Mixbook Review and Mixbook Coupon Code!

by Lain Ehmann on August 18, 2011

Shh…. I’m going to let you in on a secret! Here’s what my husband is getting for our anniversary this weekend:

A photo book is a perfect gift!

Watch my Mixbook.com review video, and then leave me a comment telling me what kind of Mixbook you would create. You could win your own 8 1/2 x 11″ hardback Mixbook… but you must enter by next Tues. 8/23. (US, Canada, and UK only.)

In the meantime, use code LYADY20 at checkout to take 25% off your purchase! No expiration date, but only one use per person please.

P.S. To see what other promotions Mixbook is running, check them out here:
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  • Jeanette_mcgee

    Great review, your book looks great.  I would make a book with my family, maybe an assortment of photos from the last year.  Something fun and maybe more everyday.  Thanks for a chance to win.

  • Lzepponi

    What a great gift!  Review was good.  I took a look at their site.  I would definitely have to create a Niagra Falls trip photo book for my mother, who provided this trip for myself and child to attend with her.  This looks really easy to use! Can’t wait to try!  Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Ily115

    I love trying new photo sites, especially if I I can try out new layouts. My youngest is leaving for college in two weeks , so I would love to make a book with pictures of all her aunts, uncles, cousins, my husband and her sister (and her furry brother, too) so that she can have her loved one with her while at school.

  • Scrapalittle

    Great review!  I’ll try it out, thinking for football team pictures for our coach.  This is the last year my son will play for him and the first year with this coach that his son wasn’t playing for him, so this will be a great memento for him as his wife and mother-in-law won’t be coming to the games this year!

  • Susan M

    I actually JUST finished making one, based on your blog entry from a few days ago! My dad died unexpectedly two months ago, and I had scanned numerous photos to make collages for his memorial service. I really wanted to put those photos into a book for my mom, so I just made one at Mixbook and ordered our copies. It was super easy to use, and there were no problems with the site.  Next I’m going to make a family heritage album with some old photos of my grandparents and great-grandparents. Thanks for sharing!

  • Smgreen

    Thanks for sharing and the chance to win a book! I would create a book to send to my husband in Afghanistan. A nice, professional looking photobook is just what he needs!

  • Joanie

    I would totally make a Disney vacation book.  I have three trips worth of Disney photos waiting to be scrapped, and making a mixbook would be a fast way to get some of the photos out on public display.
    Thanks for the chance!

  • Sheri

    So cute! I need to make a gift for a friend whose wedding I was just in and that looks like the perfect gift!

  • Juutea

    I would make a book of my Grand Daughters first 6mo….then another of the next 6months and another and another! I would like to make many …what a great idea…I am so stoked about this …going now to get started on my Christmas shopping!! Thanks you bunches !

  • sue

    I would love to make a book for my son– highlighting his school years.  He is a Senior this year.  It looks like it would be a fast and easy way to actually FINISH the project. :0)

  • http://profiles.google.com/crazyangelgurl Kristin Stuthard

    I would make a book of photos from living on my own for the very first time. :)

  • Janice Carl

    I love photobooks. I would let my daughter use the book for her photography portfolio. It’s a great way to have different sample photos for different events that she shoots. Her books are organized by the type of photo. Thanks for a new company to check out.

  • cindi marinez

    Definitely a summer book!  We did so many fun things that it would be great to get them all into a book! 

  • Dekern72

    I love these hardcover photo books! I would definately do a heritage book or a flash from the past theme as I have just discovered a ton of photos from my childhood that I didn’t know existed. Yep, That’s it in a nutshell.

  • Rray8

    A wonderful summer book with all the awesome adventures with my grand children.

  • Sue I.

    I would create a book with heritage photos for my mother, aunts and uncle. My mom told me they don’t have any photos of her father because they lost all irthe photos when they moved to California in the 50′s. I found some photos in my grandmother’s papers and want to give each of them a photo book.  

  • Lilie

    I would make a vacation book of the family.  By the way you made a beautiful book and I am sure your husband will love it!  :)

  • LCSmithSAVED

    Lucky guy :~D
    Have  done one with another company & found it very difficult to get what I wanted – confusing & pricey to boot.
    Am excited about this as your book looks really high quality and would LOVE to print my daughters wedding layouts in book form!

  • Russokids

    i would make a book for my son who is leaving for the ukraine in december. he will be a missionary for two years and needs photos of the fam. to keep him company

  • Anderson

    A heritage album for my husband (with extras for his 3 siblings), with photos from the U.S. and Europe from the late 1800s, and also their uncles’ in the military.  Something I’ve been thinking about for a long time.

  • Amandalarae

    Thank for sharing. I used mixbook and made customized calendars for Grandparents and Great Grandparents last Christmas. Absolutely fabulous and easy to use. By far everyones favorite gift. I was able to input all the anniv and bdays too with pics to match. I will definitely be doing this again! 

  • Anonymous

    Glad you liked it – I already have a list of several I need to make! ;)

  • Ritaymca

    Have you ever used Shutterfly? Mixbook looks identical. I’ve made several photobooks using Shutterfly & have been happy. Plus you can upload & archive your photos with them, so it’s a ‘one-stop shopping’. (promise – no stock in Shutterfly- just wondering if it’s worth making the switch :)

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