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by Lain Ehmann on December 4, 2013


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It’s the holiday season! (Like you didn’t know…) But before you drop a few bills on crafting supplies and stay up for the next 96 hours straight, putting together handmade gifts for everyone you know, listen to today’s episode for some tips on successful handmade gift-giving. We also have a TON of calendar items, so get ready to take notes!

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12 Deals of Christmas - www.layoutaday.com

12 Deals of Christmas

Scrapbook Improv 12/18 (stay tuned for link!)

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Oh, Shoot! December’s Free Scrapinar with Katrina Kennedy

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  • Danielle Taylor

    I definitely only create gifts for people I know will appreciate them which usually means my mom haha! Though I have a few good friends who know the value of a handmade gift. I also love creating photo books and photo calendars cause there just isn’t always enough time to hand make things but that doesn’t mean it can’t be personal.

  • LainEhmann

    It’s funny – I almost don’t want to make things unless the other person is also a crafter. And then they could do it themselves! LOL!

  • Kelli Panique

    You definitely have to be more selective about who you craft for – Know your audience, right? The nice thing about doing a photo book is that I can create one and give it to several people. For a while I thought that was getting boring for my family, but then my mom AND dad both commented on how much they like taking their photobooks with them places to show people.

  • http://digitalscrapbookinghq.com/ Melissa Shanhun

    Emily is feeling much better and can’t wait for her patch to come off her neck so she can go for a swim!

    Emily is still in love that “Banana holiday lately” knock knock joke she sent to Callie a while back. When I suggested we send a different one to you, this is what she came up with….

    Knock, knock
    Who’s there?
    Apple who?
    Apple went on a plane lately?

    We will have to keep working on her repertoire, but at least hospital didn’t dampen her spirits!

  • LainEhmann

    Ha! That’s so funny! Tell her I loved it. :)

  • LainEhmann

    YES! I think that’s a great idea. Thanks for sharing!

  • Jenny McGee

    I have done a few scrapbook albums for gifts, not for Christmas but for special occasions. One for my parents, one for each of my brothers, and one as a wedding gift. I do not know how much they were appreciated, but I only do them occasionally.

  • JodieM

    Great podcast Lain, I was nodding my head to so many of the points you made. I totally agree that you have to carefully pick the people that you craft gifts for. I’ve made a few bits and pieces for my parents over the years, thinking they would be so impressed and each time they hardly even notice. So I don’t bother anymore. Same with cards, I’m not a big card maker anyway and as I know most people I would give them to wouldn’t notice the detail in them I don’t bother with that either. Crafty people always appreciate them more I think.

    Also just wanted to comment on your point about people appreciating “store bought” things. When I was growing up clothes were a lot more expensive then they are now and it was quite common for mothers to make clothes for their kids. If they were excellent sewers (or knitters) it wasn’t always obvious but we always knew (and I still have an aversion to “ric rac” as that was the standard form of “decorating” a piece of clothing LOL). “Store bought” meant something that “home made” didn’t. It’s funny that these two have now switched around for a lot of people.

  • LainEhmann

    Such a good point – that store bought used to be “better” because people couldn’t afford it! Sort of like Little House on the Prairie where they got so excited over a penny stick of candy. :) Thanks for listening!

  • LainEhmann

    I just sent one off for a friend and heard… NOTHING. :-/

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