My Scrapbook Studio – Update!

by Lain Ehmann on July 5, 2011

Time for another update on what’s happening in the Little Green Room!

I’ve been moving things from here to there and back again. Decluttering and organizing, figuring out processes, picking up a few boxes and bins… Fun! But hard to be in that “in-between” stage for so long. There are still a lot of piles on the floor (especially one of Groovy Girls that does NOT belong to me!).

I thought I’d show you what I have figured out for my rubber stamp storage. Of course, the most important tool is the Alex rolling file drawer unit.

I have two of these and am thinking about getting at least another one. :)

Here’s what’s in this one… my stamps and stamp pads!

The top drawer has all my most frequently used stamp pads, including Distress Inks and Memento stamp pads. I love that the drawers are deep enough that I can stack stamp pads, but shallow enough that nothing gets lost.

The next drawer has more stamp pads, the ones I don’t use quite as much. Many of these are older and are just colors I don’t use as much now as I did in the “olden” days.

The third drawer is the beginning of the mounted stamp collection. I lined the drawers with rubber shelf liner that comes in a roll and I grabbed at the Dollar Tree for… guess what… a dollar! :) I need another roll or two to finish off the top drawers. I did this for two reasons: First, to keep things in place when I open and close the drawers, and second, so any leftover ink on the bottoms of the stamps won’t get all over the drawer and make it look junky.

The next drawer is more stamps, mostly florals and “real” object stamps (I’m sure there’s a word for that). There’s also a pencil box full of Christmas stamps in the back:

This drawer has some of my cling stamps and clear stamps. I need a better way to store them, but don’t have one yet! And I also tossed in my handle-stamps (there’s probably a name for them, too). The rest are in a basket right next to this unit, and a few more in a binder. I’m finding I don’t really like the binder storage:

And finally, the bottom drawer has storage and supplies, odds and ends:

Here’s a shot of the whole unit under my window. I’ve got a bucket of Stickles (orange bucket), another (yellow bucket) of cat’s-eye stamp pads (which I almost never use – thinking about purging. Will need to check with Jennifer McGuire first!). And then a caddy unit with all my mists and sprays and paint daubers on top, and more stamps on the bottom:

That’s it for this edition of the Little Green Scrapbook Room! By the way, I’m LOVING the color. LOVE it. Thanks for your help with that!

P.S. For additional photos and updates, check out this post: My Scrapbook Studio.

  • Abbie Miller

    LOVE!!!! BTW you should use the cat eye stamps to make flower petals on a card or something… stamp the the pads right om the paper. :)

  • Anonymous

    I see a “Use Your Tools” episode on those mini-stamps in my future! :)

  • Gretchen

    Love it! How deep are those drawers? I don’t do well with binders either for stamps and have changed my storage and it might work for you. I put them in containers so they’re up right and I can flip through them (like a recipe box kind of but no lid). It works out great. :-)

  • Anonymous

    Hey Gretchen! The top three drawers are about 2.75″ and the bottom three are about 3.5″. I have my other acrylics in a basket in a similar manner, it sounds like — but the problem I have is with the rubber clings (don’t stay on or the storage sheet bends) and figuring out what to do with the different sizes… do you put them IN anything, like a sleeve?

  • Gretchen

    Most my acrylic sets are 4×6 and they all seem to stay on the sheet. I don’t put them in anything. I just have the front and back plastic that encloses them – sometimes I tape the top to keep them together – but that’s it. Let me see if I can figure out how to post a pic to twitter for you.

  • jersey girl Anne

    I am surprsed that you dont like the binder idea for the stamps. I just went to that system after having all the stamps in a basket and hating it!  Now I just flip throught the binder. I LOVE It! But I know that we all have our own preferences,don’t we?!?   LOL  I also love my cats eye chalk inks…so easy to ink small areas and pages. I love your new storage on wheels but dont have room in my own scrap area!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Lain! I love your drawers.

    I’ve made my background page with the cat’s eye ink pads before. I used different greens, and it turned out great, like leaves on the page.

