Ep 15: Layout a Day – The Podcast: The Big One

by Lain Ehmann on September 7, 2011


Welcome to Episode 15 of Layout a Day: The Podcast. This week, we’re talking about “The Big One.” In this scrapbook podcast episode, you’ll hear:

  • The four things you need to keep in mind when you tackle a big project…
  • Why I still haven’t scrapped my wedding photos — 16 years later…
  • What a bellycast is…
  • What CSI has to do with spaghetti sauce…
  • And how YOU can win a spot in Spawn of True Scrap!

Take a listen… you know you want to!

P.S. Entries for the free seat in Spawn of True Scrap must be received by Tuesday, 9/13 at midnight. Winner will be announced on next week’s podcast!

  • Rebecca Lovell

    I think so many of the Spawn of True Scrap classes look awesome, but I think the one I MOST would love to take is, oh gosh, this is hard…  (I mean, seriously, there are so many that I want to take!!!)…  okay… Katrina’s Photo Composition class, because I really want to become a better photographer.  But, learning how to make money with my scrapbooking would be good too! :)  And so would stamping on my pages, and stitching on them, and distressing them, and so much more!  So, thanks for the chance to win a spot, Lain!!

    I really haven’t attempted any really big scrapping projects before – I know I’m not good at finishing things, so that frightens the heck out of me!

  • Jeanette_mcgee

    All the classes look fun.   I have been following Shimelle’s blog and love her style, so her class looks fun.  Also, I love stamping so both Nichol and Jennifer’s stamping classes look fun too.  Thanks for a chance to win a spot.  I would so love it. 

  • http://twitter.com/IAmMikki Mikki McGehee

    For my wedding album, I planned ahead. Instead of a guestbook, I purchased scrapbook paper and they were handed out to everyone at the reception to write a few words. They often didn’t take up the whole page with writing, so I used pictures of them and some embellishments.  It came out great!

    As far as Spawn of True Scrap, I very much want to be a part. In fact, I’ve already asked my friends on Twitter for Spawn of True Scrap for my birthday LOL
    I am most interested “Show Me the Money! A Dozen Ways to Make Money Scrapbooking” scrapbooking is a passion of mine and to be able to make money (even a little) would be an absolute dream! Runners up: Phoning it in and Solutions for Small Scrapbook Spaces.

  • Briel Schmitz

    Thanks for the great podcast.  I wanted to share about a big project.  I’m an educator, and I have 20 years of teaching/principal history.  I knew for a long time that I wanted to do an album to commemorate this work.  One of my recommendations for a big project is to think and wait until you are really sure about what you want to do.  I think that it took me about 4 years to come up with a plan and an album that would work.  I’m glad that I waited, though, because I’m so happy with the final plan.

    I think that this could work for parents for a school album as well.  Here is a post about my project.  http://scrappingwindow.blogspot.com/2010/09/school-years-project-post-1.html

    Looking forward to Spawn of True Scrap…I’m looking forward to the Photo Composition class.  Thanks!

  • Hilary Ford

     Wow, Spawn of True Scrap looks fab.  Quite a few classes caught my eye – I always love Jennifer McGuire’s work, and the distressing and misting classes look great too.  BUT – the one that I would most love to do is Phoning it in – using cell phone photos effectively.  I recently moved to Malaysia, and there are photo opportunities almost everywhere I go – but it’s so hot I don’t want to carry my camera everywhere, only places where I know I will be clicking away constantly.  So being shown how best to use my cell phone in my scrapping would be perfect for me right now, and would help me to not just capture, but also scrap, all those photos that I take while I’m out and about (but without my camera)! 
    PS I love your blog and podcast, you always sound so cheery!

  • Sherrie Breese

     I know, 30 minute layouts require me to “step away from the stickles” but I am always drawn to the technique driven classes. That is until I got down the list to Kelli Crow andFreud on Scrapbooking. I would buy a book with that as the title. So badly do I want to know what she has to say that I am going to go register RIGHT NOW!

  • Anonymous

    Isn’t she amazing???
    Many of these classes WILL include some fun techniques… so I am sure you will enjoy them. :)

  • Anonymous

    Wait until you hear Tami! She’s just as cheery as I am — somedays more so. ;)

  • Anonymous

    So true — taking your time will make the finished product all the better. :)

  • Anonymous

    Lots of good stuff, eh? :)

  • Jjstcyrctmh

    I have gone over the classes again and again and again and I love them all.  I love stamping on my cards and layouts so Nichol’s and Jennifer’s stamping classes look great.  I am getting into spray inks this year so Francine’s De-mist-ified would be a must for me.  I also just started using cell phone photos for the first time so I could so use Tami’s Phoning It In class. I Love, love, love distressing, which puts Nic’s Ready, Set, Distress near the top of the list.  Katrina’s Photo Composition I’m sure will teach me some new tricks that I would love to test out.  Its not fair…there is to many…I could go on and on for each class…do I really have to pick just one?  Cuz I think I am unable to…it is all so exciting:)  Thank you for the chance to win a spot :)

  • Anonymous

    Good stuff all around, eh? ;)

  • Sweetpeamd

    I have really gotten into making cards lately so the From Pages to Cards class sounds really interesting.  I love stamping, too, so the stamping ones sound great, too.  Honestly, I could easily justify taking any and all of the classes!  They sound wonderful.  Thank you so much for working so, so hard to organize the event.  Being able to learn so much from the comfort of my home sounds so appealing!

