Ep 19 Layout a Day – the Podcast: Across the Pond with Shimelle Laine!

by Lain Ehmann on October 6, 2011


As promised, here is an extra-special episode of your favorite scrapbooking podcast, Layout a Day! Today we continue our interview series with True Scrap instructor and all-around amazing and fun Shimelle Laine! In this episode you’ll hear:

  • How a degree in musical theater led Shimelle to this thing we call scrapbooking
  • The mean thing someone said to her at a crop
  • Why album flow is important and how it helps set the scene for your scrapbooking
  • And much more! (of course)

Links for this episode:

True Scrap, where you can take Shimelle’s Album Flow class!

Shimelle’s first class from True Scrap in April 2011, Creative Stash-diving


P.S. We’ll have even more special episodes this week, so stay tuned!

  • http://www.BackToPaper.com Linda Tieu

    Love to hear the perspective of scrapping before or without kids… I have heard Shimelle’s bad experience story before and always get angry – silly people! Anyone and everyone can scrapbook!

  • Anonymous

    SO TRUE! And she is so sweet – can’t imagine anyone being/saying anything mean to her! Brings out my maternal instincts. ;)

  • Barb Y

    How wonderful Shimelle was able to blow off the meanie and find her own purpose!! Just a note Lain- there is a significant difference in the volume of your voice(which is low) and the other which is louder. Hard to go up and down. Love these padcasts!!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Barb-
    When we’re both recorded on Skype I can’t adjust our individual levels – I can only do the overall track volume. Sorry about that. L

  • http://twitter.com/glittershim Shimelle Laine

    aww, bless your maternal heart, lain! it does amaze me as a memory that lets me know just how much more comfortable i am in my own skin now.  anybody else wants to criticise my kid-free scrapping, just bring it! ;-)

  • Anonymous

    You’ve come a long way, baby! ;)xoxoo

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