Layout a Day 211

Inspiration. It’s Everywhere!

What does inspiration mean to you?



Unlimited ideas?

GREAT ideas?

In the Layout a Day challenge for February 211, we’ll be discussing what inspiration is, where it comes from, what feeds our own individual creative process, and how we can see the ordinary through a new lens (literally!)

Along the way, we’ll have daily prompts (follow or not, up to you!), challenges, prizes, our Flickr gallery, and special guest stars including:

  • Julie Comstock, the visionary behind Cosmo Cricket!

  • Anna Aspnes, digital diva and instructor extraordinaire!

  • Stacy Julian, the coolest of the cool!

  • Becky Fleck, without whose PageMaps many of us would never be able to scrap!

I hope you’ll join me in this fantastic 28-day voyage. It will change your scrapping — and maybe even your life!

Sign up now! Registration for 28 days of fantasmagorical fun is only $30.

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LOAD is NOT your typical scrapbooking “class.” You’ll receive daily prompts and lessons on the topic of inspiration, and a lot of interaction and information in the form of blog posts, audios, videos, and interviews. During the month we will focus on the process of scrapbooking and how to enhance our own individual styles. The daily prompt might encourage you to use a particular product or sketch, or to document a specific topic, but we’re not all working on the same project — some people ignore the prompts or pick and choose among them, and that is OKAY!

In other words, if you are looking for the “cut a piece of patterned paper to 2×4″ and adhere it to the left side of the page” type of instruction, LOAD is NOT for you. Email me and I can suggest some alternate classes.

JUST ADDED! LOAD Q&A Call on Friday, 1/21 at 1 PM Eastern. (Click on link for more info).

P.S. Have more questions? Read the LOAD FAQ page.

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  • Betty

    Shared the link here and to the LOAD page on Facebook :)

  • Michelle Beeby

    Just signed up, and really looking forward to this!

  • Anonymous

    I’m excited, too! :)

  • E.Augustin

    Oh yeah I need to sign up!

  • Anonymous

    Now’s the time! :)

  • Marian

    I’m from Australia, can I still join in? :)

  • Anonymous

    Definitely! We have people from all over the world.
    From the FAQ Page: <>

  • Pammy1329

    this will be exciting. I have been doing a LO every other day in January and on weekends I do a few a day. This has already helped my style evolve and shine thru. I can’t wait to see what turns out here.

  • Anonymous

    So happy you’ll be joining us!!! :)

  • Homegrown1

    hi lovely..blogging all about it right now…really miss you…alot.

  • Anonymous

    Love love love you!!!!

  • Marian

    woohoo, not long now! :)

  • Anonymous

    I’m working on it right now! :) Good stuff, if I may say so myself. LOL!

  • E.Augustin

    Hubby surprised me and got me this class today Ha… Love that man! :)

  • Tambur

    Nothing like leaving it till the last minute. Just signed up to join you tomorrow for LOAD. Very excited! I had a household of sickies for the month of January and I wanted to make sure all were better and back in school before I committed.

  • Anonymous

    FANTASTIC! What a guy! :)

  • Anonymous

    Woohoo! Glad to have you! :)

  • Sillyshelly

    I just found out about LOAD. Tried to add it to my cart and it won’t let me. :( Is it really too late? Come on. Let me in.

  • Anonymous

    you should still be able to add — if you just want to paypal me directly at, you can do that!

  • Sharon_68

    Is it too late to Sign up? I just heard about this yesterday.

  • Anonymous

    No, not too late!

  • Sharon_68

    When I click add to cart it tells me product is not available anymore. :(

  • Guest

    I just found this site,and already love Lain!! But….when I click on the email box to sign up for the download faster scrapbooking, the screen flashes back to the home screen and won’t let me enter my email address.. Anyone have any similar experiences or is this my pc?

  • lainie9

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    [True Scrap] Re: Re: New comment posted on Layout a Day 211

    Your scrapbooking superheros have solved your call for help request (44). That means you’re all set to start cutting things up again. If your scissors have stopped working and you’d like more help, reply to this email. ———————————————-

    Danielle Taylor, May 15 17:26

    We’ll look into this


    Danielle Taylor
    Scrapbooking Superhero at


    Disqus, May 15 17:23