  • Ruth Bonser

    2 things to add … firstly re:spawn, i am excited about jennifers class, though kristinas and noells both also look awesome, lain is always so entertaining, hey who WONT be great?? what a tough call..
    secondly.. i have just decided to start our heritage album using the new simple stories release, generations, it was the first time i saw heritage stuff and thought it looked inviting, so i was inspired to start this big projec,t thanks for your insight, Lain, it is really helpful.

  • Michele in La

    oh gosh…if i were able to “attend the event”, the very first thing that catches my eye is cathy’s interview.  I follow her blog and love her outlook on life so I’m sure her interview would be awesome.  The class that peaks my interest is about small scrapbooking spaces since I only really have supplies stored in my bedroom corner and either scrap on the den floor or last week I was able to temporarily set up a card table in the kitchen to work on…thanks for a chance to win a spot :)

  • LisaInRe

    your list of instructors is awe inspiring to be honest but top, top, top of my list would be Nic H. I totally and utterly adore her, her style, her scrapbooking and her über-cute accent! She is fantastic and it would be incredible to have the chance to experience her “live” after having had so much fun in the BPC classes I’ve done with her.

    And I was thinking about big project scrapping as in your podcast and I think what scares me off is the pre-planning and preparation that I think I would want to do. I made a mega album for a holiday a few years ago and took my time to gather my stuff together and approached it one page at a time using my blog posts as the journalling, but I made it too difficult by trying to get “clever” with design and to make every page unique. It was quite fun, but hard work and I worked on it for months. I did get that high from finishing it but looking back, I should have planned more, made it simpler and had more fun while I was doing it. This is a hobby after all! :-) I like to stand up, grab some papers and photos and spend a few hours being creative. Even though I know I would adore the end result of a wedding scrapbook or something (and my f0rmal wedding album isn’t even finished yet after 8 years”), I know that I won’t make the time to do the pre-work and I think that’s key to success. 

  • Angelica Roderick

    I gotta say Lain being a big city girl, I would love to take the class from Aby about small scrap spaces… since my area is just a baby corner of my 425 sq ft apt! Also since i’m utterly obsessed with my iphone, I’d love the class on phoning it in with Tami Morrison!

  • Ragnhild

    Jennifer Mcguire inspires me a lot, so definitly her! :)

  • gscrapper

    Well, of course, my first choice is “Show me the money!” with you, Lain.  I am also interested in Going off the Grid, From Pages to Cards, Creating Digital Templates for Photo Printing, and Photo Composition, but quite honestly, there isn’t a single class that I wouldn’t want to participate in.  It is a wonderful potpourri.  Congratulations on putting this together.  THANK YOU!

  • http://blog.mshanhun.com Melissa

    Lain – just wanted to share my 2nd year book for Emily. This year I was so busy with finishing my Dec Daily 2010, moving house and doing the Yesterday and Today class that I barely scrapped about Emily (my daughter).
    So i decided to make a themed album about her words, and include photos and stories that i wanted to share based on my diary for the year.I shared the story here about how I completed it. http://www.simplescrapper.com/2011/08/31/simple-steps-to-finishing-what-you-start/ However, I first thought about the idea months before! Here’s the finished album… http://blog.mshanhun.com/2011/08/simple-tips-for-finishing-album.html

  • http://blog.mshanhun.com Melissa

    Oh and I am truly excited about your class Lain! At the moment I’m slowly building up my classes (and have 44 people registered for this one… http://mshanhun.com/visions-of-vincent-digital-scrapbooking/however, I’v got so much to learn! :)

    Noell’s embellishment class would be a close 2nd choice!

    I’d love to win a spot in the Spawn of True Scrap!

  • Mariec

    It’s hard having to select one class as the one most interesting for me, but if I have to do it, I’d choose the scrapbook space organization class… You see, I have stopped doing paper scrapbook over 5 years ago and converted to digital scrapbook.  Lately, I realised I haven’t done much because I did not print the pages I’ve done (mostly because I’m cheap LOL).  Anyways, I decided to go back to paper scrapbook and now need to reorganize my craft room (that became my husband’s office/genealogy room/computer room in the meanwhile) so I can scrap there and not only store (or hide away) my scrapbook stuff.

