I’m an Equal-Opportunity Scrapbooker

by Lain Ehmann on July 30, 2011

If you are just arriving at my blog via Digi Darla‘s, then let me just say…

You are so welcome here!

Whether you are a digi scrapbooker, a paper-based scrapbooker, a hybrid scrapper, or a wannabe scrapbooker — you belong HERE. Right here, right now.

I am a big believer in the freedom of scrapbooking. I want my visitors to feel like this site is a breath of fresh air to blow the cobwebs from your brain, fan the flames of your scrapbooking inspiration, and make you feel like you are where you belong.

We talk a little about design, a little about photography, a little about technique, and a LOT about process, goals, and philosophy. Not in a deep, hit-you-on-the-head-with-a-volume-of-Heidigger, but in a “THIS-is-why-I-do-this” way. I think a lot about scrapbooking, and I share those deep thoughts (or not-so-deep thoughts) here, and on my podcast. And the things I talk about typically apply to anyone who loves scrapbooking, whatever the tools are that you choose to use to express yourself.

Personally, I’m hugely in favor of any technology, tool, or method that allows more people to capture their memories, whether it be in a photo book, a blog, a digital file, a Smashbook, or a traditional scrapbook. It’s all good!

For me, I care less that you’re pixels-versus-paper, and more that you love scrapbooking. We’re all in this together. And I’m very, very glad you’re here.

I hope you’ll stay a while!

P.S. As a special gift for Digi Darla’s friends, please leave me a comment below by 5 PM Eastern tonight (Saturday) to be entered to win a special ScrapHappy prize pack, including a copy of my book, “Snippets: Mostly True Tales from the Lighter Side of Scrapbooking.”

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/LeeAnn-Snare/100001585591962 LeeAnn Snare

    I don’t know how to do much on the internet.  I don’t know how to respond on facebook.  So I hope that I am doing this right.  I will continue to try on facebook too.  I want to be a part of the party!

  • Duckienz

    Yay for Lain, thanks for the opportunity to win. Allie

  • Diane Fowler

    Thank YOU!!!


  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NMWL65VHUUTKPXOZGSNP5YRDLQ BreAnn

    Thanks for all the great info you shared at the Digi Darla’s FB party! Can’t wait to look around your site more!

  • BABabcock53

    So glad to meet you at Digi Darla’s!  Can’t wait to check out your site!

  • Sandi Freeman

    Thanks for the opportunity to win and answering our questions! Would you be able to help me on getting started on my scrapbooks? Maybe some hints or tips to get started!

  • Charlene

    Thanks so much for coming and joining us today for Digi Darla’s Facebook party. It was great getting to know you and talk to you. Will be coming by to check out your site better later! Have a great weekend.

  • nanettemt

    Thanks for coming to the party!!!

    nanettemt at yahoo dot com

  • Jacqueline van Jaarsveld

    Thanks for popping by the party! 

  • Deanna Blackmon

    Can’t wait to take the time to explore your site. Sounds like it will be helpful and motivating. Love to be challenged. I’m a beta tester for Darla’s new stamp club and there is so much going on . Thanks for being a part!!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for stopping by! Of course I can help you! What kind of books are you working on?

  • Victorianrosebud

    Hi Lain! I guess I’m a wee bit late. Just wanted to leave a comment anyway! I would like to thank you for giving of your time today! Wasn’t it fabulous at the facebook party. I’ve now bookmarked your site in my favs and plan to visit alot. Thanks again and take care.

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