LOAD Q&A Call Today!

by Lain Ehmann on January 21, 2011

Edited to Add: Though the original call is over, you can listen to the replay here!

If you have any questions about Layout a Day, then pop on over here today (Friday) at 1 PM eastern to get them answered. I’ll be giving an overview of the month, and then answering any burning questions. I’d love to see you!

P.S. We have over 175 people signed up! Ready to join them? C’mon down! LOAD 211

  • Rhonda

    I am interested in hearing about LOAD. I don’t really know enough to have a list of questions to ask. But, how long is this call? How much will it cost? Will I be able to hear everyone? I have never done a call like this, so I am hesitant. Can you enlighten me?

  • Anonymous

    Hi Rhonda-
    The call is free. You just click in through your computer or call in (follow the link to get the call-in info).

    I will be the only one speaking (people can submit questions via email before hand).

    I am not sure how long it will last – it depends on how many questions we have!

  • Rhonda

    Well, aaaallllrighty then! (to quote Jim Carrey) Hey, did you ever see him do Vanilla Ice on “In Living Color”. Pee-in-pants funny. Anyway, oh yeah, the phone call! Right! I’m on it! So that would be noon central. OKay. Thx.

  • Amy K

    Hey Lain, I didn’t get home in time to participate. Was this by chance recorded? Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    Yes! I’ll post recording soon. :)

  • heather p. – scrapmomof3

    the link for the replay doesn’t work? thank you!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, it’s not ready yet. Sorry!

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