  • Anonymous

    I think I need things to be more visible and accessible. The binder annoys me – everything falls to the bottom of the page protectors, things fa off the plastic, blah blah. ;)

  • DaniNYC12677

    ok when you finish up your room wanna come down and do mine?? 

  • Norma

    Love the buckets!  I’m also surprised you don’t like the binders for clear stamps…I love it!  So easy to flip through and see what I’ve got, and easy to store on a bookshelf.  To each her own, but I’m curious- how are you putting them in the binder?  Check out Stephanie Barnard’s storage system on her website if you’re not familiar with it…easy and inexpensive- my favorite combo!

  • Anonymous

    Sure! :)

  • Dramaqueensmum

    I love looking at crafting rooms & how people organize their stuff. I REALLY need to get organized.

  • Anonymous

    Trust me – it takes a while!!!! I don’t know how people come up with these perfect studios that look like no one has ever cut a piece of paper in them. ;) Mine is a mess!

  • Janice Carl

    I also don’t like binders. I tried them for my stickers/alphas and found I NEVER used them. I moved them to a drawer (I have 2 flat drawer cabinets as the base of my work table) and I look/use them so much more often. My acrylic stamps are in small boxes from Ikea’s kid’s section, since most of them are from the dollar section of JoAnn’s or Michael’s so they are not that big. This way I can organize them and know which box to grab and flip through and they can sit on the desk without looking messy despite the fact my workspace is a creative wreck! Most of my wooden stamps live in a drawer.

  • Anonymous

    Drawers work so well for me – they are all out of sight, but then they’re all visible at once when I want them! :) I may need to go get that additional Alex… :)

  • Anonymous

    Just so many things about the binder bug me — the way different sizes don’t store nicely together, even in a page protector. Plus they get stuck to the plastic of the page protector… many reasons! Will definitely check out Stephanie’s storage system. Thanks!

  • Sas_bailey

    I use a binder as a reference to hold a prints of all my stamps. I photocopied them. Then put pages in page protectors. This is handy to flip through the largest of collections when you are thinking to yourself…..”I have a little car with dots on it, don’t I?”
    Then the stamps are in cases I got from Stampin’ Up. They are the size of DVD cases.
    Now I once saw a U-tube episode about categorizing the stamps using different coloured dots. That will be my next step.

  • Lisa m zepponi

    I really like the shallow drawers for your stamps! I have just started purchasing stamps…so u will need to keep us posted. Also, where did u get your wire two tiered basket for bottles?

  • Anonymous

    I will definitely keep you posted! :)
    I got the two-tier basket at HomeGoods. It’s part of TJMaxx. I have seen similar ones at Target, too. Mine was about $12. Glad you like it!

  • Anonymous

    This is a great idea!!!!

  • Psycho Mom in a good way!

    Me too–love your name!  I have a couple of drama queens in my life too–but they are getting older.

  • Shelly J

    I stamp all my images on paper, punch holes in it and put them in a binder sorted with tabs.  I also put a note next to them detailing what type they are (rubber, acrylic, wood mounted).  Then I store all my rubber stamps (with foam backing) in CD cases in a CD rack and all the acrylic and wood block ones in drawers.  That way I don’t have to flip through the actual stamps, just the images to find the one I want – and it’s a smaller size binder that I leave on my desk, easy access.

  • Grandma11times

    I, too, have photocopied my stamps and put the pictures in a binder. I’ve numbered the stamp and also the corresponding picture. I bring the binder upstairs and occasionally thumb through to remind myself what I have when I’m looking for a project to do. They are filed numerically in drawers. Many clear stamps are in opaque “envelopes”….from Close To My Heart. Others are some I picked up randomly. I just store them in a drawer. Since they’re numbered, they’re easy to find. I have my mounted stamps in totes. They’re reasonably small totes, also numbered. So if I’m looking for the bicycle stamp, mounted, it is numbered 182, and in tote #3. It works for me!

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