Lunch and Scrapping at Lain’s

by Lain Ehmann on March 3, 2013

February was a good month.

Not only were we in the midst of LOAD…

Not only is it my birthday month…

It was also the first-ever “Scrapping and Lunch at Lain’s” event!

lainsAs part of our 12 Deals of Christmas promotion (awayyyy back in December), I decided that now that we’ve somewhat settled into our new home, it was time to host a crop/class for my local scrappy friends. So I put it out there to see if we had enough local people to create a fun and fantastic class… And there were!

Ten amazing ladies signed up to come over to create a cute and customizable mini-album, hang with a fun group of scrappy folks, and have a delicious lunch!

The following photos were taken by class members Diane and Deborah. Thanks, ladies!

The tables were set up in my dining room area. My friend Sylva (with the long dark hair below came to help me out, as I was deep in the middle of morning sickness and fatigue, but no one knew I was pregnant). This is Sheila, Ari, and Sylva at the table.

2-15-13 002

Our colors were black and white, with bright accents.


Callie helped me set up the tables the night before, including creating the treat bags and decorating. We put the tables together into one long table so we could hang together:

after tables were put together

I finally found a use for all those Altoids tins I had been collecting!

2-15-13 004

Sylva brought super-cute burlap tablecloths, plus the adorable candy centerpieces:

2-15-13 005

Here’s a shot of Diane in red and Heather (who drove from Albany – wow!) busily working on their books.


By noon we were ready for a little sustenance:

2-15-13 006

We quite enjoyed it! Here you see Dianne, Deborah and Vickie:

lunch at Lain's

One of the highlights was an incredible photo album from Diane, chockful of my secret (ha!) crush:

Hugh book

And another highlight was the desserts, tiny cupcakes from “Cake,” a local bakery that specializes in… guess what? CAKE!


YUM! So, all in all I’d say it was a great experience, one I can’t wait to repeat.

Thanks for all who participated. It was a huge high point for my month. :)


P.S. Are you local to Boston and interested in attending the next “Scrapping and Lunch at Lain’s?” Leave a comment so we can keep you on our list for the next event!

  • Donna Urban

    Ahhh-hhhh-hhhh would be nice to be a local….. Such fun!

  • Geodi Pellerin

    I am local…right here in Northboro! I would love to attend this event if you decide to have another one. I have never been to a crop or attended any other scrapbook event outside of the 213 LOAD which I just completed. It was such a great inspiration, I would like to spread my scrapbook wings a little more!

  • Stacy Buller

    I’m in Rhode Island…so not too far away. Would love to find some new pals to scrap with. Can’t wait for the next LOAD…I joined too late to play with the Feb one.

  • Lain Chroust Ehmann

    Sign-ups for May’s LOAD will start at the end of March! Stay tuned! :)

  • Lain Chroust Ehmann

    YAY, YAY! :)

  • Lain Chroust Ehmann

    Road trip!!! :)

  • Ana Balcarcel

    OMG…would love to go if anyone is willing make the road trip with me from PA…lol. :)

  • Katheryn Thames

    For a scrappy date, I’d love to Road Trip to my old stomping grounds!

  • Libby Wiers

    If it were not in winter, making a trip from Maine a little iffy, I’d love to come! There must be a local motel for overnight? Or maybe I could find a fellow GFWC clubwoman to put up with me…

  • Lauri Ingram

    I am only two hours away and would love to attend if I can!!

  • Lisa T

    I was so sad to miss this one so I would love the chance to attend another one. Congrats on the upcoming new little one.

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