Journaling in Scrapbooking: Easy Ways to Include Journaling on Your Layouts

by Lain Ehmann on December 26, 2011

easy journaling for scrapbookingOne of the biggest challenge for many scrapbookers is how to fit the journaling in. Scrapbooking, after all, is about the paper and products and photos, right?

Well, yes… but it’s also about the words. It’s the words that separate a scrapbook album from a plain ole’ photo album. If you’re not going to give context to your photos, you might as well be sticking them in a standard four-up photo album or one of those magnetic monstrosities that I used to use for my Rick Springfield memorabilia back in 1983.

But journaling is tough! you whine.

Yeah, whatever. ;)

Time for some tough love. Journaling is only tough if you make it tough. As I often tell my students, if you can talk, you can write! In fact, one of my best suggestions for journaling is to pretend you’re talking to a friend. What would they want to know about the page you’re creating? What stories or details would you tell them? Would you try to make them laugh or cry?

Another technique I use is to write an email to a friend. Open a blank message in your mailbox and start typing away! Then just cut and paste right into a Word document, print it out, and add it to your page. Easy-peasy!

Take the path of least resistance. If you like to handwrite your journaling, do it that way. If it’s easier to type it in, then type it. Just like the rest of your page, it’s up to you to make it what you want. And if you want it to be easy, it can be. But if you want it to be tough, you just go right ahead. :)

P.S. Want about ten more ways to journal easily? I taught a whole class on this topic during True Scrap I in April. In this 30-ish minute video presentation, I walk students through a dozen ways to include journaling in scrapbooking layouts easily and fun-ly (yeah, that’s a word!). Check it out here: True Scrap I Individual Sales. The class is about halfway down the page. 


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