Ep12: Layout a Day – The Podcast: Touchy-Feely

by Lain Ehmann on August 17, 2011


 Welcome to the latest episode of Layout a Day: The Podcast! This week, we’re talking Touchy-Feely. Take a listen to find out:

  • Who won the Smashbook in last episode’s contest…
  • Under what circumstances you should (or shouldn’t) taste patterned paper…
  • What my hubby’s getting for our anniversary this weekend….
  • And a chance to vote on what I’m teaching for Spawn of True Scrap in October!
  • And, of course, much much much more!

Links in this episode:

P.S. Thank YOU for listening! I appreciate your time and support. :)
  • Iceteeeeee

    Lain, thanks for a great podcast and the shout out for our great local store, Beach Scrapbooks! I hope you can come back someday! You made me see how lucky I am to have a store nearby with all the advantages you mentioned. My friend and I are going to crop there in their crop room on Friday!
    I vote that you teach the Making Money session at True Scrap. I am really good at SPENDING it, but need some help in the other direction!!!!!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EHCOAYM74XJPJBYLED2XP45PL4 Michele

    definitely journaling – I think everyone can learn something new about journaling :)

  • Anonymous

    I agree – it’s a topic near and dear to me! :)

  • http://twitter.com/IAmMikki Mikki

    I would absolutely love to learn how to make money scrapbooking. I have often thought of creating an Etsy store for pre-made layotus but it is so hard to gadge if people will actually buy it. I greatly admire people who are able to make money from scrapbooking, I would love to do it, but I don’t even know where to start.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the vote! :)

  • Anonymous

    Thank you, Trisha!

  • Oldflaim

    I am interested in learning about making money with scrapbooking. Seems like a strange concept since it can be so time consuming.

    Thank you,

  • Lynnette

    I vote for Making Money scrapbooking.  I’m guessing this topic would be very different than the other classes and that might be an interesting way to change it up.  Wouldn’t it be great to be paid for what we love to do!

  • Joanie

    I think I’ll jump in with the majority and vote for Making Money Scrapbooking.  You seem to have covered Fast Scrapping numerous time already, and I really am not all that interested in learning anything more about Journaling.  While I’m not a huge fan of turing a nice relaxing hobby into a j.o.b., it would be interesting to see what possibilities are out there.

  • Rebecca Lovell

    Please, please – making money!!!  That would be really nice – I’m not wanting something to do all the time, but a way to make just a little bit of money would sure help me be able to spend a little more! :)

  • Moejgreer

    How to make money class would be the best:)

  • Rebecca Lovell

    Oh, and I also wanted to mention – I think you are so right!  I was hoping to go to my first Archiver’s the other day, and it didn’t work out.  I was so sad.  I wish there were more LSS’s around me, but that’s the only one I’ve found, and they are an hour away. 

    I have had it so often, in fact just yesterday, where I bought paper online, and when it got to me, the ideas popped into my head and I needed more.   I got some of the new MME Lost and Found Two from Two Peas yesterday, and when I opened the box, and saw all that glittery paper, I immediately thought of mini books I wanted to make.  So, within a couple of hours, I had placed another order – had I been able to see it in person, and buy it that way, I would have saved myself 2 shipping charges! lol

  • Anonymous

    How to make money

  • Anonymous

    Thank you! Seems to be popular… :)

  • Anonymous

    thanks, Joanie!

  • Anonymous

    I almost fell down on my knees when I went to my first Archivers. :)

  • Anonymous

    thanks Rosann!

  • Anonymous

    Gotcha. Thanks!

  • Granmaq

    I vote for the journalling!

  • Glenna

    My vote is for journaling.  But am sure to enjoy whichever is chosen.

  • Gail Evans

    I vote for the making money topic (if Im not too late)…there are several classes at Big Picture and various websites at any given time on Journaling etc., but none on the money making aspect. Lets cover some missing areas ..it seems lots of us in this economy are wanting to make a little dough, and I think you are just the woman to give us some ideas on how to do it!

  • Anonymous

    I think you are on to something there — hitting what isn’t covered elsewhere…

  • Anonymous

    I do like all three topics of choice. To pick one, How to Make Money – could be a topic I might think about at some point, even if it is later.

  • Alison Day

    I’m on the “making money” bandwagon too. I’ve had numerous people tell me I should be monetizing my blog and selling my creations etc so a few pointers on how to do that effectively (from the Queen herself!) would be A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!
    I’m with you on the visits to you LSS. I was just in mine (also a 45 minute drive away from me) yesterday for more adhesive and after wandering the aisles and drooling over the displays I came away with SO much more than just adhesive. Unless I know specifically what I’m looking for online (or unless I’ve received an email to offer me something at hugely discounted prices) I find it hard to commit to my online purchases because I can’t see them and touch them. I haven’t gone to any of the crop nights at my LSS (again, 45 minute drive away minimum) as the timing of them doesn’t work for me usually but I loved hearing about your stories and reading the stories from last weeks podcast. Hilarious!

  • Melanie L.

    I think I’m going to be the minority here. You covered making money in scrapbooking on a previous podcast, and I want to keep my hobby my creative outlet instead of worrying about making money with it. I can always use more tips on journaling–I need help on putting my feelings into words. I can also always use more tips on fast scrapbooking. Thanks for such a great podcast each week!

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