Living Artfully: Create the Life You Imagine

by Lain Ehmann on January 20, 2011

We often think that “living artfully” or “being creative” means investing tons of time and energy. But that’s not always the case — we can easily add a sparkle to our everyday.

Over a year ago, I came across “Living Artfully: A Heart-full Guide of Ideas and Inspirations That Celebrate Life, Love, and Moments That Matter” by artist Sandra Magsamen.

The book is chock-full of this talented artist’s suggestions and ideas for living more creatively — coupled with her beautifully simple text-based art.

I hadn’t gotten through the preface before I found a quote-worthy section.

Magsamen tells the story of a friend who was celebrating her 50th birthday. Instead of offering chocolates or flowers to her guests as favors, she placed a small box with a slip of paper inside at each place setting. Each paper was inscribed with a different question, such as:

  • Who would play you in the movie of your life?
  • What is the kindest thing anyone has ever done for you?
  • What is your greatest strength?

At dinner, the guests took turns answering their questions. “The night was filled with laughter, joy, and even a few tears,” Magsamen recounts. “Although the restaurant was wonderful, no one remembers the food. But everyone has memories of stories told and the gift of themselves they shared… Denise felt that her reconnection to the people she loves was the greatest birthday present she could have received.”

To me, that’s what scrapbooking is all about — creating connections, celebrating relationships, and immersing yourself in the everyday.

It’s not hard to create moments like this. It’s a matter of looking at the everyday just a tad differently. And as Magsamen’s friend demonstrated, it doesn’t have to take a lot of time or energy, just a little forethought.

The same goes for our scrapbooking. We don’t have to spend big bucks to take our family to Europe, we don’t need a top-notch camera with all the bells and whistles, and we don’t need to pose our kids in matching outfits with big grins on their faces. Instead, we just need to be aware of what’s happening around us, taking time to document those experiences through photos and journaling.

To break it down:

1. Pay attention to the life in front of you.

2. Make the most of the moments you have.

3. Document them.

That’s it! You have everything you need right in front of you to live a creative, artful life. The rest is up to you.

P.S. If you would like more inspiration for living a creative, colorful life, check out this special offer for an hour-long interview I did with scrapbook superstar Stacy Julian.

  • Tambur

    I love you closing thoughts on this article – pay attention, make the most and document – the life you have. Wonderful!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks, Tambur! :) I like to try to sum it up…. helps people have a takeaway. :)

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