One Down, Two to Go.

by Lain Ehmann on August 30, 2011

This is what the first day of first grade looked like around here:

New sparkly tennies.

Sister’s hand-me-down leggings.

A big smile (nice change from last year!).

Cinnamon toast waffles for breakfast (yes, we were running late!).

A new haircut.

All her teeth (kind of a disappointment to her).

The air was a bit cooler. No leaves changing, but plenty of twigs and branches on the path, courtesy of Irene.

Many, many hugs for Mama (who remembered the camera this year, thank goodness!).

My baby. Sigh.

P.S. Can you tell that this is a ready-made scrapbook page? All I have to do is print the photo, add a few embellishments, and the journaling is done. That’s how I roll, ladies. That’s how I roll. 


  • Tambur

    Great pic.  Love the journaling.  I can totally see this page coming together in no time. 
    We start back to school on Tuesday.  Can not believe that summer is over.  But am looking forward to having my “personal time”  i.e. Scrapping time back. Namely, my desk and computer that I share during the summer months. 

  • Glenna

    Summer is far from over here. Was 111 degrees yesterday. 108 today.
    Love the pic.

  • LCSmithSAVED

    awww…sniff-sniff…hope you got your beverage of choice & sat still for a wee bit…

  • Sas_bailey

    Woohoo! Summer is ending and this means my first grand-baby will be entering Kindergarten. Riding the yellow bus. Lunch boxes. Oh sooo many new scrap-able topics!

  • Anonymous

    I love this time of year!!! :)

  • Cassie Beeze

    Very neat idea!  Thanks for this. :)  Would never imagine doing such a simple page which packs such a punch!

  • DaniNYC12677

    Love it! Hope my little pal is having a great time in First Grade :) 

  • Lynnette

    I like the way you roll, Miss Lain…I really like it :)

  • Anonymous

    :) Thanks!!!

  • Anonymous

    She is!! She was so cute today. :) I’ll tell her you said hi!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks, Cassie! :)

  • Anonymous

    It was absolutely crazy — after I dropped her off, I had to get my son ready for his first day at his new school. Then we had orientation all day, then a baseball meeting tonight… I hope to get to reflect tomorrow! :) Blogging about it definitely helped. ;)

  • Anonymous

    I’m envious! I love that weather!

  • Anonymous

    Sharing is hard! ;) Enjoy these last few days!

  • danielle van ekris

    This will be a lovely page.

    When I read this, I want to start blogging. It’s a easy way to capture moments. But on the other hand, where do I find time to blog (besides being a mom, work, housework,  scrapbooking and dancing)?

  • Anonymous

    It IS a challenge. You have to know your limitations and set expectations. There are ways to use your blog as part of your life…. I see a blog post from ME coming on! :) Stay tuned…

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