Layout A Day: One Week to Go

by Lain Ehmann on September 24, 2010

Layout A Day 10/10starts one week from today on October 1. Here are the top five things you need to do to get ready:

5. Print photos. If you figure you put an average of two photos on each layout, and you’re creating 31 layouts, you’re going to need around 62 photos (see how good I am at math?). Sure, some layouts will have more; some will have less. But 62 is a good number to start with. (Note: York Photos always has great promos. I’ve been really pleased with their speed and processing.

In fact, here’s a coupon code I dug up for ya:

6¢ Photo Prints – Unlimited! + 40 Free Prints. Use Code: PRINTS4SIX at check out. S&H not included. Exp. 2010-10-01

4. Do laundry. Make sure everyone has clean socks and undies. Anything else they need, just send ‘em to school or work dirty and tell everyone they’re celebrating Halloween early, and they’re dressed as a street urchin.

3. Plan your menus. I’m a big believer in planning ahead, so figure out what you’re going to be feeding your family for the next 31 days. (Please note that I did not say, “what you’re going to be COOKING for your family.” Take-out is fine! Just have those menus ready!). If you do want to cook, I recommend this great eBook on Freezer Cooking Made Simple, or this one on slow-cooker cooking. I have both.

2. Watch these videos. They will tell you how to resize photos, add things to our Flickr group, and more.
Image tips and info

Adding comments and notes to images

Uploading images and adding to groups

Resizing image file sizes

(P.S. if you are tempted to make negative comments about my hair, as one YouTube viewer did, keep it to yourself.)

and the number one thing you can do to get ready for LOAD….

1. Start making a list of those stories you want to scrapbook. A quick note, a full-on journal entry… whatever. Just start thinking about the pages you have not yet made but really want to. I’ll help you get ‘em done!

P.S. Layout A Day LOAD) 10/10 kicks off October 1 with guest speakers Ali Edwards, Celeste Smith, Katrina Kennedy, and Noell Hyman. Sign up now – you won’t want to miss this!
  • Katie Kelley

    My top 5 reaons I should have no excuse not to sign up: 5.I haven’t printed/scrapped any 2010 photos and I have over 700+ photo developing credit at an online store. 4. my boys do the laundry pretty good all by themselves. 3. My nutritionist’s word of the week to me: “crock pot”. Great minds are cooking together it seems 2. Video’s – My kids were just watching AFV – roaring with laughter just a minute ago, just like when they were 5 – something to scrap and 1. to tell the story about along with other ones I’ve collected this past month.

  • http://www.designadaybyDesignsbyAng.blogspot.comg Designs by Ang

    can we scrap pages without all the pics.?….as long as we have a theme?….like Halloween for example.?

  • Gina

    I am a LOAD Virgin. :) Just signed up for my first one and I am excited! A couple friends are alums and have said it is a blast! I am looking forward to it!

  • HeidiW

    Lain – I’ve been trying to sign up for LOAD for a while this morning but it keeps kicking out my very good and lots of funds available Visa. I am an American that now lives in Canada. Is it because my Visa is Canadian? I am assuming so. I’m trying to be nice to PayPal but haven’t tried going thru as it will take even longer for the payment to get to you as it is Oct 1 and all ;) lol Any tips on how to make this a go? Heidi

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