    By the way, thank you for your podcast.  I’ve discovered it a couple of days ago and now am all caught up and waiting for the next one :)

    Marie Claude

  • Margie S

    I find Kelli Crowe’s class and Erin Bassett’s class titles the most intriguing! Thanks for the chance.

  • http://profiles.google.com/scrapdreams Cheri Andrews

    Seriously, they all look great … but I’m most interested in the Mixed Media class.

  • Lzepponi

    I am excited about it all , but I am looking forward to Jennifer and nicole’s stamping classes!

  • Anonymous

    I’m not so good at the finishing either — I have to really break things down. If it’s an ongoing project, like a school album — ACK!

  • Anonymous

    You are so darned smart. :) I wish I had been a scrapbooker when I got married!

  • Anonymous

    It’s amazing to have them all in one place… It’s so darned fun!

  • Anonymous

    I’ll have to check that out — can you tell me where to find the SImple Stories?

  • Anonymous

    So many great people to hear from!

  • Anonymous

    Such great points — it’s true that a lot of pre-planning is necessary for a certain kind of result. But you can also adapt it as you wish, focusing on smaller sections… or even break up the pre-planning… just some thoughts!

  • Anonymous

    Great choices!

  • Anonymous

    Awwww. you are so sweet! :)

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for sharing! So cute! I’ll be sure to check out the tips too.

  • Anonymous

    Marie, thanks for listening! :)

  • L_murdie

    Wow! How can I choose just one? Noell, Shimelle, May, yourself and Cathy! You all ROCK!!
    Thanks for the chance to win. :)

  • Julie K

    Shimelle’s class is really intriguing!  I sort of had a flow (that’s a big “sort of”) since I used to do things chronologically, but haven’t been doing things that way lately.  This sounds helpful.  Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Anonymous

    I can’t wait to be in her class, too. :)

  • JenGreer

    First, I want to say that I started listening to your layout-a-day podcasts just last week.  I was able to go back and start with #6, but I have now listened all the way up to last week.  I really love all of the information that you have given me and I truly love your enthusiasm.  It is infectious.

    Now, I reviewed the class list for Spawn of True Scrap and I think that Katrina Kennedy’s photo composition class would be the best fit for me at this point in time.  I finally got a new camera.  I absolutely love taking pictures and really need to learn more about making the most of my photographs.  Taking photographs is the reason I scrapbook.  I want to show off all of my photos and luckily my kids LOVE to look at my scrapbooks.  I could use some pointers how to make my photos the best that they can be and also how to use all of the fancy buttons I have on my new camera.

  • Loulou Anderssen

    My goodness Lain!  Never in a million years would I have thought my rambling email about my Homebirth presentation struck such a cord with you! Wow. I found your advice in this podcast excellent. I will definitely give myself the whole two months I have to make this special mini of my son’s birth as well as finishing all the other 12×12 LOs from my other son’s twelve month SB album. I was considering doing the mini in a steampunk genre but have decided on different papers. I dont want to go for traditional ‘baby’ papers. I find them boring. I want distressing, aged, vintage, interesting, nooks & crannies to play with etc.
     But you are right in saying when you are faced with a large project you tend to procrastinate… & yes, I have been. I could have started it by now. I have all the little photos printed off, birth story more or less finished, suitable embellishments etc but I just cant seem to put it all together. I dont want it to look the same as everything else I do (not that it all looks the same, but sometimes I think to myself ‘oh, its so obvious to put that embellie there’ or  “oh, I’m sick of matting my photos that way blah blah blah’ ), its hard to explain & maybe I’m making a mtn out of a molehill too… most probably. But you know what, I know I wont re-do this. One shot, thats it.
    And yep, I am an avid Podcast listener (Wed is my one day to myself) & I read all your emails. I’m very flattered that you mentioned my little journey on your Facebook page too. I can only imagine how many emails you must receive each week, so its a buzz to think someone from the Blue Mountains (west of Sydney) in Australia has prompted so much discussion. Remind me not to RAMBLE on next time!! lol.

    With kind regards,

  • Anonymous

    Loulou, I appreciate your email and comment! :) Thanks so much!!!

  • lindap

    If I have to pick just one class it would have to be Nic Howard’s class. I love the distressed look and would like to learn more ways to distress besides inking.  thanks for all the work you do on your podcasts, layouts and True Scrap!

  • amyptucson

    How did you know I haven’t done my wedding album yet? (11 yrs married) Have you been peeking into my closets?!? Yes, also my pregnancy/baby album, heritage album, and (drum roll, please) the Red Sox winning the World Series in 2004. This podcast was very helpful to me!

    The most appealing Spawn classes to me are Cathy Z and you about making $$. My husband is always bugging me to figure out a way to make $$ doing this, especially when he sees me making an elaborate gift for someone.

  • Anonymous

    Glad to know I’m not the only one who has some big projects left to do! :)

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