Nothin’ to do with Nothin’. ;)

by Lain Ehmann on February 2, 2012

This has nothing to do with scrapping, but I have several baby presents to buy and this came across my desk today. Since you can only get this fab deal through a link from a Groupon affiliate, I thought it was my duty to share! ;)

It’s the super-soft Nuddle blanket, made specifically for strollers! It’s got slits for the straps of a five-point harness to go through (which I think would make it work for car seats, too).

Here’s the deal: Half off a Nuddle in your choice of colors, for only $19! I’m ordering a few to have on hand for people like her. Oh, and you can send them a gift certificate directly on checkout, so they can choose their color! Cool, eh? Wish they made ‘em in my size. Better than a Snuggie. ;)


Back to your regularly scheduled program.

  • Bec Kilgore

    Maybe if we all ask they will make big ones :)

  • Anonymous

    I wish!!! :)

  • gladdie

    Thanks so much for this Laine!

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