choose spring moss. The dark lime is screaming at me and I think would drive me crazy after a while, the other two colors are nice, but too yellow if you would like to see green. So spring moss for me – calm and soothing and yet refreshing.

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