Ep 06: Layout a Day – the Podcast: A Rising Tide

by Lain Ehmann on July 6, 2011


Yes sirree Bob! Another episode of the incredibly popular and insanely value-packed Layout a Day scrapbooking podcast!

This week, our theme is OVERWHELM: Products, photos, inspiration, projects. We’ll cure what ails you, as well as talk about:

  • Illegal fireworks
  • How many bottles of Stickles is really “too many”
  • Toilet cleaning
  • and much, much MUCH more!

Welcome to the happiest, scrappiest 15 minutes of your week…

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  • http://twitter.com/StudioScrapping Studio Scrapping

    Lain, just got caught up on your last few podcasts while scrapbooking 4th of July photos!  My overwhelm is typically a disconnect between everything I WANT to do and the time I have to do it.  Yet, I’m a teacher on summer holiday right now, so I’m blissfully enjoying time to read and scrapbook!  Like many of your listeners, I tend to spend too much time finding online inspiration and not enough time actually scrapbooking.  A couple years ago, I made the decision to stop buying product unless I had a specific project to work on.  As a CTMH consultant, I get the workshop on the go kit with my customers each month, but other than that, I do most of my scrapbooking using our online program, Studio J.  By making that small change, I’ve become far more PRODUCTIVE and have avoided the product overwhelm I was feeling.  I do admit, though, that I’m also contributing to the online education overload…I can’t help it, I’m a teacher and YouTube makes it so easy to share my knowledge with others!  And what I love best about the scrapbooking community is that most people are so appreciative of that knowledge and reach out by leaving positive comments.  I had a really rough school year and those positive strokes from people who actually cared about what I was teaching helped sustain me!   I feel blessed to be a part of such an amazing community drawn together by our love of scrapbooking!

  • Anonymous

    Hey Studio J! :) I think the overload of education is fantastic – something for everyone. Will definitely check out your videos! I like the idea of making a deal for yourself – not buying unless you have a specific project… or until you use X amount (that’s one I use a lot!). Yes, our community is FANTASTIC. We are lucky and blessed indeed! Thanks for listening. :)

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