Meet the Magical May Flaum!

by Lain Ehmann on September 14, 2011

We’re introducing you to the beautiful and talented women of the Spawn of True Scrap. I want to impress upon you how amazing this event will be, and how each and every one of these teachers is incredible in her own right! But before you rush off to sign up (which I know you want to do…),

Let me introduce you to May Flaum!

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What is the last scrapbooking product you purchased? Snowcap mixative (alcohol ink) – it’s a game changer!!

Why did you choose “Stitch it. Dot it. Edge it.”  as the class subject for Spawn of True Scrap? I wanted to give insight into my process and something that I include on most every layout that is also very budget friendly in my class. Since I’ve been scrapbooking pen work has come into play, and adding hand stitched detail fits right into my style as well.  Most people have a needle and thread – or at least a pen in their scrapbook stash so you don’t have to go buy anything to play along. I will share multiple projects, walk through my process, and I’m adding in a bonus PDF file full of images, tips, and sketches too. I can’t wait!

What’s one layout you have not created that is on your “to scrap” list? Just one? I have so many! Right now I most want to scrapbook my daughter’s first team sports experience – soccer. It’s definitely at the top of my to-scrap list.

Do you have a can’t-miss TV show? What is it? Parks & Recreation and Modern Family are the only two shows I never miss! Can’t wait for new fall seasons to start…

If you got to choose your own scrapbooking/stamping super power, it would be…? That everything I use goes back into its place when I’m done with it. I’m such a messy crafter! I could really use that super power.


May is aMAYzing, isn’t she? I can’t wait to learn about her process and get a chance to interpret it into my own style for my projects — that’s the best thing about this event: SO many opportunities to learn, yes, but then to make it your own. You will be there Oct. 20-22, won’t you?

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