Mini-Album Ideas for Fall: Five Suggestions for Capturing the Holidays

by Lain Ehmann on October 19, 2010

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Mini-albums are the perfect anecdote for crazy fall days, when scrapbooking tends to fall by the wayside in favor of other activities (hmmm… maybe that’s why they call it “fall?”). I love creating smaller scrapbook albums on a single theme or event because they’re typically faster to create, use up a TON of photos, and are much more accessible for my family, especially smaller hands that have trouble with the 12×12 scrapbook albums.

Mini-albums also make terrific gifts and home decor items.

Have I convinced you yet? :) If so, here are five fun mini-album ideas for fall:

1. Summer wrap-up album. At the beginning of the summer, my family wrote down all the goals we had for the upcoming three months. These index cards were pinned to a huge summer planning bulletin board as they were completed. In September, I was pulling the cards down, thinking how they were a perfect record of our summer. Inspiration struck, and I was soon at the craft table, pulling together an album of our summer adventures. (I’ll add a photo for your viewing pleasure soon).

2. Back-to-School album. I love the idea of having a school album for each of my kids, a la Becky Higgins. I even bought her Kit of the Month (actually, I bought three of them!) but I’ve never done anything with them. It’s too daunting for me to take on a project that needs to be updated with certain information each and every year. Having something hanging over my head, undone, for the next 10 years makes me want to cry “ACK!” and run and hide under the duvet on my bed. Instead, I like to create smaller albums that include all the kids’ photos from that year. One and done. Whew.

3. Halloween album. I taught a class on an adorable board book album (if I do say so myself!) several years ago. It remains one of my favorite mini-albums. Yes, I’ll get a picture up here soon!

4. Nature mini-album. In years past, my little one and I have created a nature table in our house. I’m a little ambivalent on anything involving decorating this year, as I am still not in a house I can call “mine,” and my typical tendency is to do things all or nothing. And since I can’t stick any nails in the wall, to me, that means we don’t do much in the way of decorating.

Thank goodness, Mother Nature does the decorating for us here in New England! Every day I marvel at the gorgeous trees and their vivid colors — I can’t believe it’s happening. I would love to take photos of some of my favorites and put them in a small album to enjoy during the long, dreary winter months (can you guess how I feel about snow?). I haven’t done this yet, but I’ve got it on my list!

5. Fall Favorites mini-album. From seeing the spiced cider make its return to the Starbucks menu, to the pumpkins set above many of the colonial houses’ front doors, there are so many things to love about fall. This year, I’ll take photos and create my own little “fall favorites” album, just for me. I’m not sharing (but I will share photos when I get it done).

P.S. Need some fall-themed goodies to scrap with? I have two Halloween ScrapSpooky kits left at a bargain price of $20 including domestic shipping! Check ‘em out.

  • JenRay

    Try using those “Command Strips” for decorating – they rock! No holes in the wall, and I think it is much easier to line things up nice and straight. I have used them for altered letters that hang about my kids’ beds, framed scrapbook pages, hanging stockings, and even putting hooks low on the wall for my preschooler’s backpack and coat.

  • Heather

    Great ideas — another great for fall is a “thankful” or “blessings” album. I copied an idea from Mini Books in an Evening (think that is the title — Simple Scrapbooks publication) for Thanksgiving one year (see link). I also made “I am thankful” books from paper lunch bags with my daughters 1st grade class last year — very cute.

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