Ep 18a Layout a Day – the Podcast: Scrapbooking the World with Francine Clouden

by Lain Ehmann on October 5, 2011


Lots of fun and games this week as I bring you not one but SEVERAL podcasts, including this one where I interview the incomparable Francine Clouden, True Scrap instructor! Wondering what it’s like to be a French scrapbooker? In this episode, we talk about:

  • The differences between scrapbooking here and in Europe
  • Where you can find supplies overseas
  • What set Francine on this crazy journey, even before she had kids and a family
  • How she got the idea for “De-MIST-ifying Spray Mists,” her True Scrap class, and more!
Links from this episode:
True Scrap (of course!)
P.S. Watch for another episode in just a day or two as I bring more True Scrap instructors right to your eardrums! :)
  • http://www.BackToPaper.com Linda Tieu

    Lovely to hear about the expat scrapping experience! It’s definitely harder to find products in Europe…especially affordable products!

  • Paula Gilarde

    How fun! Loved hearing Francine’s voice!

  • Anonymous

    She is so sweet – I loved talking with her! :)

  • Tonysfrenchgirl

    Loved listening to Francine talk about scrapbooking in France.  (I was born in France but did not end up with a gorgeous accent like she has.) I’m going over there next summer to visit relatives and am excited  to check out a French scrapbooking store.

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